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Life should be enjoyed. Therapy takes too long. Meditation takes too long. Get to the root of the cause of life’s difficulties, clear them, and get on with it!

The Amo Breath | A Testament to the Power of Love

There's been one practice at the core of all my new revelations, changes, healings, and successes in life. That practice is called the Amo breath. You could call it a breath. You could also call it a mantra. Call it daisies, but know this: it's the most powerful...

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Where is Trauma Stored in the Body?

Remember high school? I know. It sucked for me too. Forget that part. What's the most iconic image of high school... the one they show in all the movies?  The hallway scene, right? Remember that long hallway... littered with lockers and elbow to elbow teenagers?  Your...

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Help! My Thoughts Are Driving Me Crazy!

Most of us are well into a cycle of overthinking before we ever catch ourselves doing so, and even then, it's tough to identify. So, how do you know if you're doing it? How do you notice something like overthinking then turn off the switch so it doesn't wreck your...

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The Cycle of Self-Awareness: Where Are YOU?

Self-awareness sounds like something reserved for bald people in orange robes who live in caves and bow to each other after their daily spoonful of rice. You don't need to be on your path toward of enlightenment to achieve self-awareness. It's available to every one...

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Scared to See What Trauma Healing Looks Like?

Have you ever snapped a branch off a tree or a leaf off the stem of a flower? Chances are, if you were a kid at some point in your life, you did. You might not have paid attention to the aftermath, but it's similar to what trauma healing looks like. The part of the...

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How Do I Help Myself F**king Heal?

It's somewhat amusing, yet also sad that someone would even consider posing the question "how do I help myself heal" to themselves or anyone else for that matter. Healing is a natural state our bodies live in to keep the bits and pieces functioning at an optimal...

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If My Mind Won’t Stop, Does That Mean I’m Smart?

How do you define intelligence? Most people believe knowing a lot of stuff make you smart. But what if intelligence is something more? What if it's actually taking what you know and applying it to the betterment of your life AND others around you? Overthinking focuses...

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Fall in Love in 60 days or You Pay Nothing.


  • Are you tired of being a puppet to old programming?
  • Are you ready to leave the past where it belongs?
  • Are you ready to fall in love with the reflection you see in the mirror?

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