If you asked the average person to tell you about self-awareness, what answer do you think you’d get?

Do you think “knowing myself” is a good estimation?

Not bad, but let’s dig a little deeper.


Because that’s where you’ll find your freedom.

“Freedom from?”

The programs. YOUR programs, to be exact.


What is Self-Awareness


Here’s my definition of self-awareness:

(noun) conscious recognition of the thoughts, words, deeds, emotions, and energy you use to dictate the outcome of your interactions with the relationships in your life.

Sound like a mouthful?

Let’s break it down because, in doing so, you’ll finally understand the why and how of what you do that keeps you living a life below your true potential.

The first part of that self-awareness definition carries a lot of weight and, more specifically, the very first word.

Conscious can be defined as knowing or, better yet, acknowledged knowledge, meaning you know that you know.

You might be nodding our head sarcastically thinking, “Of course, I know why I…”

Let’s fill in the blanks:

  • eat too much
  • drink too much
  • think I’m a bad person
  • think I’m not good enough
  • think other people look down on me

Any of those sound familiar?

So, do you really think you know? Sad to say, but the truth is you don’t know sh#t because if you really did know then, making changes would be easy. Losing weight would be easy. Treating yourself right would be easy. Following your passion would be easy.


Your Routine is Keeping You Stuck


Now, think about how your day unfolds. Let’s break down the first hour or two.

Every morning, you:

  • wake up
  • go to the bathroom
  • take a shower
  • brush your teeth
  • get dressed
  • head to work
  • grab coffee on the way
  • park the car
  • head into the office

After that, you sit down at our desk and go through the EXACT SAME routine you went through the day before, and the day before that, AND… Get the point?

The first couple of hours of EVERY DAY of your life are routine.

And guess who owns routine? I’ll help you out with a little multiple choice.

a.) conscious self

b.) unconscious self a.k.a. the subconscious

If you answered b, here’s your cookie: 🍪

When your unconscious self is in the driver’s seat, guess who’s running the show?



Your Programs Run the Show


“And just what are those programs? Sounds like something out of the Matrix.”

There’s more truth to that movie than you know (at this point).

Those programs are emotional responses you began storing not long after conception until you were about seven-years-old. And that means when you’re running your morning routine, the emotional and energetic responses stored by seven-year-old you are running the show. No matter how old you are now, that scared, anxious, sad, lonely, etc. kid is still the captain of your ship.

Now, let’s stretch out the rest of your day for examination, shall we?

But do we really need to?

You do the same thing pretty much every single day, don’t you?

So, how much consciousness do you think you’re kicking with each day?

Very f’n little, my friend, which means the way you deal with the people, places, things, situations, emotions, and energy you encounter is all pre-recorded and served to you to dish out to others on a silver platter each time an environmental response is required.

And here’s why change is SO impossibly hard:

When you try to change something, you’re going against the choices installed by the very same system in charge of keeping you alive. All the behind-the-scenes stuff you never think about gets doted on by your subconscious, including, but not limited to:

  • breathing
  • heart rate
  • metabolic activity
  • hormones
  • cellular repair
  • digestion
  • viral response
  • body temperature

… and the list goes on and on.

The subconscious gets spread thin, so when things on the outside environment require attention, the first response is as good as any… and that’s how it remains.

The Sad Part About Your Programs


Many of those first responses weren’t exactly the best ones, yet they still got recorded and stored away in the wrong folders, leading to:

  • trying to please others
  • comfort in pain
  • pleasure in self-sabotage
  • food, drink, drugs, sex for company
  • poverty because it’s familiar
  • abusive relationships because they came first

Better the Devil you know, right?

Until you realize the hell you’re stuck in was self-created and when you realize that, the lightbulb turns on. Because if you created it, YOU CAN UNCREATE IT!!

And Voila: AWARENESS, but not self-awareness. That’s coming, I promise

Realizing you can take control is different than realizing you ARE in control.

Remember our definition of self-awareness earlier? We’re nearing the end of the explanation.


Let’s Talk About Relationships


How’s that self-awareness looking now? Are we getting warmer or colder? Someone should have brought their winter coat, but don’t worry. Despite the fact things might seem ridiculously hopeless right now, the seasons are changing in your favor.

You have a relationship with every single person, place, thing, situation, emotion, and energy you’ve ever come in contact with and even those you haven’t.

“How’s that work?”

Because your subconscious likes to generalize. Not that it’s lazy. It does so in the name of efficiency. Like we said earlier, it also has the small task of keeping you alive 😉

The relationships we have are a little more complicated than you’ve ever imagined. Attached to each and every person, place, thing, etc. it an emotion, also known as energy.

