If you’ve read my article on holistic healing, you have a good idea of my position on energy healing. It turned my life around. I feel certain it can do the same for you.

In that article, I highlighted what methods I’ve implemented the effects they had on me. I’ve gone back and added a section on psychedelics as well. Not a single one listed is legal and I’m not advising their use, but they’ve shined a bright light on areas I needed to work on throughout the years, so…

Trying Different Energy Healing Techniques

We are energetic beings and almost 8 billion of us shining stars inhabit the planet, giving us a variety of patterns with which that energy gets diffracted out into the world. With that being said, some methodologies may resonate with you more than others.

energy healing

The energy healing techniques covered in this article include Access Bars, CST, Reiki, and Time Waver. I’ve personally experienced each of them and have had various degrees of success with each.

Why We Need Energy Healing

Having said that, I need to mention something about healing and your ability to do so.

First: you are a healer.

Second: you get in your own way of healing.

It might sound like I’m switch-hitting on this one, but think about your own life.

Are there any behaviors you carry out where immediate pleasure/benefit conflicts with your long-term health? Damn right there are!

Have you ever:

  • smoked?
  • drank alcohol?
  • taken pharmaceutical drugs?
  • taken illegal drugs?
  • spent a week laying on a towel in the sun?

Most of us know people who do each, and more than a few who do them all. Each offers an immediate gratification with damaging and eventually deadly consequences after long-term, repeated use.

So why do we do these things?

Societal and peer pressure are easily the top reasons.

peer pressure

Would you really have huffed down a burning stick of dead leaves wrapped in paper if you hadn’t seen someone do that before?

Yeah, me neither.

Social and peer pressure get us through the door of addiction, but that immediate pleasure keeps us hooked. And that keeps us drinking, eating too much, smoking, etc. when we consciously know we should stop.

Food, drink, drugs, too much sun, and any of the other “socially acceptable” forms of abuse are also easy to see and thus point the finger of blame. The attention they get ushers in more interested parties and the revolving door forever accommodates new footsteps through the threshold.

The aforementioned substances of abuse are accepted because we CAN touch them. We CAN identify them. 

The western world puts a premium on that ability to quantify and qualify, but there’s A LOT more the rest of the world has “known” about for millennium that scientists are just now discovering. 

The Other Side of Punishment

But are food, drugs, and other physical forms of gratification the only way we abuse ourselves?

H*ll no, they aren’t!

They’re just the ones we see. They are tangible and easily blamed as the principal contributors to our demise, mediocrity, and/or displeasure with life.

Beneath those all lie the hidden demons, voices, urges, and real “controls”.

energy healing the voices

And this is the side of abuse no one likes to talk about.

Every single person you know has:

  • voices
  • urges they question
  • desires they feed when no one’s around
  • emotions they’re secretly ashamed of

Not everyone has smoked, drank, or even eaten sugar… BUT EVERY SINGLE PERSON YOU KNOW HAS AN EMOTIONAL ISSUE (I say “issue” more for weight than as classification).

Why is this?

WE ARE ALL emotional beings. We owe our existence on Earth to the development of that emotional element. 

Think about it.

We’re weak (compared to most animals), slow, we can’t fly, and we can’t swim exceptionally well. We have a weird little nub on our hand that helps us grip things, and we have an interesting gray lump holding real estate on top of our neck. If it wasn’t for that lump, we’d be straddling an ant hill next to Curious George, jabbing little twigs inside, and eating the ants we pulled back out.

energy healing ancestors

We are where we are because of emotions.

But the problem with that aforementioned gray lump is, as good as it is in concocting the cocktails we call fear, love, anger, jealousy, dread, shame, guilt, and a butt load of others, it does a pretty crappy job of putting those emotions in the right place.

We have a storage and retrieval system, much like a computer, and the network extends around our entire body. Most of us attribute our daily living to the wonders of the brain, but the last time I checked, there was a body connected to it. And that body is just as involved as the brain.

Not long after conception, our subconscious starts scanning the environment for threats, not just threats, but things it needs to classify.

It gets busy programming people, places, things, situations, other people’s emotions, and energy coming our way. And since our parents and immediate family are the people we spend the most time with when most of this programming happens, THEIR programs affect us, too. BIG TIME!

