Your body heals naturally from bones, cuts, scrapes, and bruises. Those are things we learn when we’re in grade school, but no one ever talks to us about emotional healing. It wasn’t until my mid-thirties that I realized my life wasn’t turning out the way I wanted. It took a lot of searching, but, for me, I eventually found out emotions were the root cause of every choice I made, both consciously and unconsciously. And that realization set me on a journey to find out: how can I heal myself emotionally?

how can I heal myself emotionally

I tried therapy, reiki, meditation, hundreds of self-help books, visualization, thousands of dollars in Mindvalley courses, conscious breathing, yoga, singing bowls, CST, hypnosis, ho’opponoppono, pendulums, tuning forks, muscle testing, NLP, and new aged energy zappers. Each of these took me a step further toward my goal of emotional healing, yet each left me wanting.

I finally healed myself emotionally when I combined the most powerful practices that helped me find the emotions, connect with them, thank them for the lessons they taught me, and let me go. Today, that combination of modalities is called Amo Ni. 

  • muscle testing to uncover the web of emotions
  • ancient Chinese meridian charts to peg the emotions to our bodies
  • pranayamic breathing to energize and help move the emotions along with..
  • meridian release points corresponding to the locations of the emotions
  • neuro linguistic programming to set us firmly on the path of our intentions

Who Needs Emotional Healing

Every single one of us needs emotional healing. Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Oprah Winfrey, and even your town’s priest need it. We all need emotional healing because we are all emotional beings.

Human beings use emotions to dictate our reactions to the outside world.

Most of us are running on autopilot. When that’s the case, which is most of the time, we use the programs we’ve installed (the emotions) to dictate how we go about our day and the reactions we have as we do.

Are the things you think about positive or negative?

Some people worry they may be overthinking things, but how often do you hear someone complain of overthinking things on the positive side? Rarely, if ever, right?

Maybe a friend talking about a crush or their newest partners, but how often is that actually a bad thing?

emotional positivity

When Does the Trauma Occur 

The fun begins when your heart and brain come online a few months after conception. That’s when you start embodying emotions.

“What do you mean ’embodying emotions’?”

Good question.

See, you and I are emotional beings. We’ve evolved past the simple pain and pleasure triggers. The pain we run away from and the pleasure we run toward VERY OFTEN get criss-crossed during our early childhoods. That’s why we end up self-sabotaging ourselves through unconscious behaviors unconducive to our personal success and betterment.

Example #1

You got nine months to chill from the time of conception to the day you come out screaming into some stranger’s hands, into the cold, harsh world you now call home. During that time, you’re packing on pounds and building your body as strong as you can so you’re ready to come out swinging.

“No person is an island.” This quote is perfect for this example because we assume the baby’s incubating in mom’s womb, taking in what it needs to grow, and when they pop out, that’s when things get started. Out of sight, out of mind, right? 

The bump is there and everyone realizes there’s something inside, but that’s where the baby is, right? Inside… just sucking its thumb or kicking mom’s belly from time to time.

emotions start in the womb


Not long after conception, your subconscious comes online. When it does, it starts reading the environment, and your subconscious has a photographic memory. Everything that comes your way gets recorded. This happens because your subconscious is in charge of running all the hardware in your body: heart, lungs, brain, hormones, cellular activity, and EVERYTHING ELSE.

Anything that happens in the outside environment is a potential threat to what’s happening on the inside, so…

EVERYTHING gets labeled. And Not everything get’s labeled the way it should.

Ever wonder why you have a messed up relationship with money, family, romantic partners, friends, food, alcohol, pain….? The way you feel about those things is based on years of programming that started in your mom’s womb.

Emotions, like everything else, are forms of energy. Every emotion has its very own energetic frequency, and they pass through your mother’s womb as easily as the mobile and radio waves buzzing invisibly above the rest of our heads. And it’s in the womb that you start holding onto or EMBODYING those emotions and using them to build, not only a picture of the outside world but also YOUR REACTIONS to it.

Let’s look at another example when you’re on this side of the womb.

Example #2:

Let’s say you’re a baby, in your Mom’s arms. She’s trying to shove a bottle in your mouth, but you really don’t want it. Mom gives you a giggly face and slips the nip between your cracked lips. You spit the milk out onto mom’s shirt, and the process starts again. Each time, mom musters up a little more patience and a lot more love. And each time she gets the bottle in, you spit milk on her. 

Spite = Love

How’s that for a funky little program you just embodied?

Wouldn’t it be weird if you typed toothpaste into Amazon and got lifejackets instead? How would you find what you’re looking for?

Once might be funny. 

Twice would probably throw you off.

A third time, I bet you get frustrated, then look elsewhere. It’s the same thing in your life.

The frustration you feel when you try to lose weight or go to the gym, or find a partner who doesn’t abuse you, or start a business… that frustration you feel when the thing you’re trying to do fails, or you can’t seem to get it right is the fight you’re waging against yourself.

It’s the war you’re waging is against the programs a.k.a. THE EMOTIONS YOU INSTALLED.

emotional war

How Do I Find the Emotions 

What if I told you there’s a tool, actually two tools, that can help you find every single emotion standing in the way between you and happiness, between you and success, between you and the relationship of your dreams?