“Emotions are energy?”

Everything is energy. Absolutely E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!

The screen you are using to read this is energy. The hand you’re using to hold the screen. The skin, the muscles, veins, cells, along with the thoughts you’re having as you read this and the reactions thereafter, are all energy.

There are tools to move those emotions, that energy, a.k.a. the programs keeping you stuck in life.

Same as a Dr. uses a scalpel, knife, and sutures…

Same as a chef uses bowls, pans, and spoons…

There are tools to help you find the programs AND LET THEM GO, moving you off the predetermined path onto the path of conscious intention.

When you find the emotions YOU’VE programmed, and when you finally say goodbye, the realizations, the conscious realizations, of the things you’ve said, done, and thought get fully exposed…


“What can I do with this self-awareness?”

Once you have conscious recognition of the thoughts, words, deeds, emotions, and energy you use to dictate the outcome of your interactions with the relationships in your life, YOU CAN DO WHATEVER THE HELL YOU WANT!!!

You can:

  • stop overeating
  • stop overthinking
  • stop binge eating
  • stop drinking
  • stop procrastinating
  • stop panic attacks
  • start having meaningful romantic relationships
  • start that business
  • start making more money
  • start attracting the people you deserve in your life

The next question is, “What are the tools and how do I use them?”


How To Improve Self-Awareness


Amo, in Spanish, means “I love“. Ni, in Chinese, means “you“.

Amo Ni is the self-awareness solution to slide you into life’s flow. It is a heart-centric healing philosophy, incorporating kinesiology (muscle testing), emotional release points, pranayamic breathing, and NLP.

You might be asking, “Sounds nice, but WTF does that all mean?”

Good question.

Amo Ni has been the chocolate bar to my golden ticket.


Let me explain. Remember the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory… not the one Tim Burton weirded out… the original with Gene Wilder?

In the movie, children around the globe clamor for a chocolate bar containing one of five or six (I can’t remember how many) golden tickets giving them VIP access to the mad genius behind the man commandeering their sweet tooths and subsequent dentist visits. Little Charlie Bucket finds one of those chocolate bars and, in doing so, through his adventures in Oompa Loompa land, exploding blueberry girls, and vanishing little brats, discovers that he had he wanted/needed all along.

“So the golden ticket is…?”


Amo Ni helped me achieve self-awareness, and I’m confident it can do the same for you.

The Amo Ni system uses kinesiology to locate the emotions stored in your body and what age you put them there. Muscle testing allows us to get yes or no answers to any question we ask our body.

Muscle testing puts YOU in direct contact with YOUR body.

It is THE MOST EFFECTIVE technique I’ve ever discovered, and in the process helped skyrocket my intuition, because I FINALLY START LISTENING TO MY BODY!

Most people forgot how to do that…A LONG TIME AGO! The more we farm out our intelligence to machines, the worse it gets, but that’s a whole other topic for a whole other day.

People find their awareness through meditation, Joe Dispenza, Mindvalley gurus, silent retreats, therapy, and table tennis. I didn’t. I tried and respect all of those, along with a lot of other techniques people use to heal. The problem with meditation and the rest of those is they take too long. Amo Ni worked for me. I feel confident it can for you. I’ve done thousands of personal and client healings that tell me the same.

I needed guidance through a similar system that I expanded upon, which is now Amo Ni. I think you’ll benefit from guidance as well.

It takes time to get your body to listen. There’s also a lot of jumbled up emotions keeping you from hearing the truth. But the best part of this work is once those emotions are clear, once we’ve done the heavy lifting, this work is yours to move the emotions keeping you stuck in any area of life.

That’s why the self-awareness books for money and addiction below are FREE.

That’s why all the tips I post on the Amo Ni blog and Discord server are FREE.

I went through 35 years of self-abuse. I nearly died twice in two separate car accidents. In the first crash, my dead grandfather appeared and told me to go back because it wasn’t my time yet. I regretted that decision for another 20 years. I pushed my family, friends, and romantic partners away because I didn’t think I was worthy of love or companionship. I left the States in my twenties. I walked away from a six-figure (and quickly climbing) career as a financial advisor and moved to Asia to teach English, settling for a fifth of what I was making before. I drowned myself in alcohol and drugs, passing out in gutters in third world countries because I thought I was a bad person.

I know where you are, no matter where that may be.

To help others heal, you must first heal yourself. I am not here to heal you. That’s your job. You ARE A HEALER, despite what the pharmaceutical industry wants you to think. I’m just here to show you the way.

Amo Ni!


Amo Form 

The free self-awareness guide to remove yourself from the ups and downs of addiction and claim your FREEDOM.

