It’s somewhat amusing, yet also sad that someone would even consider posing the question “how do I help myself heal” to themselves or anyone else for that matter. Healing is a natural state our bodies live in to keep the bits and pieces functioning at an optimal level. We shouldn’t have to do anything to help it heal. Key word is “shouldn’t”There are however, quite a lot of things we do to hinder it from healing. Those things come in a myriad of forms, including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self-sabotage.

how do I help myself heal


Based on my experience, the emotional component is the most important. The reason being is our emotions are the foundation of the experience (good or bad) we have while we’re here on this earth. Once we balance the emotional component, the rest come into orbit like the sun and planets of our solar system.

Emotions are the Key to You Healing

Everything is energy, and energy is everything. That got proven a long time ago. If you question it, do a few searches on this German dude who went by the name of Einstein. Word on the street is he knew a few things about the ubiquitousness of energy.

When most people hear “energy is everything” they nod their heads in agreement, but I don’t think the depth of that statement really sinks all the way in. When I say “everything,” I mean every single thing and every single no thing.

“You misspelled ‘nothing’.”

No, I spelled no thing as intended.

“What the hell is a no thing?”

It’s a thing that’s not really a thing. It’s still something, so it’s not nothing. It’s not less than something, it’s just not a thing.


It’s cheeky but true.

When we say that everything is energy, even the no things, I’m referring to the most minute and currently immeasurable things like thoughts, words, and deeds/actions. Most of use don’t think of those no things as actual things, thus my long-winded diatribe on no things. 

However, they are all very much things thus they are all energy.

Think about our thoughts for a minute. It’s a chore, no doubt. The average person has 6,000 thoughts per day. That’s 250 thoughts per hours and a tad over 4 thoughts per minute.

thoughts help or hinder

I’m glad they didn’t measure me when I was going through my addiction issues. I feel certain I would have at least tripled that number… on a slow day.

So, I stand corrected. Thoughts are measurable. Just not in the traditional sense most think of.

Physical Repercussions of Negative Emotions

Think about how you feel when you are happy. Even thinking about being happy has a tendency to lift your spirits. Am I right? You got a little grin goin’ on. I know it. Don’t play coy with me 😉

Hold that feeling for a minute. 

What happens when you feel happy? I mean physically what’s goin on.

Your posture straightens and relaxes at the same time, and you generally feel lighter.

Happiness also: 

  • lowers your blood pressure
  • lowers your heart rate
  • strengthens your immune system*
  • improves pain resilience
  • makes you live longer
  • lowers risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke…
  • improves sleep
  • makes you feel like moving your body (no, really)
  • decreases inflammation
  • improves digestion

* you got here in the first place because you wanted to know how to help yourself heal, right? There’s your answer in BOLD!

Need I say more?

I will just for the fun of it.

Now flip all that on its head. What’s the opposite of happiness?

Sadness or Being angry, right?

Let’s look at the opposite of all the benefits we just listed for happiness. For the sake of putting it in plain writing, I’ll do it for you.

Sadness or anger:

  • increases your blood pressure
  • increases your heart rate
  • weakens your immune system*
  • decreases pain resilience
  • makes you live shorted
  • increases your risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke…
  • deprives you of sleep
  • makes you feel lazy and lethargic
  • inflammation
  • poor digestion


* If you want to hinder your healing, your answer in BOLD!!

Makes a hell of a difference when you see it all in writing, doesn’t it? 

Made me think twice (that’s 6,002 thoughts for me today)

Psychological Repercussions

Think about the things you think about when you are happy.

When you’re happy, it’s much easier to enjoy the present moment. You are where you are and all the brooding which comes with focusing on the past and all the worrying which comes from looking into the future have a much harder time crashing the party. When you’re happy, you’ve got bouncers at the front door of your domain keeping those pesky party poopers on the curb.

How about when you’re sad? Can you remember the last time you were sad and brooding? What a miserable place to be, right?

All the things that have happened which you have no more control over come flooding into your worldview. My mom calls them pity parties, and guess who likes to show up for those? No one. You’re the only one, unless you got a friend who’s a sucker for punishment or needs a drink too.


Let’s pull up a negative future-based emotion like worry. Worry is a focus on future events you have very little to no control over. Worry ushers in anxiety, fear, jealousy and a host of other unwanted emotions that make things worse.

Happiness, on the other hand welcomes joy, love, understanding, confidence, and so many more uplifting emotions.

Spiritual Repercussions

I’m gonna start in reverse this time with the negative first.