Family Karma

You know the saying, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” right? That’s also why it’s hard to produce oranges with apple trees.

apple tree

For the most part:

  • People who put little priority on their health have kids who don’t do the same
  • Kids whose families have a history of money problems perpetuate the cycle
  • Families with a history of illness keep it going
  • And so on…

This is delving more into family karma that I want to keep exploring in this article, but you see the cycle and how it repeats. I’m sure you can look at your own family tree and start connecting dots.

Not All Your Programs Are Created Equal

Like I said, we’re good at creating emotions, but not the best at storing them for future use. That happens not because the subconscious is lazy, but because it’s a very efficient entity. It’s in charge of running all the software to all the hardware, a.k.a heart, lungs, liver, etc. in your body. 

human body

When you have an emotional reaction to a person, place, thing, etc., that first reaction gets programmed. When a similar instance happens, the program gets played again.

If it fit the second time, it should fit the third, and you, my friend, now have a pattern of behavior running, and you haven’t the faintest idea how it got there. That’s because the initial program can happen in the blink of an eye to the most mundane of things.

The best way to do this is by a series of examples.

First Example:

Let’s say your 5 years old. Your mom arranged a playdate with another kid. You meet on the playground and start having a blast. Across the monkey bars, down the slide, into the rear of your new friend’s poodle.

The dog turns on you and snaps its teeth in your face. You get a little boo boo, maybe even require a doctor visit. Let’s amp it up for the sake of the example and say you get stitches.

Prior to getting on the slide, your new friend had to entice you a little. Maybe your mom was down below egging you on and encouraging you as well. You felt excited, and the adrenaline got you. Down you slide into the bum of a dog and…

As a result, you have a brand new program telling you risks are bad. Adrenaline is bad. Fun equals injury.

 delete caution with energy clearing

Years later, everyone in your family gets why you don’t like dogs, but they’d wish you’d get over it. The mediocrity tag goes unexplained. You stop raising your hand in class. You don’t hang out with the popular kids. You stop sticking your neck out for everything. One instance that took less than a second to happen now dictates the rest of your life.

Second Example: You go on a family trip. You meet another family and share a vacation rental for the week. Your dad’s best friend is a riot. He’s also intoxicated the whole time. Every time he’s around you, he picks you up, puts you on his lap, and makes you laugh.

When you go back home, your dad’s just a normal guy. He works too much, you never see him, and when you do, he’s not that really fun to be around with, anyway.

You have a brand new program that tells you alcohol is good and makes people fun.

You get your mom and dad to give you sips from time to time, and the buzz you get reminds you of the fun “uncle” at the beach. By your high school years, you’re the life of the party, too, but you’re always looking for another one because that’s where the fun is.

Third Example: No one at school pays you much attention. You get good grades, but you’re not really popular. Your teacher announces there’s show-and-tell the following week. You bring in your favorite toy. All the kids finally pay you attention and you let them play with your toy. 

After a few weeks, they lose interest in the toy and you, so you find another special toy. The same thing happens and the attention ramps up again.

kids playing

Now, you have a brand new program that tells your brain, I’m not special, but the things I have are. You obsess over money and material items to get people’s attention, but deep down, you feel empty inside.

Each of these situations could have gone in thousands of different directions. AND THEY DO!!

This process happens each and every day until around the age of seven. 

The person you are today is based on thousands upon thousands of these micro reactions to the people, places, things, situations, emotions, and energy you embodied as a toddler, meaning the person calling the shots in your life is an (insert emotion) child.

Scary, right?

Until you realize you can change it.

“How do I change who I am?”

Hold on while I elaborate on a bit more on the storage.

Your Body As a Storage System for Energy

Remember up top where I said this, “Most of us attribute our daily living to the wonders of the brain, but the last time I checked, there was a body connected to it. And that body is just as involved as the brain?”

Let’s explore that a little more.

Through Amo Ni… through healing myself, and guiding others to do the same, I see something interesting everyday I show up to work.

The emotions we store aren’t just memories we trigger when similar instances to the original instance arise. Nope. Far from it. Everything is energy, right? That means emotions are energy, too. And that energy gets stored all over the body.

