Frustration is one of the most common emotions encountered. It pops up when we learn something new, or when we try to stop an old habit. It pops up when things don’t go our way, when things get difficult, and even when things are too easy.

Most of us brush frustration off as an annoyance; a pesky fly of an emotion worthy of a good swat.

frustration - fly

Stick around and I’ll show you why it deserves your attention, what you can learn from it, AND HOW TO GET RID OF FRUSTRTION ALTOGETHER!

Why Frustration Deserves Your Attention

For most of my life, I didn’t handle frustration very well. In fact, I either stoked it relentlessly by trying to force things, or I bottled it up.

In both instances, the results were usually pretty much identical: full on R-A-G-E!

When I learned the foundation of the clearing work I now call Amo Ni, frustration became the lighthouse in my quest for self-improvement.

Why You Get Frustrated

Let’s look at a few examples of why you get frustrated in the first place:

  1. You’re trying a learn a new skill/challenge
  2. You’re having a bad day
  3. You’re trying to start a new routine
  4. You’re trying to stop an old habit

Frustrated With Challenges

As a kid I got really frustrated… A LOT.

I’m not sure where it came from because my father was no perfectionist. Neither was my mother. But I had it in my mind that I should be able to pick up new skill and instantly excel at it.

frustration with sports

Has this ever happened to you?

If so, you’re in good company.

In some pursuits, the frustration pushed me to get better.

However, in too many others, it held me back. I’d claim the activity “stupid” or “boring” and stomp off to play with something a little less challenging.

This happened a lot in school.

Numbers, or more specifically the combinations of them, gave me hard time.

I found math difficult, so I didn’t like it… and I got bad grades.

On the other hand, reading, writing, and spelling came naturally to me. Reading, which I thoroughly enjoyed, helped me excel in each of those disciplines.

It was easy, so I like it… and I got good grades.

Frustrated With Your Day

Ever had a day where you wish you could go back to bed?

If not, you’re an alien or a house pet who got lucky with a few iPad swipes or licks and ended up on this page.

You know the days I’m talking about.

First, you stumble out of bed late. After that, you fumble through your routine and forget your wallet/purse. Next, you find yourself halfway to work with no gas in the tank.

Everything you touch turns to the same smelly poo you stepped in on your way to the car. If you disappeared off the planet, there’s a decent chance no one would notice. In fact, it would probably benefit humanity if you did disappear, at least for a few hours.

You know what I’m saying, right? Things continue getting worse and the amount of frustration bubbling beneath the surface is a few degrees short of making your blood boil.

The next two are, in my opinion, the penultimate of hair-pulling frustration.

New Routine Frustration

As soon as the ball drops and the smoke from the fireworks clears, it’s time to leave last year in the dust and start… anew.

frustration with last year

You’re ready to start a few new habits to take your life to the next level.

Thanksgiving and Christmas proved extra generous this season, so the gym membership and new diet are muy importante for reaching your goal of the ever coveted pack of abs by springtime. In the meantime, thank the cold snowy gods fo winter for baggy sweaters and tight jeans to hide and hold the work needing to be done.

When January first rolls in, you’re ALL IN! Am I right?

This might look familiar.

Week 1:

  • you skip Starbucks
  • stick to the new diet
  • hit the gym 5 days

Week 2:

  • same schedule, but Friday you go out to celebrate and fudge a teeny bit on the diet

Week 3:

  • you miss Monday at the gym, swear to make it up on Saturday, and don’t
  • work gets a little crazy, so you eat out for the sake of convenience

Week 4:

  • you miss the gym Tuesday and Thursday
  • get disgusted at the rabbit food from your new diet
  • order take out over the weekend
  • skip the gym the whole next week

First week of February:

  • you’re back to your old routine
  • screw the diet, the gym, and abs
  • you think fit people are jerks with “good metabolism”
  • deep down, you’re thoroughly disappointed in yourself

A similar thing happens when you try to stop something. My battle with alcohol is next.

Old Habit Frustration

For most of my life, I drank myself stupid, and shoved more foreign substances up my nose and into my lungs than I’d care to admit. I felt powerless to the buzz for decades.

I won’t go through the entire journey, but it’s on the Amo Ni About page if you’d like a hearty “damn that dude was f’d up” way to feel better about yourself.

Here’s how the carousel of frustration bubbles into failure each time (my condensed version).

  • wake up in a gutter Monday (doesn’t have to be literal.. not judging if it is)
  • miss work because you’re still drunk
  • vow to stop drinking (again)
  • shake yourself dizzy the first night
  • make it back to work the next day, but look like roadkill because… yeah
  • Thursday comes and you pass on happy hour
  • one week rolls by, and you’re confident “I got this. Why did I think I’m an alcoholic? That’s stupid.”
  • you take the next happy hour invite and have a drink, “Bro, I SO got this.”
  • the next night you decide to go out becuse last night you had “1 DRINK!!! OMG!!”
  • it’s someone’s birthday the next night, so.. “Of course.”
  • the next night you get a bottle for the wet bar at home “Just one to relax.”
  • a week later, you’re back to getting slanted every night AGAIN!

That ever happened to you?

It happened dozens of times I “quit drinking”.

Each time was just as deflating as the last because that voice in my head was alwasy there to pull me back in.

The label was just as demeaning as the experience. I put a label on it. Others put a label on it.

It doesn’t matter who puts it there, you’re not:

  • an alcoholic
  • a drug addict
  • a failure
  • stupid, worthless, or any other label people attach to you or you attach to yourself

Here’s why!

Where Does Frustration Come From?

Flat out: frustration is caused by you going up against your subconscious programs.

