Self-awareness sounds like something reserved for bald people in orange robes who live in caves and bow to each other after their daily spoonful of rice. You don’t need to be on your path toward of enlightenment to achieve self-awareness. It’s available to every one of us through moments of inner work where our past emotions get acknowledged, appreciated, and released and the things we say, do, think, feel, and energize because of those emotions get exposed.

Using the cycle of self-awareness helps you see where you are on your journey and what’s coming next, so you can power forward, creating the life you want through a life of conscious intention.

What is the cycle of self-awareness?

  1. self-awareness – see the unconscious behaviors sabotaging your success
  2. self-acceptance – acknowledge the past and step out of it
  3. self-discovery – move forward with conscious choice as your partner
  4. self-activation – use your choices to activate a new you
  5. self-realization – reinforce your new position in life with behaviors indicative of it

cycle of self-awareness

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First off, what is self-awareness?

I define self-awareness as the conscious recognition of the thoughts, words, deeds, emotions, and energy we call upon during our daily lives.

The problem, for the majority of people on this planet, is the recognition of those things we think, say, do, feel and energize flies below the radar, keeping us blind to the problems those actions are causing in our lives.

There’s a reason for that… a few actually.

You’re Built to Run on Autopilot

The subconscious is in charge of running all the systems that keep your blood flowing, lungs pumping, metabolism churning, hormones buzzing, and white blood cells fighting. In short, it’s in charge of keeping you alive. Imagine running all that on your own.

No thanks, right?

It also has to determine how to react on the inside based on what’s happening on the outside.

In the name of efficiency, not long after conception, the subconscious gets busy programming responses to the outside environment. Your first response to people, places, things, situations, other people’s emotions, AND their energy gets filed away, so the next time a similar instance happens, it knows exactly where to go and what reactions to cue. I say “go”, because you embody (store them in your physical body) emotions.

That means most of the reactions you have to the world around you happen without you even being aware. Hence, the importance of the search for self-awareness, which in layman’s terms, is a spotlight on the things you’re thinking, saying, doing, feeling and energizing that you’re not even aware of.

Ever have someone say you did something wrong, bad, upsetting, unsettling, hurtful, and you adamantly disagree?

Of course you have.

It happens ALL THE TIME.

That’s the self-sabotage we’re calling up on a daily basis that’s prohibiting us from truly enjoying the things we want in life… because what we want is going against what the subconscious has programmed.

The reason self-awareness is difficult to achieve?

Most self-help gurus preach that all you need to do is rearrange your beliefs and convictions, and in doing so, you’ll change our lives.

The problem there?

Beliefs are dictated by the emotions programmed BEFORE the belief was established, making the emotions the foundation of EVERY behavior you perform.

To connect with the emotions, you need to go back to the time you first programmed them. The only way I’ve found to do that is with the Amo Ni system. self-awarenessOnce you remove the emotional connections you established as a child, you’re firmly anchored into the self-awareness cycle.

Self-awareness is like the apex of the first big hill on every roller coaster you’ve ever ridden. It’s the fuel that propels you forward into new and exciting territory.

Too many of get stuck on the initial hill, continually chugging and jerking up the anxiety-ridden hill without getting to enjoy the rest of the trip.

Self-awareness unlocks all the loops, thrills, screams, and heart-pounding fun, leading to…


Using the Amo Ni system is like dipping a little plastic wand into your subconscious.

When you pull it out and blow on the little circle at the end, all the bubbles that flow out of that soapy stick are the thoughts, words, deeds, feelings, and emotions you’ve called on for the entirety of your life, the very same ones that have shaped the way you feel about love, money, family, sex, relationships, food, and everything else you’ve come in contact with. 

Think about that for a minute. Everything in your world has a pre-existing label that YOU tagged as a kid. Now, every time that person place, thing, feeling, or energy arises, you already have a pre-determined way you respond to it.

In the name of efficiency, your subconscious has limited your experience in life… many times, in VERY harmful ways.

But, once you’re aware of those programs, a funny thing happens.

Yes, those emotions boxed you in, but they also gave you a framework for how you view the world.