In the main program I use to clear the big emotions affecting people’s day to day lives, we run up the chakras and clear the heaviest emotions attached. Each chakra is associated with certain body parts. When we find the emotions and connect with them, there’s a pretty good chance that emotion is anchored to a body part associated with the chakra we are clearing.


Also, in my healing journey, I’ve used the clearing principles to remove the heavy emotions I stored in some of my most troublesome body parts.

“What do you mean?”

Have you ever had twisted your ankle, then a month later gone and done it again?

Do you have a recurring problem with your (insert body part)?

There’s energy there that’s disrupting your flow. Clear that energy from that body part because, if you don’t…

Why, How, and Where Disease Starts

I’ll probably keep bringing this up until I die: everything is energy. Hopefully, before then, it will sink in 😉

Keeping the energy and storage themes we just touched on closely accessible in the background, think for a minute about why disease happens. 

“I just get sick, right?”

Yeah, but what causes that sickness?

First of all, what is dis-ease? Disease is un-ease. It’s a disruption to the normal flow, or, if everything is energy (which it is), the disruption of the normal vibration of the cells, tissue, and organs of our body.

Did you know different moods have different energetic signatures, a.k.a. vibrations?

There was a study where scientist said loving/nurturing things to a jar of water, then froze it. In another jar, they said hateful things. The patterns of the two were completely different when they took them out and put them under a microscope. The hateful jars looked erratic or not as visually appealing. The loving one looked more… lovely.

I saw another experiment done at a school. Two plants were put in the hallway with signs to prompt the students how to react to each. One sign encouraged the students to talk ugly to the plant. The other, the opposite. The plant who got the loving treatment thrived. The other died. 

dead plant

There are many other recorded experiments of this nature with plants in the book The Secret Life of Plants.

Disease (injury too) happens when the cells, tissues, and organs store the heavy, disruptive, lower frequency emotions like anger, hate, shame, distress, etc.


Q: Why does disease/sickness happen? 

A: Because your body holds onto heavy, disruptive, lower frequency energy.

Q: How does disease/sickness happen? 

A: The heavy, disruptive, lower frequency energy causes disharmony with the cells, tissue, and organs of your body.

Q: Where does disease.sickness happen?

A: The places where you store heavy, disruptive, lower frequency energy.

When to Use Energy Healing

By the time a life-threatening disease pops into the viewfinder, the chances of the following techniques having measurable impact on the eradication of that disease are so low, they aren’t worth considering solely as part of your healing strategy. At that point, you need to get your butt to the doctor. Disease requires immediate attention.

Energy healing should be used as part of a holistic health and healing protocol to keep disease from happening in the first place. 

Be smart!

One of the biggest benefits of a natural healing or holistic health protocol is that is really opens the communication between you and your body. You learn to trust your intuition again, something you were told to check at the door a long time ago.

Energy Healing is One Way to Change

In my article on holistic healing, I already laid out why Amo Ni is the most effective way of energy clearing I have experienced, but like the snowflake example in the beginning, we are all different, but the same.

My wife has been through much of the same energy healing modalities I have and her growth after each has been different.

Your path will be the same, but different 😉

different paths of energy healing

How Do You Heal Yourself?

All the energy healing modalities listed below are ones I have tried, and I recommend each to reach beyond where you ever imagined you’d be.

Access Bars

Disclaimer: I did not have an Access bars (Bars) session until recently. It’s one of the latest energy healing modalities I’ve tried. I am still working to create a better life for myself, but much of the trauma I experienced and embodied has left the building.

I’ve had my bars run three or four times (as of Jan.27, 2022). My wife got certified and practices on me occasionally. Having your bars run is relaxing. 

First of all, you’re laying down, so anytime that happens, I’m naturally relaxed.

The session runs about an hour. The practitioner working on you sits at your head. All the work happens in that position. There are 32 points the practitioner touches all around your head. Each collection of points corresponds to various attributes, including creativity, communication, thinking, and a host of other attributes.


CST Energy Healing

Let me give you a brief personal history before I tell you about CST (cranio sacral therapy).

I’ve broken A LOT of sh*t! I think I broke my ankles twice, not long after becoming a teenager. At 15, I snapped my right knee so badly in a soccer match, I never played another game.

