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If you asked the average person to tell you about self-awareness, what answer do you think you’d get?

Do you think “knowing myself” is a good estimation?

Not bad, but let’s dig a little deeper and find out what it really means.


Because that’s where you’ll receive your freedom.

“Freedom from?”

The programs. YOUR programs, to be exact.


What is Self-Awareness


Here’s my definition of self-awareness:

(noun) conscious recognition of the thoughts, words, deeds, emotions, and energy you use to dictate the outcome of your interactions with the relationships in your life.

What a wonderful experience I had with Bo. I am lighter. Literally, I feel lighter on my feet, in my mind, and heart. I am free of so many old fears. I am open to the future in a way I never thought possible. It’s not just optimism, it’s confidence about dealing with anything that comes up. I need not resort to old tapes. I can be fully present and move forward with a cheerful, fearless attitude. I have been blessed!

Julia Anderson


Sound like a mouthful?

Let’s break it down because, in doing so, you’ll finally understand the why and how of your actions, keeping you living in financial, emotional, physical, and emotional pain.

The first part of that self-awareness definition carries a lot of weight and, more specifically, the very first word.

Conscious can be defined as knowing or, better yet, acknowledged knowledge, meaning you know that you know.

You might be nodding our head sarcastically thinking, “Of course, I know why I…”

Let’s fill in the blanks:

  • eat too much
  • drink too much
  • can’t get over my ex
  • think I’m a bad person
  • think I’m not good enough
  • think other people look down on me
  • put myself in debt

Any of those echoing familiarity?

So, do you really think you know? Sad to say, but the truth is you don’t know sh#t because if you REALLY did then, making changes would be easy. Being happy would be easy. Treating yourself right would be easy. Following your passion would be easy.

It was truly a life-changing experience for me. Through Amo Ni, my whole being has changed. I was finally able to release and let go of all the emotional baggage weighing me down all these years. 

It was an eye opening and amazing experience to connect with my past, my emotions and the experiences using this healing method. So many of those connections were deep and heart wrenching. Lots of tears and pain surfaced throughout the program. It’s unbelievable how much we bury inside and the damage it does to us physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

With Bo’s help, I was able to let go and start building a “new” me. He was dedicated to seeing me through this. He dug deeper and deeper into the corners, nooks and crevices of my emotional blockages. He would test every angle to the most minute detail to make sure we took care of everything. His precision was surgeon-like. He knew where he was going to make the cut and he went for it. 

Bo is a deeply intuitive person. His connection to the universe and his understanding of the human psyche and emotions gives him a clear roadmap on how to help us. He tunes in to his higher self during the sessions and is intensely present for us. He gives us 110% and I trusted him to make the right decisions based on the information that is given to him throughout the process.

Linda Wu

Your Routine is Keeping You Stuck


Now, think about how each day materializes. Let’s break down the first hour or two.

Every morning, you:

  • wake up
  • go to the bathroom
  • take a shower
  • brush your teeth
  • get dressed
  • head to work
  • grab coffee on the way
  • park the car
  • head into the office

Then, you plop your @ss down at your desk and fumble through the EXACT SAME motions you dreaded the day before, and the day before that, AND…

The first few hours of EVERY DAY of your life are routine.

The biggest change I’ve found after working with Bo is being able to focus on my deepest desires anytime, anywhere, and realize what is truly important to me.

I’ve pulled my focus away from the future, landing me squarely in the present. There’s an intense reflection on where I am and who I am at almost every moment.

I am living from my heart now, more than at any moment of my life. My thinking gravitates toward the kind of experience I create for myself and the people around me.

Throughout this journey with Bo, I learned and possibly relearned many things about myself and about life.

One of the biggest is that the innocent enjoy every moment of each and every moment. It’s why children are so happy and free. I’ve rediscovered my inner child, and that is priceless.

I’m also thankful for every experience in life without labeling an instance right or wrong, good or bad. Each is an opportunity for growth. I found pure gratitude and that shines through the realization and nourishment of the love I’ve discovered in myself.

Aron Lu

And guess who owns your routine? Here’s multiple choice lifeline:

a.) conscious self

b.) unconscious self a.k.a. the subconscious

If you answered b, here’s your cookie: 🍪

When your unconscious self is in the driver’s seat, guess who’s running the show?


The Sad Part About Your Programs


Many of those first responses/programs weren’t exactly the best ones, yet they still got recorded and stored away in the wrong folders, leading to:

  • needing to please others
  • comfort in pain
  • pleasure in self-sabotage
  • food, drink, drugs, sex for company
  • poverty because it’s familiar
  • abusive relationships because they came first

Better the Devil you know, right?

Until you realize you created the hellish prison holding you captive from your dreams.