Amo Abundance 

 The free self-awareness guide to remove the failure tag you’ve placed on yourself and your financial endeavors. Are you ready for the rewarding life you deserve? 

Then you’re ready for Amo Abundance.


Self-Awareness Solution to Abundance
Self-Awareness Solution for Pain

Amo Movement 

The free self-awareness guide to remove yourself from the pain and self-abuse.

About Amo Nǐ .

The healing process of Amo Nǐ combines the chakras, elements, meridians, kinesiology, acupressure points, NLP, and pranayamic breathing designed to locate the emotions driving your ship (with laser-like focus) and wrestle them free from the hold your subconscious uses to dictate the decisions you know you don’t want to make anymore.

If America is the great melting pot of cultures, Amo Nǐ is the great melting pot of healing modalities.

And that’s the reason for the name. Amo in Spanish means ‘I love’. Nǐ in Chinese means ‘you’. Amo Nǐ is a blend of east meets west, a true global “I love you”.

Amo Nǐ is a blend of east meets west, a true global “I LOVE YOU”.

What’s The Amo Nǐ Solution?



Learn who you are and the emotions that made you that way



See Yourself As You’re Meant To Be



Soon To Be Your Best Friend



Say Goodbye To The Old You



It’s a By-Product of Power



A Loving Relationship With YOU!

Amo Form

I’ve broken the actual practical application of Amo Form into three parts: the roots, the tree and the fruit.

The roots is the foundation. It’s a good place marker for where you are now. Get a legal pad and write down your answers to the questions.

I write down every emotion I clear, and then where it came from. At the end of every Amo course I perform, we do a ceremonial burn of the pages. It’s the final piece of letting go.

Every person I’ve taken through the course looks forward to the day when (if I need to mail them their course notes) the letter arrives and they take their garbage to the ocean, the mountains, or another special place to put a flame to the papers.

Do us all a favor, though. Please be respectful of others when you do burn, and make sure the ashes you leave behind are black/grey not orange/red.

The Tree is the meat of the course. That’s where the majority of clears happen. Each is a root clear which involves locating the first age you anchored sub-emotions to each main chakra emotion.

The Fruit is the part of the course where you get out your backhoe and go deep.

That’s the part where we look past the emotions, and get into the energy and the biochemical energetic response. For more on those, reference my other free book, Amo Abundance.

Now, if you’re really ready to release your demons, let’s get started.

The Roots 

First Session

  • Initial Clearing


I’m OK with food / I’m not OK with food

I’m OK with thinking about food / I’m not OK not thinking about food

I’m OK with eating food / I’m not OK with eating food

I’m OK with eating healthy food / I’m not OK with eating healthy food

I’m OK with eating junk food / I’m not OK with eating junk food

I’m OK with tasting food / I’m not OK with tasting food

I’m OK with seeing food / I’m not OK with seeing food…

Reserve your free session below today to get a taste of this transformative procedure.



Are you ready to leave behind what you’ve become for what you are truly capable of?

That capability is mind-blowing once you take the brakes off. That’s exactly what your subconscious has been doing so far. You’ve had the pedal to the medal and the handbrake fully engaged.

Imagine what you can accomplish once the brake’s gone.


You’ve got nothing to lose… except your old self, your old programming, your enabling patterns. Book your Free Session and watch that evaporate immediately!


It was an eye opening and amazing experience to connect with my past, my emotions and the experiences using this healing method.

Linda Wu on Amo Form

My greatest realization is that the situation and feelings I WAS experiencing WAS indeed the result of my own programmed emotions.
I emphasize WAS, because now I’ve moved on..

Shanti Prem on Amo Ni

The emotional surgery not only improves emotional problems, but directly affects your life pattern. Now, I feel more abundance in my life. It feels like the relationship between me and money has changed, and I do feel my consciousness of abundance is expanding. After my experience with the process of Amo Ni, life became much more interesting.

Huang, Yinjun on Amo Ni.

About Bo

self-awareness coach

I spent the first 4 decades of my life punishing, mutilating, demeaning, and destroying myself. Somewhere along the line, I realized those daily practices only made things worse, and despite my wishes to not move forward, I found my way. That’s when I stopped trying to bury myself and, instead, started lifting.

It sounds cheesy, but YOU are the reason I’m here. Most people wouldn’t have survived what I put myself through. I believe the lessons I learned from my pains can help you out of yours. And that’s why I’m here: to show you the way.

Bo Bissett

Fall in Love in 60 Days or You Pay Nothing!

  • Are you tired of being a puppet to old programming?
  • Are you ready to leave the past where it belongs?
  • Are you ready to fall in love with the reflection you see in the mirror?

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Amo Ni!