What if overthinking was your superpower? Would you still ponder “can overthinking be cured?”

Probably not, right? In that case, you’d want to stoke that fire or at least learn how to manage it. That’s exactly the attitude you should have when addressing overthinking. No one over complains about overthinking about a new romantic interest, the vacation coming up, or the bonus you’re about to cash, right?

can overthinking be cured

So how do we take the overthinking synonymous with good things and apply it to the not so good things?

Easy. We get rid of the fixations that cause the overthinking.

“It’s not that easy. I can’t just get rig of my job, mortgage, in-laws…”

You’re right, you can’t. But those are not the things causing the overthinking.

To cure overthinking, especially the worrisome, anxious thoughts hi-jacking your day-to-day operations, you must find, connect with, and clear the emotion/s you’ve attached to the person, place, thing, emotion, or energy anchored to the object of the thoughts.

Examples of things causing overthinking in your life:

Your job. 

It’s just a job.

Your mortgage.

It’s a bill you agreed to pay for a certain amount of time to own a piece of property.

Your in-laws. 

They’re different (joking) No, they’re not. They are the mother and father of your spouse.

Each of these are people, places, things living in the neighborhood of your life. Nothing more and nothing less. They do not need to take up excess real estate in your thoughts, too.

Your view of your boss, father-in-law, money, the guy who cut you off in traffic, and everything else in your life is based on a series of emotional tags you’ve unintentionally and unconsciously placed upon them… which then determine how you feel about them.

Changing those emotions, especially the unconscious ones, is like trying to change your hair color… with your eyes closed and fist clenched and a big dollop of intention… until you learn how. Then, it’s literally a snap.

mind over matter

Why Do I Overthink?

First, overthinking can be a very good thing.

Look at all the advances we’ve seen as a human race which came about because people put their attention to solving a problem. That kind of consumptive thinking put wheels on carts, people in space, and every bit of recorded information for as long as we’ve been on this planet in the palms of each of our hands. So, overthinking isn’t all bad.

What if you could channel your overthinking into pushing yourself, and maybe even the human race, forward faster than you ever imagined?

As mentioned in the intro, your overthinking could be your superpower. You just don’t know how to use it yet. Take what you think is a strength and turn it into a weakness.

I’m getting a little tired of super hero movies, but their prevalence helps makes sure you’ll understand this next example.

In each film, there’s always a testing period where the hero discovers their powers. During that period, they stumble, bumble, and more often than not experience some hardship as they adjust to their newfound gifts, right?

Your overthinking is the same.

Is Overthinking a Disease?

Although it feels like something foreign inside of you, hijacking your thoughts and feelings, overthinking is no more a disease than biting your fingernails.

Many of the consuming thoughts you have are based on the emotional programs you installed as a toddler. Too many of us go our entire lives with those programs running the show.

The most free I ever felt was when I realized I was the one who installed those programs, and subsequently that I could let them go and start over.

“You can do that?”

Yes, and so can YOU!

Does Everyone Overthink?

Neither of us can speak for anyone other than ourselves, but the two of us have tendencies to overthink. That’s why you’re here, right?

We each have in us the potential to get stuck in a thought loop, constantly playing the same message over and over. 

thought loops

Even in problem solving, that overthinking can be a hindrance because the more we think about the problem, the more we’re diverting attention away from a possible/potential solution.

The thought loops are like ruts. If you’re old enough to remember records or even CD’s, you’re likely familiar with the scratch in the disk, creating a loop of the same phrase in the song that, with a record, was only curable by physically lifting the needle off the record.

There are two things we can do to lift the needle off our thoughts.

One is easy. The other, not so.

How Do I Stop Overthinking…

Or at least change the tone of my thoughts?

The hard way: catch yourself when you’re in a thought loop, repeat a mantra, consciously redirect your thoughts to something positive, or meditate.

The easy way to stop overthinking: remove the attachments you have to the emotions causing you to think negatively.

“What? Just remove emotions?”

Yes. It can be done. Fairly easily.

You have to know what you’re looking for and how to find them, but that’s true with anything, right? Surgery is easy for a trained doctor. Dribbling is easy for a basketball player.

The Right Tools For the Right Job

My uncle was a big tool guy. He was the guy in the neighborhood who had any tool you needed. And that’s the philosophy he used to guide his life, too. He used to say, “You can do any job in the world, IF you have the right tool/s”.

Having seen him in action and witnessing the quality of life he enjoyed while he was alive, I am a firm believer in that statement.

You, too, can do anything in this world. You only need the proper tools to get the job done. I’ve tried everything you can think of. I talked to therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and counselors. I’ve done meditation, Tony Robbins, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Chinese stuff I can’t really explain, and countless other professional courses. Each has their own merit and combined have helped heal millions of people.

monks chanting

None of that worked for me.

I travelled from North America, Europe, Asia, Central America and all in between looking to heal my mind, body, and soul.

It wasn’t until I was almost ready to throw in the towel after nearly a decade of searching that the answer to my problems fell into place.

Communication is Your Overthinking ‘Fix-it’ Tool

Call it cliche, but communication is the key to every relationship, even the one with yourself.

“But how can communication help me find emotions I’ve buried? Who am I supposed to talk to?”

Let me answer that question with another. Who put those emotions there?


More specifically, your SUBCONSCIOUS.

“I’m supposed to talk to my subconscious?”

Yes. And you do it with self-muscle testing.

In my 40-plus-years on this planet, self-muscle testing is one of the most valuable skills I ever learned.

Muscles go weak under false statements. They stay strong when pressed with truthful statements. That means yes or no questions are your savior. Those questions are the doorway to you finding some of the most valuable information on the planet: information about you and the reason you do the things you do.

“Then what?”

The kinesiology meridian chart is a tool you can use to peg the emotions to various parts of your body. It’s a map of your emotions.

Thousands of years of Chinese medicine have given us release points corresponding to the places in, on, and around our bodies where we store the emotions.

Once you know what you’re looking for and how to get rid of it, the next step is to connect with that emotion and move it.

“How do you move emotions?”

The same way you move oxygen through your body. The same way meditators move thoughts from their mind. The same way the forests of the world supply the rest of is with the oxygen we need to… BREATHE.

The Amo breath moves the emotions.

Using the right questions, the right points, the right breath, and the right frame of mind after the fact, you can change your state.

Once you remove the emotions, the things you previously said, did, thought and felt bubble to the surface. When that happens, you have a conscious choice, something you’ve never had before pertaining to the cleared emotion.

You can continue doing things the same way you’ve always done them, or you can move forward making different “conscious” decisions that push you into new, healthier territories.

The choice is yours. And that’s what this work is all about: giving you the choice to live your life the way YOU want. 

Amo Ni!