The Amo Ni Healing Philosophy


“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”


Imagine spending thousands of dollars with a transformational expert to find some of your biggest subconscious blocks.

You take your life and your experience of it to the next level.

WooHoo! Life is healing course - amo life

Then, life happens and you find yourself stuck again.


Now, what do you do?


The Problem


Have you ever tried going from an unhealthy physical state to a healthy one?

It only takes six weeks of healthy meals, right?

Then you’re set for life.

Throw in 6 weeks of gym visits, and you now have the body of your dreams… 

That’s exactly how it works, isn’t it? 

Haha. I’m laughing with you 😉

We have become a culture obsessed with the symptoms.

We throw billions of dollars away each year in search of the magic pill, mantra, or connection that’s gonna fix it all.

And guess what? It doesn’t work.


The Solution


The life you want is not available to you after a quick fix.

The life you want materializes through a constant pursuit of excellence, of keeping your mind, body, and soul all operating at optimal levels.

But that’s not what 99% of the population wants. Most people will waste all their time and money trying to take the shortcut.


crowd mentality


Are you like everyone else, or are you ready to own the change?


You can find tens of thousands of experts running tens of thousands of programs ready to take your money to give you a quick fix, to feed your ego long enough to make you feel like you gave it a good try.


I am not one of them. The Amo Ni program is not that kind of program.


You spend the first 20 – 30 years of your life programming your subconscious with emotional experiences that dictate how the rest of your life unfolds.


YOU WILL NOT change them all in a six to eight week course with ANYONE!


The Amo Ni program is built to tear down your biggest obstacles, then teach you how to take care of the rest of them ON YOUR OWN… 

Because no one can heal you. That’s your job!

And the minute you realize that, is the minute big shifts begin.


The day I realized I owned the present moment is the day the future I had programmed through years of self-abuse and self-sabotage started crumbling into the sea of my subconscious.


The Amo Ni program is about teaching YOU to fish: True Empowerment!


If you’re ready to take responsibility for the way your life unfolds, click the button below for the full details of the Amo Ni Self-Discovery Program.