Open both your hands palms open toward you and take a look.

healing hands

It’s in those hands and, more specifically, with just a couple of fingers that you can talk to your body to locate exactly what emotions are hiding and where they’ve lodged themselves.

Muscle testing can be traced back centuries to China. In the 1900s, a Boston Dr named RW Lovett refined muscle testing as a way to analyze disabilities. Over the coming decades, the practice of muscle testing has been refined into a branch of science called kinesiology.

There have been double-blinded studies debunking kinesiology as a means to find disease, but I can tell you from personal experiences with hundreds of cases, you CAN use muscle testing to open the lines of communication between you and your subconscious so you can eradicate the troubling and very often mislabeled emotions holding us back from our true potential.

How Can I Heal Myself Emotionally

  • Do you want to uncross the wires?
  • Are you tired of fighting yourself?
  • Are you tired of fighting life?
  • Do you know, like deep down in your bones know, you CAN do better?
  • Are you tired of seeing other people succeed while you dig, dig, dig yourself a deeper hole?


Here’s a short version of my life:

I was an angry and jealous kid. I bottled my emotions and pushed them as far down as possible. They exploded when things didn’t go my way, most often in sports or school when attempting to do an activity I thought I should be able to “get” sooner. The anger started manifesting as injuries and soon ruined any hope of athletic pursuits by the time I was 16. Then I turned to drugs and alcohol. I pushed everyone I cared about me away and left the country in my mid-twenties. The more I pushed away, the worse I felt. I realized in my late thirties I would die miserable and from a lot of physical pain if I didn’t make changes. If you want the long version with all the juicy details, check out the about page.

I didn’t try everything, but I gave it an honest go before I stumbled across the work that is now Amo Ni. I can’t speak for you, but I can speak for myself and the thousands of other emotions I have cleared and helped clear from others.

The best way to heal emotionally is with the Amo Ni system. I love it for its simplicity, speed, and efficiency.

I’m all for meditation, but it takes too long. I sit for 10-15 minutes after my breath work in the mornings, and that helps tremendously, but that’s just to quiet the mind before I start my day. 

meditation helps ground

I don’t want to sit and be quiet. I want to explore and have fun. 

And that’s how the Amo Ni process works.

Muscle Testing

We use muscle testing and yes or no answers to get to the root of our emotional problems. That foundation of communication we establish with muscle testing has a far greater impact than you can ever imagine.

At first, it’s kind of cool because you’re listening to your body. You’re asking questions and getting answers. It’s exciting because, unlike yelling off a cliff, or talking into a dead phone, you get responses. Your body tells you, “Yes, that is here.”

The biggest side effect of muscle testing is that it opens the line of communication between you and your body.

“You already said that.”

Yeah, but I explained it from the standpoint of you asking questions and your body answering. There’s a second part to that equation: your body/subconscious talking TO you when you’re not asking questions.

Most of us stop listening to our bodies when we’re kids. We fall in line with all the big people who tell us what to do, say, think, and feel. We shut off the ears we have on our inner voice because, well… we get used to others telling us what to do.

That’s also where those inner voices come from, the conflict we stoke by not listening…

But once you start talking to your body again AND it knows you’re now listening, things get real interesting real fast.

Ever notice that your single friends are the ones who talk the most? They’re often alone or trying desperately not to be so when you pick up the phone it’s a watershed of “OMGs” and “You won’t believe this..”

Your subconscious is the same. It’s been in the dark for a long time and when it comes back online, you might be surprised at the hunches you’re asked to follow and the volume with which you hear those hunches. Follow them. That’s part of your healing process.

Using the Body To Heal

Once the body is talking to us, the rest is easy. 

We find the emotions using a meridian/emotions chart. The chart gives us a map. On a map of the U.S., you can drop your finger on the exact location of Las Vegas, Seattle, or Vienna, Virginia.

The meridian chart is our map. It gives us precise locations of where the emotions are stored in the body. The Amo Ni system then utilizes release points corresponding to the location of those emotions and a pranayamic breath called the Amo a.k.a. Love breath.

What Happens When I Locate and Re-Move the Emotions

I say re-move because they’ve been stagnant in your body for a long time. They’ve been resonating at their own emotional frequency in that spot for however long they’ve been there. When they move, you feel them. Anger equals angry. Sadness equals sad. Anxiety equals… yep, you guessed it. That’s why we use the Amo breath. It helps soften the blow of that emotional movement.

moving your emotions

Another thing happens: self-awareness. I’ve done too good of a job of explaining self-awareness on the home page, so head over there if you haven’t seen it, but that awareness shines a spotlight on all the unconscious things you say do, think, etc that are keeping you from the life of your dreams. 

Seeing the things YOU do that are holding you back finally affords you the choice to do, say, think otherwise, and that’s the point where the road splits. 

If you know exactly what you’re doing that’s holding you back, will yo continue to do it, or will you choose differently now?

The choice is now yours.

Level up your life with the Amo Ni system today.

Amo Ni!