At 19, I got into a near-fatal car accident. I was in ICU for a week and in traction for a lot longer. I think I broke a dozen bones in that accident. I had more stitches and staples than a year has days, then half of another.

At 21, I had a similar life-threatening accident involving a car. I got a nasty staph infection and had to take IV drip medication through a port in my chest for almost a year.

That’s the big stuff, but on many other occasions, I’ve been stitched up and plastered back together. It’s fair to say I’ve experienced my share of trauma.

My first CST session happened before any of the energetic work I did with Amo Ni.

In my first session, I experienced a lot of shaking. Not violently, like I was being shocked. More jumpy, like sudden twitches of my muscles. The next couple of times, I had similar experiences. My practitioner told me my body let go of a lot of trauma during those sessions. After each one, I went home and slept for hours.

Reiki Energy Healing

The day I saw my wife after she finished her reiki energy healing courses was, similar to the day we met, one I’ll never forget. That’s the impact it had on her.

Note: My experience with Reiki happened as I was going through the energy work that changed everything for me. When you find and release the emotions controlling your life, they move. And when they move, you feel them.

With sadness comes tears.

Anger brings tension.

Anxiety escorts discomfort to the party.

I battled with anxiety the most. That and anger, but the anxiety proved WAY worse. For most of my life, I had bitten my fingernails and nursed my anxiety with drugs and alcohol. I never dealt with it. I just kept pushing it deeper and deeper down. 

When we found the anxiety and let it go, it felt like a dam of emotions pouring out of my chest and through my extremities. I experienced shortness of breath and a crippling sense of self, my direction, and purpose.

energy healing anxiety

Reiki helped me get through that.

Each time the anxiety started, I’d meditate, then do Wim Hoff breathing. Sometimes that helped. A few instances, it did not. 

That’s where the Reiki saved my sanity. My wife put her hands over me and within a few minutes a warm rush of energy ran through me, comforting me like a child’s favorite blanket.

The Amo breath, an energy healing meditation breath, came to be because of that anxiety and the havoc it wreaked on my nervous system. At times, during my transformation, I thought I was losing my sh*t. That breath and several other intuitive/evolutionary leaps helped me create the package used to guide others through the transformative process of self-awareness called Amo Ni.

But before that, there was Reiki.

Time Waver

Time Waver is the most recent energy healing therapy I’ve undergone.

My life completely transformed after I learned how to let go of the programs holding me back. Funny enough, after over a year, I started getting migraines. I had them when I was a kid, but they stopped after I got a retainer.

The migraines came back in and knocked me out for most of the day. They came out of nowhere and hit me almost every other week.


I cleared every emotion and energy I could think of around the migraines, to no avail.

My wife tried Reiki and Access Bars. Nada. Nothing.

I went back to CST and got nowhere with that, either.

A friend of mine introduced me to a man whose been using the Time Waver to transform people’s lives. 

The machine works by running a scan of your energy field. You put your hand on this little device; the practitioner hits a button and off the machine goes, doing whatever it does.

A few minutes later, the computer spits out a series of assessments. The following were some of mine.

The physical:

  • migraines
  • sinus issues

The energetic:

  • family energy, from my father’s mother

Everything else looked great. Each of the things the machine mentioned were areas I had been clearing for months, which is a point I elaborated on earlier. When the issues you’re holding onto manifest on the physical level, energy work can help, but I’d recommend seeing a doctor, especially if it’s a disease. Foremost, trust your voice and what your body tells you.

The machine detected all the problems I knew (yet didn’t mention) except the thing with my deceased grandmother.

The one that hit me out of left field. I never met the woman. She died before I was born of cancer and liver failure. Her and her husband’s alcoholism ruined both their lives and severely damaged my father’s, too. 

According to my Time Waver practitioner, my grandmother’s negative energy still had a grasp on me, too.

My practitioner hit a button and ran three of four rounds of clearing energy to cut the cords of her attachment. According to him, it was the heaviest attachment he’d ever seen.

As I write these words, it’s January 28th, 2021. I’m a month out of the initial session and my 30 days of continued remote treatment of the Time Waver machine. During the treatments, I experienced zero migraines. Since I finished I’ve had two, but the severity has been cut in half. The two I had were what I’d consider very bad headaches (not migraines), and I got over them in a few hours.

