A year after guiding a friend through Amo Life, he finally reached the point where he was ready to take complete control of his life. He messaged me the other day with one simple question: how is muscle testing done? As soon as I his messenger profile pop up, I knew he was ready to push into a higher gear.

There are multiple ways to do muscle testing, both on yourself and others.

My favorite way to self-muscle test is to take the index finger and thumb of one hand (resistance hand) and make the OK. Now, take the pinkie finger and thumb of the opposite hand (testing hand) and interlink with the opposite hand so you form links with the fingers. Formulate a yes or no question, and either hold it in your mind or say it aloud. After the question, pull your testing fingers with a generous tug. If the fingers hold, the answer is yes. If the muscles give and the “chain” breaks, your answer is no.

how is muscle testing done

There are many other ways which also include testing a partner which I’ll demo in more detail below.

Self-Muscle Testing Techniques

I’m a much better writer than I am a speaker, but thankfully, I can also use photos, and that’s what you’ll get today rather than a really long explanation of how to muscle test yourself.

Two Rings Test

I covered this in the intro. I’m listing this one first, because this is the method I use.

I started muscle testing this way, and I don’t have a need to incorporate any of the others into my practice. With the two rings method, I use my left hand as the “control” hand. My right hand is my “tester” hand.

  1. make a ring with your thumb and index finger of your control hand
  2. make a ring with your thumb and pinkie finger of your tester hand
  3. ask the question
  4. try to pull your right hand ring out of the left hand ring with moderate force
  5. rings stay together (no breaking) = Yes
  6. rings break = No

two rings test

Don’t try to yank them apart. Go easy. With practice, you’ll find the right pressure.

Part of this process is trusting yourself. That’s the first and one of the biggest revelations you’ll experience as you get more comfortable. The other two benefits are a little further down the page.

One Ring and Pry Method

Out of the self-methods, I like this one the least. I don’t know why. It just doesn’t resonate with me.

That’s another part of this process. Listen to your own voice!!

With this method, you make a ring as with the test hand above. I would use my left hand.

pry apart 1

Insert the index finger and thumb up into the ring and try to “break” or pry apart the ring with the inserted fingers.

pry apart 2

One Ring and Flick Method

I know quite a few people who use this method.

flick test 1

Take the left ring, insert your thumb from the right hand and try to flick apart the ring

flick test 2

One-handed Test

I’ve never used this method.

one hand test 1

Place the middle finger of your dominant hand and place it on top of the extended index finger of the same hand. Try to use the middle finger to push the index finger down.

one hand test 2

Self Arm Test

Extend your dominant arm. 

self arm test 1

Use your other hand to push the extended arm down.

self arm test 2

Partner Muscle Testing Techniques

The most widely known way to do muscle testing on another person is with the subject’s arm extended from the body ninety degrees. This is the way Dr. David Hawkins and his team used.

There are a bunch of ways kinesiologists use muscle testing to check on the body and the various meridians and the organs calling them home.

The person testing places their hand on top of the extended arm at the wrist and pushes down (with moderate force) to test each question.

If the answer is true, the arm stays strong and extended

If the answer is false, the muscle collapses under the pressure and the arm drops.

Do Muscle Testing on Yourself?

That’s what self-muscle testing is for. And you want to start sooner rather than later. 

Not long after you were born you began losing something very important. Honestly, it’s important to the rest of the world, too.

The thing you lost is YOU. You lost the beautiful, innocent little soul who wanted to explore, love, laugh, and enjoy the world around you.

Each day and with each traumatic experience (big and small) you heaved on top of and smothered yourself with, mostly, heavy emotions… emotions causing you pain and discomfort. These emotions caused you to shrink away from others, ball into yourself, and keep yourself small all in the name of keeping you safe.

That’s the subconscious’s job: to keep you safe.

In doing so, it populates our experience of life with jealousy, greed, guilt, shame, anger, worry, anxiety, and also good emotions like joy, happiness and love.

Finding YOU Through Muscle Testing

It took me a couple of weeks before I was comfortable using self-muscle testing. If you use any of the techniques above, I feel confident you can achieve the same results.