Why can’t you win that battle?

battle with frustration

Why Your Subconscious Does It

Your subconscious is in charge of keeping you alive. It handles all the behind-the-scenes things that would make your conscious mind explode… think life-sustaining and life-saving activities, like breathing, heart rate, digestion, viral response, metabolic activity, hormones, elimination, and everything else between.

When Your Subconscious Does It

Not long after conception, your subconscious goes on a hoarding spree, programming/holding onto your reactions to the outside world. It does so because, like we said, the subconscious is pretty busy. Anything on the outside is a nuisance.

How Your Subconscious Does It

In the name of efficiency, your very protective subconscious stores the first reactions/emotions you have to the people, places, things, emotions, and energy you encounter.

The next time a similar instance occurs, the stored reaction gets cued and you’re off and running to a lifetime of slavery because of a split-second reaction you programmed AS A TODDLER.

Think about that: the way you respond to the outside world ten, twenty, even seventy years later is dictated by the initial programmed response of a child.

If that doesn’t sober you up, I don’t know what will.

So, the way you feel about money, food, alcohol, family, religion, sex, chocolate, work, exercise, and EVERTHIGN ELSE is influenced by a version of you who probably couldn’t spell most of those words if their life depended on it.

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

But in a good way… or it should.

I literally cried like the little child who stored the controlling emotions when I went through the first session of emotional clearing.

Why Have I Tortured Myself?

That’s exactly how I felt.

All the accidents, the broken relationships, the forced poverty, busted businesses, broken attempts to “get better” were all conditions perpetuated by the emotions I programmed, the same emotions causing the frustration keeping me in a wheel of repetition I had no idea how to escape from.

That’s a sobering feeling, but in a good way once you realize…

You Are The Creator of Your World

That means, if you put yourself in a position, you can pull yourself out. You jut need to know…

My uncle one told me, “You can do any job in the world… IF you have the right tools.”

tools for healing

Whether you knew it or not, YOU programmed the emotions. it. So, if you added them, you can subtract them… IF you have the right tools.

What REALLY Causes Frustration?

When you try to start something new and experience frustration… the frustration has nothing to do with the new venture.

If you try to stop doing something and encounter frustration… the frustration has nothing to do with the thing you are trying to stop.

That’s why you experience frustration when you try to:

The frustration you feel is not about the diet, routine, friends, family, ex, or any other person, place, or thing! It’s about the underlying emotions YOU attached to them!

That’s why new diets don’t work for you.

That’s why the new exercise program doesn’t work.

That’s why moving across the country, to another part of the world, or changing jobs DOESN’T WORK!!.

Here are some sobering facts!

The keto diet works… so does Atkins, paleo, vegan, and all the others.

Lifting weights works… so does swimming, push-ups, pull-ups, and manual labor

Programming is a good job to pursue… so is writing, marketing, or singing.

Heal From Within

The day you look in the mirror and realize the changes you need to make come from within is the day you achieve awareness. Don’t confuse that with enlightenment, but it’s a step closer.

Most people spend their entire lives looking for the answers outside of themselves. To change your station in life, you must change your reaction to the outside world. And that starts within YOU. The day you start down that path is the day the magic starts happens.

“But how?”

Like my uncle used to say… you need the right tools.

How to Overcome Frustration

Remember: you can do any job in the world with the right tools.


Muscle testing

Muscle testing is the most effective tool I’ve ever discovered. Dr. David Hawkins spent his life teaching others the immense power of muscle testing. It opens a direct line of communication between you and your subconscious.

When you tap into the power of muscle testing, you open the dialogue between you and your body. You usher in huge bursts of intuitive leaps, not to mention the ability to find the emotions causing you all the frustration in the first place.

Once you know what emotions are giving you trouble and where they are located, you take it to the body.

Meridian Release Points

Amo Ni uses a meridian chart to peg the emotions. We then connect with the emotions through various release points located around the upper portion of the body.

Pranayamic Breath

The Amo breath harnesses the power of intention, sound, and the life-giving energy of your breath to rattle the emotions free and escort them up and out of the body.


We use the principles of neuro-linguistic programming to move us further off the programmed path onto the path of conscious intention.

The programs kept you stuck. Emotions formed the foundation of those programs.

NLP helps us use them in reverse to put some tread under the tires as you move away from a life controlled by the past.

My Favorite Frustration Quote

“If I’d only had a little less frustration, I’d have a lot more hair.” Bo Bissett

Bo Bissett

My dad used to blame his baldness on me and my brother. We may have sped up the process, but the expanding real estate on his scalp started a long time before we were even born.

I never had kids, so I’m stuck with the above quote… which I just pulled out of my rear, but I’m sure a similar version has passed the lips of someone a little more famous.

You Are a Healer

The emotions controlling your life were put there by YOU.

You can remove them

Once you learn this work, you can make momentous changes in every area of your life. The best part of muscle testing is it gives you access to the mainframe where YOU stored all the answers.

If you are serious about making changes in your life, this is akin to being handed a key to your favorite store, and given all the time and money you could ask for to take whatever you want.

I am a healing guide. I’m also a healer. I’m my own healer, not yours. That’s your job.

And guess what, YOU CAN do it because YOU ARE A HEALER.

The healing part is another thing you need to own.

It comes in stages, but when you realize you are a healer, more big changes are in store.

Your body is designed to heal. We’ve weakened it by thinking we need outside permission to do so, which is exactly what happens every time you go get a “permission slip” from your doctor. There’s a time and place for medical intervention, but we’ve given too much of our own power away.

It’s time we take it back.

There’s a lot to piece together with this work. You may do well on your own. I had several guides who helped me through the process. I’d recommend the same.

Want to learn how to get yourself out of the rut?