The Most Powerful Breath I’ve Ever Discovered

The world’s major religions all tout one principle to live by above all else. And what is that principle taught by Buddha, Jesus, and Muhammad? It’s love, right?

Amo, in Spanish, mean “I love”.

When I discovered muscle testing and the emotional release point on the body that help us release our pent up trauma, an amazing thing happened: I began to heal. Healing requires changing, and like any growth.. that can be painful. When using these tools to find, connect with, appreciate, and finally release your old programmed emotions, those emotions move, and when they do, they sting. Sometimes like a mosquito bite, others like a swarm of yellow jackets.

This breath helped me manage the sting. Prior to developing the Amo Breath, my wife helped me with Reiki and singing bowls, but I didn’t want to rely on her. Healing is our job. It’s nice to get pampered by others every once in a while, but when you have some discomfort, it’s best if you have the tools to take care of it yourself. That’s what the Amo breath provides. It’s a tool to help you manage the pain. 

Amo Breath

The Amo breath is a three-part breath (on the exhale). First, we inhale a deep breath. Then on the exhale, we use the sound of each letter of the word Amo to put us in a state of bliss I guarantee you’ve probably never experienced from breathing alone. The breath uses visualization, vagal stimulation, and the literal power of love to move you into a new state of being.

If you’d like to learn the Amo breath, I have a FREE email video series to teach you how.

  • In the first video, I teach you the breath. The actual breathing tutorial is less than five minutes.
  • In the second video, I teach you some advanced techniques
  • The third video teaches a complementary breath called the Amo Ni breath.
  • With the fourth video, I have a surprise you can use with a partner.
  • The final video shows you how I use these tools to find, connect with, and release trauma.

When you sign up for the course today, you’ll receive the first lesson immediately, then the others a day apart.

The Amo breath obliterates anxiety. If done before a meditation, it will put you in a state of bliss you’ve never experienced while sitting. And, if you use it with a partner, you’ll create a connection, you’ve yet to know. 

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