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Part 3: Releasing the Past With Breath and Body

If you haven’t heard the story of the Amo breath, yet. I’ll give you a quick rundown. This breath is integral to the Amo Ni system. In fact, the Amo Ni system would not be complete without it. The breath is that important!


Long Story Short

As I was discovering, perfecting, and growing with the use of the techniques and systems I’ve already shown you, I had a few demons to fight. They were my own demons. Here’s the nasty truth: when you go looking for the trauma, you’ll find it, and when you do, it bubbles back to the surface as you let it go.

I’m being completely honest with you here. That shit hurts. We buried it there in hopes of never dealing with it again, yet it’s been silently directing and controlling every move we make.

I wouldn’t judge someone if, when hearing that, they crawled back on the couch and went about their “normal” life.


That wasn’t an option for me. I wanted better, and I knew I could do better


One day, as I was working on myself, I had an inordinate amount of anxiety rise up. Anxiety is a future-based emotion. It pops its head up when we’re uncertain about the future. This day the anxiety was rough. I was working on my addictions and i hit a BIG patch of emotions.

The first thought many people think of when they think of anxiety is a person hyperventilating in a paper bag. That image popped into my head, and I started breathing.

I’ll spare you the details, but that’s the day and moment the Amo breath was born. Ten years of self-development came together at once and Amo (love) came out.

If you’d like to learn the science behind what makes the Amo breath so powerful, send me a message ( Send me a blank message with “Amo me” as the subject, and I’ll send you the video. It’s about 20 minutes long, but it’s packed with everything I’ve learned that makes the Amo breath so special.

If you’re receiving this message, you should be well-versed in the Amo breath by now. So, today, I’m going to show you a condensed version of the Amo breath ESPECIALLY FOR RELEASING… as well as a master body release point to help move the emotions.

Then tomorrow, I’m going to show you how to tie all this stuff together so you can start healing yourself. Speaking of which, I want to touch on that quickly.


You Are SO Powerful!

Over the last decade, due to very persuasive marketing, you’ve been led to believe you need a pill, shot, or potion to cure every little thing that ails you. 

Disclaimer: I would not be alive had it not been for modern medicine. Twice I nearly killed myself in extremely heinous car accidents. I’m extremely lucky I’m alive.

There’s a time and a place for modern medicine.

But here’s the thing. We’ve all been led to believe we need the pill to grow hair, get erections, fight off colds, get a good night’s sleep, get a productive day at work…etc. etc.

We do not.


You’re Already A Healer

You are your own healer, and I say this with the utmost sincerity… run from anyone you encounter who refers to themself as a healer. The work I do and am teaching you to do facilitates your understanding of your own capabilities.

When I use Amo Ni system to help others, the person I’m working with connects and clears the emotions “we” find, which means THEY do the work.

Don’t ever let someone else steal your power.

Now, let’s get to work, showing you how to march down that yellow brick road! Ready?

How Will My Life Be Different?

The biggest change I’ve found after working with Bo is being able to focus on my deepest desires anytime, anywhere, and realize what is truly important to me.

I’ve pulled my focus away from the future, landing me squarely in the present. There’s an intense reflection on where I am and who I am at almost every moment.

I am living from my heart now, more than at any moment of my life. My thinking gravitates toward the kind of experience I create for myself and the people around me.

I’ve learned it’s okay to feel fear. 

Like every emotion, fear is there to be understood. Once I understood it, I was able to feel fear on a different level. I acknowledged the fear. I faced the fear, and in doing so my journey brought me a newfound sense of bravery.

Fear is now an indispensable nutrient and necessary experience in my life so I may test and know my inner bravery and strength, which means fear is strength, allowing my soul to embody the earthly experience.

I can now ‘wake up’ and dream anytime, anywhere and at countless moments throughout the day I find myself gazing through the eyes of my innocent, inner child.

Throughout this journey with Bo, I learned and possibly relearned many things about myself and about life.

One of the biggest is that the innocent enjoy every moment of each and every moment. It’s why children are so happy and free. I’ve rediscovered my inner child, and that is priceless.

I’m also thankful for every experience in life without labeling an instance right or wrong, good or bad. Each is an opportunity for growth. I found pure gratitude and that shines through the realization and nourishment of the love I’ve discovered in myself.

Because I no longer hang my hat on the future and instead cooperate with actions to burn the passion of my soul in every moment, everything around me is beautiful. 

It always was, but now I see it.

I used to think of myself as a victim… or a lonely person.

Now I can better understand that I am a creator from different aspects and perspectives. I am unique. I am beautiful.

I also know how and why I used to operate. Once Bo and I cleared the emotions, the why melted away with them. Life just started happening. Other possibilities began unfolding almost immediately.

Now, I can set myself to be a rich person or a healthy person. I can set myself to be an enlightened person who enjoys life with ease and joy. The choice is mine. I own that choice now.

I understand the harmony and infinite possibilities of life, and this kind of understanding gives me a sense of stability and peace, knowing that everything as it presents itself is the best arrangement and experience. This new perspective makes me realize how my old ways of thinking conditioned and limited me.

And I am the proud owner and creator of all the experience and creations while I am on this journey. For this, I am grateful to Bo and the Amo Ni program!