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Life should be enjoyed. Therapy takes too long. Meditation takes too long. Get to the root of the cause of life’s difficulties, clear them, and get on with it!

Are Overthinkers Smart?

How do you define intelligence? Most people believe knowing a lot of stuff make you smart. But what if intelligence is something more? What if it's actually taking what you know and applying it to the betterment of your life AND others around you? Overthinking focuses...

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How Is Muscle Testing Done?

A year after guiding a friend through Amo Life, he finally reached the point where he was ready to take complete control of his life. He messaged me the other day with one simple question: how is muscle testing done? As soon as I his messenger profile pop up, I knew...

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How to Heal

It seems silly to write an article about how to heal, something your body is already "supposed to do" naturally, doesn't it? Unfortunately, this is a topic of discussion we need to have. "Why?" Because so many of us have forgotten how to do so. We've forgotten we are...

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How to Stop Overthinking in a Long-Term Relationship?

Overthinking your job, finances, weight, and other things all boil down to the emotions you've attached to those entities. But what happens when there's another person involved... how to stop overthinking in a long-term relationship? The way you stop overthinking in a...

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Can Overthinking Be Cured?

What if overthinking was your superpower? Would you still ponder "can overthinking be cured?" Probably not, right? In that case, you'd want to stoke that fire or at least learn how to manage it. That's exactly the attitude you should have when addressing overthinking....

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Can Trauma Change Your Personality?

Analyze this: There's a boiling pot of water on the stove. You're a toddler bouncing a ball in the kitchen. The ball goes where it shouldn't and you end up with boiling water on you. Before that, you were an inquisitive, adventurous kid. After the incident, you're...

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What’s the Difference Between a Habit and Addiction?

You drink coffee every morning. You've done so since you can remember. It stared off as something you did when you got older... because that's what older people do, right? Go to school, get a job, grab a coffee on the way. It happens matter-of-factly, which brings to...

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How Do I Know If I Am Self-Sabotaging?

Self-sabotaging mostly happens unconsciously. There are a few of us, yours truly included, who are stubborn enough to throw gasoline on the fire of a sinking ship and do it consciously, but for most of us, it's a little more subtle. So that raises a pretty obvious...

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What Are Energy Blocks?

It took me almost four decades to figure out why things weren't working. When I decided to change, I tried everything I could think of and many more I had never heard of. One of my first books, Molecules of Emotions, turned the lights on and shined a spotlight on the...

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