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Amo Form 

The free guide to remove yourself from the ups and downs of your Yo-Yo dieting lifestyle and claim the FREEDOM you deserve.

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 The free guide to remove the failure tag you’ve placed on yourself and your financial endeavors. Are you ready for the rewarding life you deserve? 

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Amo Movement

COMING 2022!!

Free guide to lift the emotions keeping you from a physically healthy lifestyle.

About Amo Nǐ .

The healing process of Amo Nǐ combines the chakras, elements, meridians, kinesiology, acupressure points, neuro linguistic programming, and pranayamic breathing designed to locate the emotions driving your ship (with laser-like focus) and wrestle them free from the hold your subconscious uses to dictate the decisions you know you don’t want to make anymore.

If America is the great melting pot of cultures, Amo Nǐ is the great melting pot of healing modalities.

And that’s the reason for the name. Amo in Spanish means ‘I love’. Nǐ in Chinese means ‘you’. Amo Nǐ is a blend of east meets west, a true global “I love you”.

Amo Nǐ is a blend of east meets west, a true global “I LOVE YOU”.

What’s Available with Amo Nǐ?



Leave Your Past Where It Belongs



See Yourself As Your Meant To Be



Soon To Be Your Best Friend



Say Goodbye To The Old You



It’s a By-Product of Power



A Loving Relationship With YOU!

Amo Form

I’ve broken the actual practical application of Amo Form into three parts: the roots, the tree and the fruit.

The roots is the foundation. It’s a good place marker for where you are now. Get a legal pad and write down your answers to the questions.

I write down every emotion I clear, and then where it came from. At the end of every Amo course I perform, we do a ceremonial burn of the pages. It’s the final piece of letting go.

Every person I’ve taken through the course looks forward to the day when (if I need to mail them their course notes) the letter arrives and they take their garbage to the ocean, the mountains, or another special place to put a flame to the papers.

Do us all a favor, though. Please be respectful of others when you do burn, and make sure the ashes you leave behind are black/grey not orange/red.

The Tree is the meat of the course. That’s where the majority of clears happen. Each is a root clear which involves locating the first age you anchored sub-emotions to each main chakra emotion.

The Fruit is the part of the course where you get out your backhoe and go deep.

That’s the part where we look past the emotions, and get into the energy and the biochemical energetic response. For more on those, reference my other free book, Amo Abundance.

Now, if you’re really ready to release your demons, let’s get started.

The Roots 

First Session

  • Initial Clearing


I’m OK with food / I’m not OK with food

I’m OK with thinking about food / I’m not OK not thinking about food

I’m OK with eating food / I’m not OK with eating food

I’m OK with eating healthy food / I’m not OK with eating healthy food

I’m OK with eating junk food / I’m not OK with eating junk food

I’m OK with tasting food / I’m not OK with tasting food

I’m OK with seeing food / I’m not OK with seeing food…

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Are you ready to leave behind what you’ve become for what you are truly capable of?

That capability is mind-blowing once you take the brakes off. That’s exactly what your subconscious has been doing so far. You’ve had the pedal to the medal and the handbrake fully engaged.

Imagine what you can accomplish once the brake’s gone.


You’ve got nothing to lose… except your old self, your old programming, your enabling patterns. Book your Free Session and watch that evaporate immediately!


It was an eye opening and amazing experience to connect with my past, my emotions and the experiences using this healing method.

Linda Wu on Amo Form

My greatest realization is that the situation and feelings I WAS experiencing WAS indeed the result of my own programmed emotions.
I emphasize WAS, because now I’ve moved on..

Shanti Prem on Amo Ni

The emotional surgery not only improves emotional problems, but directly affects your life pattern. Now, I feel more abundance in my life. It feels like the relationship between me and money has changed, and I do feel my consciousness of abundance is expanding. After my experience with the process of Amo Ni, life became much more interesting.

Huang, Yinjun on Amo Ni.

About Bo

author, Bo Bissett

I spent the first 4 decades of my life punishing, mutilating, demeaning, and destroying myself. Somewhere along the line, I realized those daily practices only made things worse., and despite my wishes to not move forward, I did just the same. That’s when I stopped trying to bury myself and, instead, started lifting.

It sounds cheesy, but YOU are the reason I’m here. Most people wouldn’t have survived what I put myself through. I believe the lessons I learned from my pains can help you out of yours. And that’s why I’m here: to show you the way.

Bo Bissett

Fall in Love in 60 Days or You Pay Nothing!

  • Are you tired of being a puppet to old programming?
  • Are you ready to leave the past where it belongs?
  • Are you ready to fall in love with the reflection you see in the mirror?

Schedule your first FREE meeting today to find your stuck emotions, release them, and move forward into the life your subconscious has been denying you.

Amo Ni!