You know what’s even more embarrassing? A toddler installed the programs running your daily decisions… decades later. Five year old you is still the boss.

When you realize that, the lightbulb turns on. Because if you created it, YOU CAN UNCREATE IT!!

And Voila: AWARENESS, but not self-awareness. That’s coming, I promise

Realizing you can take control is different than realizing you ARE in control.

Remember our definition of self-awareness earlier? We’re nearing the end of the explanation.


Let’s Talk About Relationships


How’s that self-awareness looking now? Are we getting warmer or colder?

Someone should have brought their winter coat, but don’t worry. Things might seem ridiculously hopeless right now, but the seasons are changing IN YOUR FAVOR.

You have a relationship with every single person, place, thing, situation, emotion, and energy you’ve ever come in contact with and even those you haven’t.

“How’s that work?”

Because your subconscious likes to generalize. Not that it’s lazy. It does so in the name of efficiency. Aside from all those programs, it also has the small task of keeping you alive 😉

The relationships entangling us are a little more complicated than you’ve ever imagined. Attached to each and every person, place, thing, etc. is an emotion, also known as energy.

“Emotions are energy?”

Everything is energy. Absolutely E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!

The screen you’re reading this on is energy, so is the hand holding the screen. The skin, the muscles, veins, cells, along with the thoughts you’re having as you read this, and the reactions thereafter, are all energy.

“So, I’m stuck in all this energy?”

Not any more.

There are tools to move those emotions, that energy, a.k.a. the programs sinking you deeper into the swamp of mediocrity.

Same as a Dr. uses a scalpel, knife, and sutures…

Same as a chef uses bowls, pans, and spoons…

There are tools to help you find the programs AND GIVE THEM THE BOOT, moving you off a predetermined rail onto the path of conscious intention.

When you locate the emotions YOU’VE programmed and eradicate them from your life, the conscious realizations of the things you’ve said, done, and thought get fully exposed…


“What can I do with this self-awareness?”

Once you have conscious recognition of the thoughts, words, deeds, emotions, and energy you use to dictate the outcome of your interactions with the relationships in your life, YOU CAN DO WHATEVER THE HELL YOU WANT!!!

You can:

“What are these tools, and how do I use them?”

Bo’s very detailed readings of me starting at the root chakra and moving up to the crown, followed the addiction, itself, and ending with stored stressful stuff in my neck and shoulders that others laid on me in the past did, in fact, brought some stuff to light and had an effect of how I respond to sudden urges to eat to distract myself when tired, angry, anxious or stressed.

James (Jim) Steed

How To Improve Self-Awareness


Amo, in Spanish, means “I love“. Ni, in Chinese, means “you“.

Amo Ni is the self-awareness solution to escort you into life’s flow. It is a heart-centric healing philosophy, incorporating kinesiology (muscle testing), meridian release points, pranayamic breathing, and NLP.

“Sounds nice, but WTF does that all mean?”

Good question.

Amo Ni has been the chocolate bar to my golden ticket.


Let me explain. Remember the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory… not the one Tim Burton weirded out… the original with Gene Wilder?

In the movie, children around the globe clamor for a chocolate bar containing one of five or six (I can’t remember how many) golden tickets giving them VIP access to the mad genius behind the man commandeering their sweet tooths and subsequent dentist visits. Little Charlie Bucket finds one of those chocolate bars and, in doing so, through his adventures in Oompa Loompa land, exploding blueberry girls, and vanishing little brats, discovers that he had what he wanted/needed all along.

“So the golden ticket is…?”

The emotional surgery not only improves emotional problems, but directly affects your life pattern. Now, I feel more abundance in my life. It feels like the relationship between me and money has changed, and I do feel my consciousness of abundance is expanding. After my experience with the process of Amo Ni, life became much more interesting.

Huang, Yinjun


Amo Ni ushered self-awareness inot my life, and it can do the same for you.

The Amo Ni system uses kinesiology to locate the emotions stored in your body and what age you put them there. Muscle testing allows us to get yes or no answers to any question we ask our body.

Muscle testing puts YOU in direct contact with YOUR body.

It is THE MOST EFFECTIVE energy healing technique I’ve ever discovered, and in the process helped skyrocket my intuition, because I FINALLY START LISTENING TO MY BODY!

Most people forgot how to do that…A LONG TIME AGO! The more we farm out our intelligence to machines, the worse it gets, but that’s a whole other topic for a whole other day.

People find their awareness through meditation, Joe Dispenza, Mindvalley gurus, silent retreats, therapy, and table tennis. I didn’t. I tried and respect all of those, along with a lot of other techniques people use to heal. The problem with meditation and the rest of those tools is they take too long. Amo Ni worked for me. I feel confident it can for YOU too. I’ve done thousands of personal and client healings that tell me the same.

