Most of us in the developed world spend the first part of our lives doing pretty well. We get a couple of square meals a day. People generally like us. We get told what to do, but we handle the ride fairly well… UNTIL later in life you realize the things you thought were normal are not, and now you’re frantically trying to figure out how to get over your childhood because XYZ is holding you back.

Any of that sound familiar?

Getting over your childhood requires getting over the emotions you stored during the first seven to eight years of your life. Society has taught us it takes a lot of talking to someone on a couch, or sitting silently with your eyes closed, trying desperately to talk to no one at all when what you really need to do is TALK TO YOURSELF.

“Sounds creepy.”

Don’t worry. There’s a special tool you can use to save your pride, which is something else you’ll be dealing with along this journey.

how to get over your childhood

When Your Childhood Starts

According to psy-crowd, you spend the first 7 years of your life forming the associations of the people, places, things, situations, emotions, and energy you’ll be dealing with for the rest of your life.

Actually, your program hoarding starts earlier than that.

“How can you get earlier than when you were born?”

You had a heartbeat in the womb, right? Well, guess who manages that heart beat?

You’re very own subconscious.

Not longer after conception, your subconscious starts programming reactions to the outside world.

childhood starts in the womb

“How do we record others reactions?”

With emotions.

Emotions are the code instructing us how to deal with the world.


  • hear Mom’s voice
  • feel safe
  • cue the giggle
  • loving rub on the belly accompanied by adorable mommy voice


  • loud noise
  • get startled
  • heart rate increases
  • yelling man
  • fear


  • moving around in your bubble
  • adorable mommy voice plus low rumble of dad’s voice
  • two voices now loving on you
  • cue the smile and another kick for posterity

Why You Need to Get Over Your Childhood

Not everything that happens in your childhood is something worth holding onto, right?

Remember your first bad grade?

How about your fifth birthday party where dad was late… and drunk and mom…?

childhood emotions

You know why you need to get over XYZ… or do you?

You’re fully aware of the big ones, but your subconscious is on Gatling gun mode for the first 7 + years of your life. Everything that means anything gets a tag.

If the circumstances were right, maybe you got a gold star from your subconscious and a good emotion to match with the actual corresponding stimuli.

But not all the circumstances are “right”.

In fact, many of them are “wrong” which is why we end up:

  • loving people who hurt us
  • thinking good will make people laugh at me
  • believing that alcohol makes people fun-loving
  • knowing that rich people are @ssholes
  • feeling weird when people try to get close to you
  • punishing yourself for feeling pretty
  • starving yourself because don’t feel worthy

…and thousands of other scenarios we cook up based on the emotional experiences we have, embody, and hang onto, creating the world we unintentionally imprison ourselves in.

How To Get Over Your Childhood

You can use crafting, stamp collecting, basketball, the gym, meditation, energy healing, or any other activity that pulls you out of your program and puts you squarely in the moment, then pray for the planets to align enough for you to get a clear, unfettered glimpse of your past, so you can analyze the who, what, when, why, and where in the glimmer of clarity you recieve in that brief moment, or….

Putting sarcasm aside, you could talk to yourself.

Sounds silly, doesn’t it?

Until you understand the mechanics of everything I said previously.

If your subconscious is in the driver’s seat, if it’s the “who” and “why” of things getting stored, it would make pretty good sense to go straight to the source, right?

“But… talk to my… how the hell does that even work?”

talk to your subconscious

Finding the Voice to Talk to Childhood You

Imagine being handed a phone, a special phone, a one-way phone kind of like the Batphone used to contact Commissioner Gordon. Instead of the police chief, your special phone puts you in contact with your body. This phone allows you to establish a direct line of communication between you and the guardian of all your childhood trauma. With this phone, you can recall all the events of your very impressionable childhood. You can find out when the events happened, the emotions you anchored, and where you stored them.

Muscle testing puts you in direct contact with your body and the supreme being governing it, your subconscious. Muscles go weak under false statements. Muscles stay strong under true statements. Dr. David Hawkins help popularize the use of this amazing discovery over his lifetime and showed time after time in front of live audiences the power of the subconscious mind to determine truths and falsehoods.

Dr. Hawkins helped spread the use of muscle testing and shine a light on its effectiveness. It’s our job to take this tool and use it to transform our lives.

Using the Voice to Guide Adult You

Once you are familiar with and comfortable getting yes and now answers using muscles testing, you can find any answer you want… if you know the right questions to ask.

A root clear goes straight for the jugular of any problem. We start by asking, “What’s the first age I anchored emotions to (insert traumatic event)?”

Once we find the age, we use a meridian chart to walk though the areas of the body where you stored the emotions and energy: “Is it (fire, earth, metal, water…)?”

Then, once you know the meridian, you go through the list of emotions associated with that meridian. If, for example, the emotion was stored in the earth meridian in the stomach, you’d start by going through the emotions associated with that organ: “Is it empathy, sympathy, disgust, worry, criticism, etc?”

Then we clear the emotions using meridian release points and the Amo breath.

Why Use the Amo Breath to Help Clear Childhood Trauma

Amo, in Spanish, means “I love.” The breath is a literal and figurative love breath. We use the breath to heal with the sound of the word “Amo” along with the direction and circulation of the energy associated with the breath.

I can describe it, but a better way to see the Amo breath in action is to watch this video:

When you discover your stored emotions, it is a life-changing event. One of the most painful parts is realizing the pain you have experienced is all your fault. You’re the one who hung onto the emotions and you’re the one who’s used that emotion to dictate how various parts of your life have unfolded.

It’s also painful because when the emotions move, you often times feel them. Over the coming days and weeks, you relive the emotions. When that happens, you feel those emotions.

The good part of that emotion moving is the self-awareness now shining a spotlight on your past behaviors. The bad part is the pain.

Change hurts.

  • ever have growing pains as a kid?
  • remember being a teenager?
  • ever broken up with someone?
  • how about a death in the family?

So, yeah. Change hurts.

And the Amo breath helps. It helps soften the blow of the energy moving out of your body “storage bins”.

The Best Time to Get Over Your Childhood

The best time to get over your childhood is NOW!

Imagine being at home. You’re in your room with all your favorite “things”. You’re scrolling thorough your phone and you see pictures of people playing outside. Laughter tickles the panes of your bedroom window. You look up to see some kids playing on the street. One has a skateboard. Another kid has a bike. Two more are under the tree in your yard, taking turns on the tire swing.

You want to join them, but you can’t.

The windows are locked. 

You get up and try the doorknob.

That’s locked, too. You have everything you need inside your bedroom…

But not everything you want.

You want to go outside and join the kids in the street. You want to take turns on the swing. 

trapped by your childhood

When you get over your childhood, you can move past the events and the emotions they sparked.

You get to use the experiences of those events to help guide you. That’s what the self-awareness is for. 

Self-Awareness = Choice.

Choice = Freedom.

How would your life be different if you could casually slide out of the restraints holding you back in life and?

It’d be nice, right?

If you’re interested in a guide, learn how to Amo Ni system can put you on the right path..

Amo Ni!