And with the aforementioned self-awareness now peeling off the blinders, you get to make different decisions as you appreciate where you’ve come from while embracing the potential the future has as you make new choices (if you wish). Because the true power of self-awareness is in the choice it affords you to do something different… or not. That’s up to you.

You know where the choices you’ve been making lead you. You can hold on to those or start making new ones, and no matter which you choose, you get to accept the fact that YOU made the choice.

But if you choose differently, that opens a new world of opportunity to you. One that’s full of…


Now things get fun… like towel swingin’ WOO HOO fun!!

First, you popped the bubble of awareness keeping you in the dark. As the bubbles of your past behavior continue to work their way to the surface, the conscious awareness of the previously hidden thoughts, words, deeds, emotions, and energy affords you the opportunity to thank the emotions, causing those reactions. Those emotions helped shape the person you are today. They gave you the framework from which you will now go forth and create.

You can now make conscious choices that lead you down different paths, away from the stuckness you felt while the subconscious guided your routines, another tool it uses to keep you jaded. Familiar is comfortable, but we can’t create that which we do not have by doing the same ole things that yield the same ole results.

That’s why the phase of self-discovery is so invigorating.

New decisions lead to unfamiliar terrain. Things are different because you are different. You became that way the minute you chose other options, and you’re reinforcing that difference with each step you take.

The first steps come on wobbly legs. It takes a few choices to build your confidence, but once you do, it’s like being born again, minus the burden of an organized religion to steal your thunder. self-discoveryThe self-discovery phase is kind of like travelling to a new country. Things are familiar yet different. There’s a newness to everything you encounter, and that novelty heightens your desire to see new things, eat new foods, turn left when you usually turn right, play when you would have worked… 

Questions become the norm, especially “why” and “why not”. You don’t even need answers. They’re more affirmations for exploration than actual questions seeking words to validate them.

When you’re constantly exploring, you uncover a new way of living and that leads to…


We spend most of our lives fighting the very emotions our subconscious installed to quote/unquote keep us safe. That fight is the battle between our conscious hopes and dreams and our subconscious programmed trauma.

Once we identity, connect with it, acknowledge it, appreciate it, and let it go with the Amo Ni system, that awakening cycle of self-awareness spins us into alternate reality.

Self-activation happens when we embrace the process of self-discovery and use our choices to create a brand new version of ourselves. 

When are different from inside out… when the decisions we make are completely opposite to the ones that used to hold our conscious intentions hostage… that’s when we activate a brand new persona, a brand new life, and an ever-evolving future that bends to our will and magnetizes to our present wishes.

As a new you gets activated, you stomp on the clutch and throw the process into the final gear of…


Welcome to a new life and a new way of living. Welcome to a future where goals, intentions, hopes, and dreams fall into place because of the work you’ve put in to make it all happen. 

Self-realization is the victory lap after the race. It’s the ticker tape parade after the final win to clinch the series. It’s the “I’m going to Disney World” chant into the camera to all the adoring fans.self-realizationSelf-realization, like the self-acceptance phase, is filled with appreciation… appreciation for who you have become, the road you travelled, and for the things you went through that helped mold your personality and create the person you needed to become.

Congratulations! Now you get to do it again.


Bear with me.

Re-Engaging The Cycle of Self-Awareness

This is the part where you start cruising through the ranks of spirituality, business, romantic relationships, finances, social consciousness and whatever other path you decide to stroll. 

Your first trip through the cycle of self-awareness is like getting drafted into the NBA, NFL, or breaking out as Best-Selling Author. You’ve proven that you have what it takes to get good at something.

But this level of proficiency differs from dribbling a ball or putting words on paper.

Even the most wildly successful people are still fighting the biggest battle of all: the battle to own their life and the actions they engage in to create it.

Once you reach the stage of self-realization, you move back into the cycle of self-awareness, now looking at the new things you’re thinking, saying, doing, feeling, and energizing at your new level.

Continually moving through the cycle creates a level of self-reflection, growth and mastery that many of the one percent still strive for.

Amo Ni!