There are several VERY BIG benefits to self-muscle testing, and they are all interrelated and intertwined. Once you find the first one, the others fall quickly into place, too.

  1. trust
  2. communication
  3. intuition

(Listed in order of how you will experience them)


Your entire life, you’ve been listening to others. As soon as you were born, your parents got a hold of you and told you what you could and could not do. No matter their parenting style, you first learned limits from them and put their word ahead of yours. Then came school, then work not long after. 

Most people think they can trust themselves, but is that really the case? Do you really trust your own voice?

That’s why it takes time to trust your own body when you start muscle testing.

My first thought when I began this leg of my healing journey: “This is bullsh#t! What am I doing?”

I’d tried everything I could think of and this was the last hope for my relationship. I was also ready to give up on myself, too, so I stuck with it, even on days when I thought it was all a joke. 

Day by day, the test started working.

That’s how trust works, right?

trust yourself

Think about getting your driver’s license. You don’t just get handed the keys to the car and head out on the road. There are a series of steps you need to take.

Muscle testing is the same.

Your body doesn’t hand over the keys to the castle over night. Mine didn’t. Yours won’t either.


Trust opens the door to the communication you have now established with your body. Once that door is open you’re free to work on yourself, to find your own biggest secrets… secrets you (your subconscious to be exact) have been keeping from yourself.

Those secrets are emotional reactions you embodied as a child and now use to gauge how you interpret the world around you as well as the things you say, do, think, feel, and energize as a response to that interpretation.

When the communication opens up, it’s like learning a foreign language.

Imagine waking up one morning and suddenly being able to speak fluent Italian. As you put your feet on the floor, an envelope on the bedside table catches your attention. You open the envelope and find a first-class round-trip ticket to Italy. Not only can you go to one of the most romantic countries on earth, but you can talk to the locals, rent a Vespa, eat pastries, drink wine, and play without limitation.

The communication you establish with your body is an even better experience. 

You now have the keys to the castle. Not just any castle, but something like Hogwarts on steroids. No room is off limits and the professors, the headmaster, and any lingering trolls are at your mercy.


Keeping with the fantasy theme, this is where it (magic) happens.

When your body realizes you are listening, it starts talking to you.

Remember those intuitive “hunches” you got as a kid, to follow your gut, or do something that seemed a little out of character? For many of us, those hunches still come in adulthood, but the volume on the voice has been considerably dimmed. That volume gets louder the more you “talk to” your body. You reinforce the process by listening.

Remember… communication is a two-way street. 

By using muscle testing, you are asking your body questions. The breaks in the rings or whatever method you use is your body talking to you.

Once the subconscious trusts YOU, it begins talking to you through those nudges, hunches, and voices in your head. The more you listen, the stronger that connection gets, completing the circle of the relationship you are re-establishing with yourself through the muscle testing process.

Do Muscle Testing for Others?

Aside from the two person test, you can also muscle test for others.

I use this process when I work with clients.

You have created the separation you experience in your life.

Everything is connected.

If you see otherwise, that is your own doing.

Self-muscle testing and eventually trusting your own voice is the best way to overcome this false way of viewing life. As you become better acquainted with yourself, you become better acquainted with those around you, even those thousands of miles away.

Everything is energy, even our thoughts, words, and yes, our emotions. There is no separation, so you can test for others without touching them.

I can have a Zoom call with a client in California while I am in Taiwan. We can work though their chakras and the emotional experiences they’ve anchored throughout their lives. We can find the areas causing trouble and release them into the void.

To muscle test for others, you only need permission. That comes as easy as asking “May I have permission to work with you today?”

permission to muscle test

When you ask the question, it’s VERY important to muscle test the response.

Consciously, the person may be ready and willing to do the work while the subconscious stands its ground. If you get a “no”, there are ways to coax the subconscious into letting the work begin, but you must be aware if and when that situation arises.

  • Are you ready to uncover your hidden potential?
  • Are you ready to ditch the self-sabotage and find your inner voice?

The Amo Ni emotional release system sets you free of your limiting experience of life and shower your future with love, abundance, and possibility.

Amo Ni!