How Long Does Energy Healing Take?

One of the most common questions I hear is how long does energy healing take to work?

how long does it take

In any of the above referenced therapies, the energy moves pretty quickly. Once it does, there’s a period of integration.

For my Time Waver sessions, I’ll give it another two months to see if I need to go back. I don’t think I will need to, but I have a great practitioner whom I can call on if that changes.

With the other therapies, I’d rely on a recommendation from the person working on you, but use their recommendation as a reference for how YOU feel and what you notice in your body.

Integration Takes Time

I reference Amo Ni so often because I work with it daily. With this kind of energy healing, you are rewiring your system.

Think about what’s happening. You’re removing emotions that have possibly guided your reactions for decades. 

As your self-awareness takes its first breaths of freedom, it’s a shock to your system. For once, you have a choice of how you react to the world around you. 

You can, of course, keep doing what you were doing, but that choice to do something different rests in your lap.

From there, if you choose option number two, you’re going down an alternate path. The new decisions you make will start immediately creating a new life for you. The things (your unconscious choices) previously keeping you stuck are gone.

Don’t expect to win the lottery and get whisked away by a wand waving fairy godmother the night after you experience any of these energy healing techniques.

Do expect the roadblocks and frustration previously pulling you away from your dreams to fall by the wayside. You still got to do the work.

Fame, fortune, success, and wisdom come to those who constantly pursue them. That’s why the road toward their achievements is littered with bandstands. Those seats are there to comfort the quitters sitting comfortably rooting for or against you as you continue the race.

If you’re interested in seeing the system I used to heal, check out the Amo Ni system of emotional healing.

Amo Ni!



What Is The Meaning Of Energy Healing?

Your healing journey begins when you start looking seriously at the practices you want to incorporate into your life to be a better human being. Amo Ni, Qigong, Yoga, Time waver, and all the methods above (plus many more) are ideal places to start your healing journey.

What Are the Types of Healing?

Reference the above article, plus the holistic healing post on the Amo Ni Blog.

How Do You Get Healing Powers?

You already have them. The fact you think you don’t underscores the importance of the journey you need to start TODAY!

How Do You Know You Are Healing?

Pain. Pure and simple. Change in any way, shape, or form is uncomfortable. Think back to when you were a kid. They call them growing pains for a reason.

How Do I Start My Inner Healing?

The answer is in the question.

Our bodies are storage systems for the emotions we’ve programmed since childhood. Finding them requires a journey within.

How Can Energy Healing Help Me?

The biggest benefit to energy healing is that it puts the torch of discovery in your hand as you wind your way through the tunnels your subconscious carved inside of you. Energy healing puts you in the driver’s seat, and that’s a tough place to be in. When that happens, you finally realize you are responsible. That’s too much to handle for a lot of people.

When watching the Matrix, most would like to think they’d follow Neo and take the red pill, but that’s far from the truth.

What Are Some Good Energy Healing Courses?

Amo Life is the signature course designed to find the awareness buried under your programmed emotions and seize the power to consciously choose a path of intention.

Amo Evolution is a deep, reflective journey to cut the ties of your past and release the personal/familial/karmic bonds you’ve accumulated and stored.

Amo Form and Amo Abundance are free energy healing courses to rein in addiction and heal your relationship with money.

What Are Some Good Energy Healing Exercises?

Some of the best energy healing exercises are the simplest. 

1. breathing

2. visualizing

3. humming sounds/mantras

All of which make up the Amo (love) breath, creating such a powerful practice when combined with the rest of the Amo Ni energy healing techniques.


Energy Healing Quotes

“Healing is in the feeling, the emotional feeling you acknowledge, appreciate, and send on its way.”
     Bo Bissett

“If everything is energy, that means energy healing is self-healing.”
     Bo Bissett

“Everything has its own frequency, meaning we are all dancing to a universal symphony in which we are the orchestra, the instrument, and the audience all at the same time. How gorgeous is that?”
     Bo Bissett

“You are an energy healer. Each and every one of us is. That you believe you are not a healer or, even worse, need someone else’s permission to heal is the greatest failure of modern day society. It’s also the strongest leash keeping you dependent on a system depending on YOU!”
     Bo Bissett