Welcome to the Club

You’re officially in!! WOO HOO!!welcome to the party

Look at lil’ ole you taking big steps.

I’m proud of you… AND YOU should be proud of yourself. The next 26 days will be a fun adventure for you and I hope you get as much out of it as I did.

Fun Fact: This course has a 70% engagement and completion rate.

I tell you that for two reasons:

  1. This shit works. If you follow the program, do the exercises, and just show up, your life will change.
  2. This shit works (I know I said it again)!! I’m also proud of that number and the lives this program has changed… SO DON’T FUCK IT UP AND QUIT ON ME!


See you at the finish line, slacker 😉

P.S. In case you forgot, this is an email course. You’ll be getting one activity a day, starting tomorrow. Some days, I might send a follow up with some helpful information, but I promise not to pound your inbox like some cheap hooker. Do yourself a favor and create a folder in email for these so you can refer back if you need.