I grew up in the church, but I renounced God and the church when my father gave me the choice. I hated going and, at that time, I didn’t care much more for the people I saw when I was there.

Anger, jealousy, and shame marked my childhood like a blood-soaked murder weapon, damning me to the pain I put on my own shoulders.

What do I believe now?

I believe in an expansive universe of balance and change. 

I believe in hope, possibility and abundance.

I believe I’m here to help others, to enrich their lives and show them how to stop the pain they manifest for themselves. I also believe I can help the people I work with and, more importantly, that they can help themselves.

Social Repercussions

Think about the things others think about YOU if you’re happy. If you’re having trouble with this one, imagine someone else who’s happy or who you’ve recently seen in a happy state. How about someone you saw laughing? Watching someone laugh will at least boost your mood, and will more than likely transplant that energy into your dimples to create a smile.

How do you think others view you if you’re not happy?

Let’s take it a step further and say you’re more than not happy… let’s throttle the juice and call you angry.

How do others view you if you’re angry?

Having trouble?

Imagine someone else you know who you’ve seen be angry recently.

Do you want to be around that person?

How did it feel to be around them when they were angry?

Here’s another exercise:

  1. Think of a group of happy people. Close your eyes and imagine a group of 100,000 happy people all hanging out together?

What comes to your mind? Where are they? What are they doing? 

I saw a stadium of people cheering at a sports event or a live concert where they were jammin’ to their favorite musician. That’s a fun thought, right?

    2. Think of a group of angry people. Close your eyes and imagine a group of 100,000 angry people all hanging out together.

What comes to your mind? Where are they? What are they doing?

I saw streets overrun with people rioting, breaking store windows, turning over cars. Another flash in my imagination showed me a war with people killing each other.

anger hurts not heals

Which one would your prefer?

Manipulating the Records of Your Subconscious

This is the part of any self-help pep rally where I used to get excited and was ready to change. “All this makes sense. I’m ready to change for good. I can do it now. I resonate with this dude and what he’s saying.”

Fast forward a few months and I’d always regress. EVERY SINGLE TIME!

I tried to be happy. I tried to stop being angry. I tried affirmations, meditation, and getting in really good shape. Each of those did very little, because they didn’t get to the root of the problem.

And what is the root of all our problems?

“The emotions?”

It’s cookie time. Good job!

You can try to be happy all you want, but if you have subconscious programs keeping you in a state of anger, jealousy, grief, shame, anxiety, sadness, and belittlement YOU WILL, 100% GUARANTEED, trip yourself up ALL DAY AND EVERY DAY!!!

That’s why I was so frustrated with trying to heal for so long.

I was doing everything that everyone recommended. Hell, I did it twice as much as they recommended. I lived and breathed the principles of clearing my mind and focusing on happy thoughts, but that sh*t doesn’t work if you’re subconscious is holding onto programs denying you that lifestyle.

It’s like building a house in quicksand. No matter how much you stack on top, if the foundation is pulling you down, that’s the only way you’re gonna go. No matter how fast you build upward, you’re continually being pulled down.

Reaping the Rewards of Emotional Healing

Clearing the emotions your inner child is hanging onto is the fastest way to move your “house” from the quicksand onto stable ground.

Once you start decluttering your “home” of the emotional baggage your subconscious has been holding onto, it’s like moving day. You’re finally free to look for a new place to build your future, and the place you end up settling on will be a fresh plot with the potential to hold all your hopes, dreams, and intentions.

So How Do You Help Yourself Heal?

By getting out of your own way.

Here’s how I did it, and now help others do the same.

  1. muscle testing – to reestablish communication YOUR inner child and locate the limiting emotions keeping you in the frustration loop, the battle between your conscious wishes and your subconscious programs
  2. meridian release points – to connect with your body and the stored emotions you’re hanging onto
  3. pranayamic breathing – to use the power of the breath, the mind, the vagus nerve, and the cleansing energy of heart to move the emotions from your body and set them free
  4. NLP – to bring your hopes, dreams, and intentions further to fruition by putting the feelings of their accomplishment firmly in the now and creating the energy you need to manifest them

This process is called Amo Ni.

Amo, in Spanish, means “I love”. Ni, in Chinese, means “you”. Together, Amo Ni directly translates into “I love you”. Amo Ni is a heart centric multi-disciplinary emotional healing system I developed to heal your inner child and reconnect you with your true self.

How would your life be different if the emotions running the show were empowering?

How abundant would your life be if you stopped sabotaging your potential, your growth, and your happiness?

Find out how the Amo Ni system can help you move out of your programs and onto the path of your conscious intentions.

Amo Ni!