Did you know emotions are the foundation for how you interpret the world? The subconscious uses them to make sense of everything you come in contact with not long after conception. That’s right. Even snug in your mother’s womb, the outside world has a profound effect on you, impacting the things you say, do, feel, think, and even the energy you’re putting out there. To make dramatic and lasting changes in your life, focus on the emotional plane. Since our emotions are central to every relationship we have, when you heal emotionally and mentally, the body gets the message and follows suit.

how to heal emotionally and mentally

“To heal physically, you’re telling me to work on my emotions? Sounds like a stretch?”

I’m not saying you’ll mend broken bones and cure cancer by getting in touch with your childhood emotions.

What I am saying is you’ll create a new life and new living circumstances by healing your old emotional wounds.

The Reason Your Life Unfolds the Way it Does

Watered-down version: because of the choices you make.


Common sense, right?

Until you realize the choices you make aren’t actually choices you consciously want to make.


Watered down version: you’re not in control of your life.

“Then who the hell is?”

You are, but not conscious YOU.

Your subconscious is in control of the things you say, do, feel, think, and the energy you give off.

Us Americans, especially, are high on the freedom juice: the idea we are free to do what they want when they want and how they want to do it.

emotional freedom

While the freedoms most Americans think they enjoy are questionable, this isn’t a debate about the best country to live in or the politics of said countries.

No matter what country you live in, your freedoms to do what you want when and how you want to do them are created less by the governing body issuing the laws of the land and more by the experiences your subconscious labels, embodies, and uses to dictate your reaction to everything you’ve ever seen, heard, smelled, touched, thought about, or felt.

“Aren’t the things I ‘touched’ and ‘felt’ the same thing?” 

Yes and no. When I say “touched”, I mean things you physically touched. When I say “felt”, I mean things that affected your physical body but may have not had actual physical contact with.

“Are you getting woo woo on me?”

Have you ever felt the sensation in the room change as a disagreement escalates to an argument? How about one you weren’t even part of? It’s a palpable feeling you actually feel, isn’t it?

That’s energy. 

Everything is energy, but that’s the power of emotional energy. It charges arguments, loving embraces, farewells, and beaten-down parents after a long day at work.

Why Do I Hurt Emotionally

Watered-down version: because of the emotions you’ve held onto a.k.a. embodied.

Remember high school?

I do. I hated it. It was an odd, uncomfortable, and uncertain period in my life. And based on the amount of hormones running through our bodies at that age, I wasn’t alone. Far from it.

Remember the hallways all littered with lockers? That image is an iconic and obligatory shot in any movie involving a high school.

our body stores emotions

Your body is similar to that hallway of lockers, but instead of old books and crumpled up pieces of paper, the lockers in your body hold the emotions your subconscious decides are the appropriate responses to the trauma you experience from way back when you soaked for months in your mother’s belly until well into your teens.

During these formative years, your subconscious is forming who you are by framing the responses it registers to the outside world.

Good or bad, and most often the very first one, this dictator ruling your life records your emotional reactions. It then uses these reactions the next time a similar instance occurs, and when it does and your reactions get cued, you then have a pattern around the stimuli which you reinforce with every subsequent reintroduction of similar stimuli from that point onward.

That means every single thing in this world you’ve been directly or indirectly exposed to has a tag on it, just like one of those barcodes on any product at the store you purchase.

And each time that thing pops up in your life, the subconscious scans it immediately and flashes in your head how you’re supposed to react. So, everything in your life… and I mean EVERY SINGLE THING… is influenced by the embodied emotions of a child.

  • Do you have problems making friends?
  • Do you have problems making money?
  • Do you have anxiety about food?
  • Are you uncomfortable with heights?
  • Are you scared of the dark?
  • Do you attract horrible relationships where your partners don’t respect you?
  • Do you abuse alcohol, sex, work, drugs, social media, work…?

Little ole you is to blame. Not like finger pointing, shaming blame. I mean, the onus rest on the shoulders of a child’s experience you’re still hanging onto as an adult.

Once you realize that, you have the potential to change your life….

Because if you’re hanging onto it, even on a subconscious level, you can let it go.

Hell F’n YEAH!!!

Pretty cool, right?

How Do You Heal Emotional Pain

Now you know why you hurt emotionally. The million dollar question is, how do you heal that pain emotionally and mentally? 

Let’s talk about how your emotions affect the way you think quickly.

Emotions Affect Your Mentality

Our emotions affect everything. If we’re happy, we think, say, do, and feel happy things, right? The same is true if we’re sad, depressed, or angry.

Those emotions affect our mental state.

They plagued me for years. The heavy emotions, the negative self-worth, the anger and pain reflected in the things I said to myself. And the way we talk to ourselves has a huge impact on the way we live our lives.

Which version of you is more likely to succeed?

  • Version A, who says: “You’re worthless, wasting your time, and better off quitting…”


  • Version B, who says: “You’re doing your best, learning along the way, and using mistakes to smooth out future bumps as they materialize.”

For the longest time, I thought I was crazy. I thought I had voices in my head.

I did, but they were my own, and the day you begin orchestrating the tempo of those voices is the day you seize control of your life, finances, marriage/relationship, career, choices, and everything else you have a relationship with.

How Do I Start Healing Myself

Emotions are the foundation of your experiences, so you tell me how to heal.

I’ll give you two choices:

a. band-aids

b. find the programmed emotions you’ve embodied, then connect with, appreciate, and release them

If you guessed, “a” I’m patting your little head right now as I make my way to the refrigerator to fetch you a glass of milk, you little cutie 😉

emotional healing

Most of us are told to ignore our feelings, but there are a lot of big names changing the stigma behind that limited way of thinking.

Luckily, many celebrities are paving the way for the modern day man to look within. High-profile athletes like Kobe Bryant and Kevin Love pushed the barriers in the NBA and now many of the professional sports associations have spotlighted the need for more emotional and mental health awareness for their players, coaches, and fans.

Emotional Healing That Changed My Life

I, personally, used a system called Amo Ni. It helped me obliterate the addiction and self-sabotage manifesting in the financial, professional, family, romantic, and physical health realms of my life.

It’s a four-step process involving muscle testing, meridian release points, a pranayamic breath, and neurolinguistic programming. Find out if the Amo Ni system is right for you, or register the upcoming live webinar. The webinar is about a little over an hour long, but seventy-five minutes a small price to pay for the change it will make in your life.

I spent nearly ten years trying to get the monkey off my back.

Many of the things I tried moved the needle, but my self-sabotage was so deeply engrained, I’d always find myself back to square one a few months after trying the healing method du jour.

If you’ve tried to make changes and you’re tired of the frustration, this work can change that.

Amo Ni!