I remember the first time I saw The Empire Strikes Back. I trembled with excitement when I saw Luke Skywalker reaching out for his frozen light saber moments before the abominable snowman tried to eat him. For the next week, I tried to move everything I could with my mind. Floating things from across the room would be a pretty useful trick. It wasn’t until later in life, after all the bumps and bruises, that I started wondering if I could use those same Jedi mind tricks to figure out, “How do you get healing powers?”

It took me a long time to realize this, but you already have healing powers. You’ve had them since the day of your conception. Healing, the kind of regenerative healing you desire, is available to you every second, minute, and day of the week.

What you mean when you ask how do you get healing powers is how do you get the monkey off your back, remove the glass ceiling, unlock the shackles, and move forward and accomplish the intentions you set, right?

how to get healing powers

Let’s start by answering each of those questions in one fell swoop.

You’re in your own way.

Didn’t see that one coming, did you?

Were you expecting someone to play nice and hold your arm in place to take the weight of your blame away so you could keep pointing that accusatory finger?

That doesn’t happen here… at Amo Ni.

AND that’s not how you heal. That’s how you keep yourself a victim, and we both know you’re here, so you’re ready to get rid of that label you’ve plastered yourself with.

Healing: the Biological View

For a proper view on healing at the cellular level, I’d like to recommend the book Lifespan, by Dr. David Sinclair.

Here’s a short healing lesson from the book:

When we get hurt, we have genes that signal the cells to stop reproducing. Once that happens, another gene helps repair the damaged DNA. 

Aside from the molecular insight on just how your body fixes itself, Lifespan also delves into our road ahead. Technology and biology are walking down the aisle hand in hand. It seems our friend technology is a bit of a polygamist. Having married with every other sector of our life, the advances technology will bring into our health-sphere the next couple of generations are nothing short of mind-blowing. A GREAT READ!

If I Have Healing Powers, Why Aren’t They Working?

Lucky for you, you don’t need to write a report each day or hand out commands for the aforementioned genes to fire and help your body heal. Your body is healing this very moment without so much as you lifting a finger. That’s a load off, right?

But I know what you mean.

You want the answers to why your life is the way it is. You want to know why you:

  • keep getting sick
  • can’t start that business
  • can’t lose weight
  • can’t stop drinking
  • can’t find the right person
  • keep attracting the wrong people
  • can’t have the things in life that YOU WANT

The reason you can’t heal, and the MAIN REASON your life is not turning out the way you want it to is 100% EMOTIONAL.

And guess who put those emotions there?

you are stopping yourself from healing

In short, where you are sitting right this minute is your fault and the way you react to it all is your fault, too.

So, you want to know why you’re not getting better?

Because you’re not letting yourself get better.

Why Do I keep Getting Sick?

Here’s a little example;

You’re five years old. School is a struggle. Grades are OK, but you’d rather be… anywhere else in the world. It’s hump day, and quite frankly, you’re just not feeling it. You muster up a good sick voice when your mom walks in, and, with some luck, she lets you stay home.

Throughout the day, you get whatever food you want to eat, you watch whatever tv show you want, you sleep when you want, and at the end of the day when you’re “feeling better,” you get to play.

The next time things get a little rough for you at school, you play the same card.

you are making yourself sick

A few months pass, and one of your friends gets mono. She gets to miss almost two weeks of class. Mysteriously, you come down with mono a few weeks later.

Why Do I Keep Getting Hurt?

Example number two:

You go back to school on Monday. Damien busted his ankle in a basketball game over the weekend. Dude’s got a cast all the way up to his knee, so he’s sportin’ some crutches. As soon as he gets out of the car, a throe of students shows up to help. One has his backpack. One has a hand on his back. Two girls promise to take notes for him in class even though he broke his ankle NOT his hand. He’s getting mad love.

A few weeks later, your mom hears a crack when you tumble out of a cartwheel and off to the Dr. you go.

You’re Healing (Not Getting Hurt) Powers Are Buried

Since you now know your life is your fault and the way you feel about it is your fault, I’ll let you take a guess at who buried your healing powers.


Good job. Here you go 🍪.

Now, can you guess what they’re buried under?

I’ll spare the suspense. They are buried under YOUR VERY OWN emotions.

We are emotional beings led to or away from the water well by two very opposing forces: pain and pleasure. We run from pain and toward pleasure.

Wait a second, if that’s the case, then why do I:

  • hurt myself?
  • keep myself small?
  • let others treat me poorly?
  • beat myself up emotionally, mentally, spiritually, socially…?
  • self-sabotage my efforts?
  • overthink everything?
  • talk to myself so negatively?

Because it’s not as simple as that.

It is on paper, in a book. But, unless you’re living la vida loca with Hansel and Gretel, the Three Pigs, or Miss Riding Hood, your life has a few more dimensions.

I like examples, so let’s use one here.

Example #3:

Remember busting your ankle above? Ouch, right?

Ye-aaah, but all the attention, the love, the help from random strangers, people finally paying attention to you. You were more than regular you when you got hurt. You were special.

Add a few more instances, and the attention turns to pity and disdain, but it’s engrained now and look where that slippery slope takes you. Thought a few days off from school would be harmless? Now look at your life in the cube settling for a mediocre life because you programmed it that way.

You programmed pain as your de facto set of living so you could get out of doing things. Oops.

Example #4:

You get invited to your first birthday party, and it’s legit. There’s cake, presents (even for the non birthday kids), music, a jacked up clown… you’re rolling in fun. 

Not usually one of the most popular kids, you’re a little jealous of the attention the other kids get. After the wish and cake cutting, everyone chows down. You get icing all over your lips and chin. The redhead across the table calls you out and everyone laughs. You shovel some more cake in your face and the whole table is rollin’. Food is fun. Food makes people like you.

emotions are keeping you sick

You’ve just programmed yourself into a love-hate relationship with one of the most basic necessities on earth. That’s gonna sting for a while, BUT it doesn’t have to because…

You Can Heal the Past

The emotions you stored/anchored/latched onto and used to dictate the way your life turned out are stored in your body. They are engrained in your everyday behaviors. That sounds scary, but it’s not. Especially when you realize you can locate, connect with, appreciate, move, AND move on from them.

We’ve been led to believe we’re not strong enough, that we need permission to heal. You do not.

The only person’s permission you need to heal is your own. You afford yourself the power to do so by connecting with yourself through muscle testing; connecting with the emotions using ancient Chinese medicine; releasing the emotions with pranayamic breathing; and resetting your path based on your true and conscious intentions with NLP.

Learn more about the Amo Ni system of emotional healing and take your life to the next level TODAY!

How do you get healing powers? They are yours already.

How do you reawaken your healing powers? Amo Ni.

Amo Ni!