When I first started playing with energy, I had to do a lot of visualization. Many of us do because we’ve lost the body connection we had as children. I was reminded of this fact during a session the other day when a client asked, “can you hold energy in your hands?”

You can feel energy in your hands and even between your hands, but you cannot physically hold it anymore than you can hold a thought or an emotion.

Yet, even though you can’t physically hold them, all three (energy, thoughts, and emotions) can be stored and used either for our utmost good or to hold us back from truly experiencing a life of boundless opportunity and amazement.

We’ll discuss the physical form and feel of energy today, as well as the impact it has on shaping our lives, for better or worse. If you’re in the latter camp, check out this article on moving that energy/emotion to help you live the life you deserve..

can you hold energy in your hands

How To Feel Energy

There are several exercises you can do to feel energy.

Exercise 1: How to feel energy between both hands

  1. Rub your hands together for 30 seconds
  2. Pull them apart slightly
  3. Push them back together VERY slowly until you can feel pressure exerting on the inside of your palms

Exercise 2: How to feel energy in your hands (individually)

  1. take your left hand and grip your right forearm
  2. remove your left hand from your right forearm but keep it in the gripped position
  3. take your right hand and grip your left forearm
  4. remove your right hand from your left forearm but keep it in the gripped position
  5. imagine a ball in each hand
  6. ever so slightly close and open your fingers as is squeezing a ball in each hand

How To Move Energy?

If you’ve tried and have become proficient at feeling your body and your own energy, practice the following exercises to feel the energy/your consciousness moving.

Exercise 3: How to feel the energy in your body (laying down)

  1. lie down and get yourself comfortable
  2. put your hands a few inches away from your sides with palms up
  3. spread your legs 6-12 inches
  4. start with a deep stomach breath
  5. feel your belly rise and fall with each breath
  6. put your full attention on the rise and fall of your stomach
  7. keep your attention on your breath and your body but follow where you’re called
  8. if your attention goes to your hands, feel the tingling in your hands
  9. if your attention goes to your head…
  10. follow the sensations around in your body

If your attention moves to a troubling area of your body, follow it. Imagine white light coming from above you, flooding your heart, then your entire chest.

Picture the light filing you with love, warmth, and happiness.

Now, imagine that loving light and energy moving from your chest and heart center into the troubling area of your body.

Circulate the energy in that area, moving it clockwise.

As the energy moves and swirls in the troubling area, visualize any pain, discomfort, or negative energy swirling into the funnel of white light.

See the gray wisps flooding into the funnel of light.

Finally, imagine the light springing up from the area like a tornado. Watch the light, energy, and pain/discomfort rise out of your body and up into the sky, where it finally disappears.

Exercise 4: How to feel the energy in your body (sitting up)

(For this energy exercise, take a moment to look at the image of the spine to familiarize yourself with the curve)

move energy up your spine

  1. sit in a comfortable chair with your back away from the back of the chair
  2. close your eyes
  3. with your breath (inhale), imagine pulling energy up from the Earth’s core, the fiery core into your butt
  4. walk with the fiery energy up your spine
  5. start at the base of the spine
  6. slowly trace your way up the spine as it goes past your lower back,upper back, neck, and head
  7. when the energy reaches your head, imagine it concentrated in the point between your eyebrows
  8. with your exhale, imagine the energy flowing down your head, neck, arms and into your hands and out your fingers
  9. Repeat until you can actually feel the energy and intention moving together

Can You Hold Energy?

Your physical body stores energy as fat, then breaks down that stored potential to create the fuel for you to walk run, and even digest food, but you cannot hold that energy anymore than you can hold the chi energy you feel practicing the different exercises above.

But you can harness that energy.

Can You Harness Energy?

We harness the sun’s energy and convert it into the electricity used to power our homes and appliances. Tesla, Toyota, and other car manufactures use batteries to harness energy and power many of the cars we drive today.

In the lying down example above, we outlined ways to harness your energy and direct it with your attention, intention, and focus to help heal physical issues.

We use a similar process to help remove (move is a better word) emotions we’ve stored in our body and unwittingly used to dictate our lives.

Short version: your subconscious stores emotions you experience as a toddler and uses those “programs” to determine how you view and experience the world.

Self-muscle testing locates the emotions. Meridian release points help connect with the emotions…

And the Amo Breath a.k.a. the Love Breath harnesses the power of our energy and escorts stuck emotions out of the body giving us the freedom we’ve been searching for to live a life without limits. Many of the limits we experience in life are due to the programs the subconscious installs.

Have you ever wondered why you think:

  • you have a messed up relationship with money?
  • you deserve pain and suffering?
  • you associate fighting/spite/jealously/cheating with love?
  • you procrastinate when you know it’s holding you back?
  • more of others than you do of yourself?
  • addiction is your friend?
  • (insert group name) are (insert negative adjective)?
  • rich people are a$$holes?

Many of the ways we feel are based on the emotions we’ve programmed. And many of the emotions we’ve programmed are passed down to us from our family and close friends.

Are you tired of past experiences, bearing no relevance in your current life, rearing their ugly head when you get close to changing?

What would it feel like knowing the past programs no longer steered the ship?

How would your life be different if your conscious intentions actually materialized?

Discover the life-changing benefits of leaving the past where it belongs.

Amo Ni!