I needed guidance through a similar system that I expanded upon, which is now Amo Ni. I think you’ll benefit from guidance as well.

It takes time to get your body to listen. There’s also a lot of jumbled up emotions keeping you from hearing the truth. But the best part of this work is once those emotions are clear, once we’ve done the heavy lifting, this work is yours to move the emotions keeping you stuck in any area of life.

That’s why the self-awareness books for money and addiction are bonuses when you work with me.

That’s why I continually update the exclusive Discord server with the new breakthroughs I’m making with this work.

I went through 35 years of self-abuse. I nearly died twice in two separate car accidents. In the first crash, my dead grandfather appeared and told me to go back because it wasn’t my time yet. I regretted that decision for another 20 years. I pushed my family, friends, and romantic partners away because I didn’t think I was worthy of love or companionship. I left the States in my twenties. I walked away from a six-figure (and quickly climbing) career as a financial advisor and moved to Asia to teach English, settling for a fifth of what I was making before. I drowned myself in alcohol and drugs, passing out in gutters in third world countries because I thought I was a bad person.

I know where you are, no matter where that may be.

To help others heal, you must first heal yourself. I am not here to heal you. That’s your job. YOU ARE A HEALER, despite what the pharmaceutical industry wants you to believe. I’m just here to show you the way.

Amo Ni!


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What's the Meaning of Self-Awareness?

Here’s mine:

(noun) conscious recognition of the thoughts, words, deeds, emotions, and energy you use to dictate the outcome of your interactions with the relationships in your life.

Why is Self-Awareness Important?

Without it, you are a slave to the programs YOU installed, the same programs you call on each and every day to keep you in the ruts of life you cannot escape from. The stuckness you experience is caused by the emotions you programmed as a child and now call on each day to make the unconscious decisions you keep carrying out. To move out of that cycle, you need to move away from the programs, and when you do… Voila. Self-Awareness: the conscious realization of the patterns you have been calling upon, and that means you now have a CHOICE!!

Self-awareness IS that choice!

What's an Example of Self-Awareness?

I’ll give you several:

  • seeing the company you keep, the ones who abuse you and bring you down as a punishment for your own negative self-worth…
  • seeing the bottom of the bottle as the reflection of your own emptiness…
  • hearing your meek voice as you let others talk over you and about you…
  • going to the refrigerator AGAIN and realizing, your weight is NOT a joke…

Doing any of these things plus the things YOU do to keep yourself from leveling up in life, from reaching not only your potential, but uncovering your true self, and following the abundant path you deserve to be walking on this Earth.

Is There an Amo Ni Self-Awareness PDF?

There are two.

One for addiction, called Amo Form.

The other for money, named Amo Abundance, both available through the self-awareness course.

Self-Awareness Quotes

“Achieve it, and wake up before you die.”
     Bo Bissett

“My father used to say ‘Wish in one hand. Shit in the other. See which one fills up faster.’ Self-awareness is realizing you just shit in your hand.”
     Bo Bissett

“You commit deeds of self-sabotage every single day based on old emotions you’re carrying. The humbling part is that you don’t need to carry them. Even more so is that you put those emotions there. Self-awareness is seeing the emotions and their programmed responses in action, then changing course, so the future starts over.”
     Bo Bissett


Discover A New You Faster Than An Average Work Day… Or You Pay NADA!

  • Are you tired of being a puppet to old programming?
  • Are you ready to leave the past where it belongs?
  • Are you ready to fall in love with the reflection you see in the mirror?

Schedule your first meeting today to find your stuck emotions, release them, and move forward into the life your subconscious has been denying you.

Amo Ni!


WARNING: Do NOT Click The Link If You…

  • are not ready to accept full responsibility for your actions
  • haven’t looked at yourself in the mirror and said ‘enough is enough’
  • haven’t witnessed the disappointment in your loved ones’ faces
  • are satisfied with where you are right now

My greatest realization is that the situation I WAS in and feelings I WAS experiencing were indeed the result of my own programmed emotions. I emphasize WAS, because now I’ve moved on… THANK YOU!!

Through Bo’s guidance, I saw that the options I could give myself were: “Happiness does not waste my time,” and “I can make money while being happy.” He helped me see that there are other opportunities to try and explore.

Since I grew up in an environment clouded by domestic violence, I’ve lived with the fear of “being punished for fear of making mistakes.”

Now, I feel that when I am happy and enjoying myself, I have reduced a lot of guilt. I’ve also begun slowly accepting myself and telling myself: “I am worthy of happiness.” 

The more I pay attention to and sit with my emotions, the more I understand who I am. Amo Ni helped me do that. It really made me feel at home, and let go of self-conflict more and more.

Shanti Prem