Know what the real problem with life is? YOU! Not you as in me pointing the finger at YOU, but you as in your you and my me under the surface. Under the surface, programs run and dictate our outer experiences. Emotions are the code running those programs. Breaking everything down to its most basic form, even emotions, we’re dealing with energy. So, to live your most awesome experience, sooner or later, you’ll find yourself wondering, how do you clear energy blockages in your body?

It took me almost 4 decades to start asking that question, but when I reached that point, I was hot on the trail and the energy/emotion stone ended up being the final one needing further inspection.

You clear energy blockages in your body with three simple steps. First, locate the energy. Next, connect with the energy. Finally, clear the energy. These steps can be further expanded:

  • find/locate the energy using muscle testing
  • connect with the energy using a meridian chart
  • clear the energy with pranayamic breathing and body release points


how do you clear energy blockages in your body

What Is Energy

First things first: What is energy?

The short answer: everything.

Everything you see and all the things you can’t are energy.

Everything on earth, and all the things we don’t know of floating around in space, are energy, each vibrating, humming, and moving at a frequency coalescing the particles to make up all that is.

It’s both beautiful and simple to think we are all cut from the same cloth: you, me, the sand on the beach and the clouds up above.

Energy also includes things you might not think of when you’re classifying the world around you including, thoughts and emotions. Don’t believe me?

When’s the last time you found yourself in an uncomfortable situation?

Have you ever had someone cut in line right in front of you?

emotional reaction

How did that make you feel?

  • you’re standing in line minding your business
  • someone walks past you then steps right in front of you
  • at first, you’re not sure what to do
  • after the surprise of the situation you start getting angry
  • you tap the person on the shoulder and say something to them
  • they ignore you
  • you try to play the “bigger” person, but it eats at you all the way to the car
  • when you get to the car, you ask yourself why you always let people take advantage of you
  • on the way out of the parking lot, someone tries to pull out in front of your car
  • you lay on the horn and yell at them
  • when you get to work, you snap at the receptionist and close yourself in your office

That’s energy at work.

What Are Energy Blockages

What happens when you hang onto those emotions?

Have you ever had an instance like the line cutting example above turn into a terrible week? Month? Year?

That’s what happens when we hold on to the energy.

  • Sad instances turn into depressing lives.
  • Frustrating instances transform into angry lives.
  • Or, on the positive side, happy times turn into loving lives.

The choice is yours, or so most people would have you believe. It is your choice, but that choice rarely rests on your conscious self. Most often, your reaction to things happens well before your conscious self is even close to recognizing what happens.

Your body is similar to your old school hallway. It’s littered with lockers. Instead of unread books and mediocre homework grades, your body stores emotions. Emotions, like everything else in the universe, are energy. Anger has a different vibration than sadness. Sadness has a different vibration than sympathy.

emotional storage

As we come into the world, our subconscious records our reactions to the people, places, things, situations, emotions, and energy we encounter and sticks those reactions in our “lockers”. The next time a similar instance happens, the subconscious spins the lock and opens the door. 

You don’t even have to think about it. How nice is that?

Unless that reaction doesn’t really benefit you.

“Why would I react in a way that wouldn’t benefit me?”

Think about the way you feel about family, money, work, exercise, food, your great aunt, or rich people. Pick any of things I just listed. I guarantee there are feelings about one of them that conjure up something it “shouldn’t”… something that’s not conducive to a healthy relationship with that entity.

Your mom and dad are just people like you. However, the way they were raised and treated by their parents DIRECTLY affects how they treat you. I say directly because they’re still holding onto the energy from instances from their own childhood. Energy they programmed as a result of something that happened between them and their parents.

And now, that’s affecting you.

You pick up on your parents’ energy and emotions as well as your teacher’s, the lunch lady’s, and principle’s. Your swim coach, piano teacher, scoutmaster, and bag boy at the supermarket all have a hand in how you view and experience the world around you.

Sound invasive?

It can be… until you know how to deal with the energy.

Where Do You Find Energy Blockages

Once we experience an emotion or another person’s energy, we can do two things:

  1. sit with the feeling, acknowledge it, and let it move on (the most helpful, yet hardest to do)
  2. hold on to the energy and keep it for a later date (most common)

Number two is the most common because most of us hang onto this energy to help us navigate the world, the people in it, and the situations we experience with them both. And as discussed in the previous example with the person cutting line at the store, not every reaction is a healthy reaction.

The way we feel about money, people with money, family, sex, romantic relationships, the opposite sex, our own gender, and Microsoft computers is most often a program we install before we even know what our name is, yet alone what the name of the emotions we’re hanging onto.

We store the energy all over our body, and we can link to it from our chakras and into the corresponding body part of each chakra.

Have you ever heard anyone say, “I have an angry leg?”

emotional blockage

Of course not… unless they were drunk.

Anger is synonymous with the first chakra. The legs are connected to the first chakra.

We associate emotions to the way we view things, feel things, and hear things, and each emotion can be stored in the parts we experience the energy. Wonder why things don’t look (eyes), sound (ears), feel (hands/fingers), or smell (nose) right?

Your body is the storage system for your experiences, so be careful of the vibrations you hold on to in those places.

I was a frustrated kid with a lot of pent up anger. By the time I was 16, I’d already broken my ankles several times, and snapped my ACL, MCL and torn a bunch of cartilage in my knee. When I learned to clear the energy, I found my first chakra and lower body limbs littered with heavy energy/emotions.

How To Clear Energy Blockages

There are so many holistic healing methods to help move energy and stuck emotions, including but not limited to sound healing, reiki, CST, tuning forks, meditation, acupuncture, pranic healing, and dozens more.

My favorite method of moving the energy from the body is with Amo Ni.

Imagine you live on a tropical island and you want to catch and eat grouper for dinner. You have a net and a spear gun, and you’re accomplished at using both. Which one would be best suited to land you the grouper?

The net would be best for getting a lot of fish, right? But would you get a grouper? You don’t know.

The spear gun would help you land the exact fish you were looking for.

Amo Ni is the spear gun of energy clearing.

  • kinesiology tells us what energy is causing the problem
  • Chinese meridians show us where to find the energy
  • meridian release points help us connect with the energy
  • pranayamic breathing moves the energy
  • NLP reprograms our thoughts to move us onto a new road of intention

Find out more about the Amo Ni system of emotional healing today and learn how to clear energy blockages from your body.

Amo Ni!