It seems silly to write an article about how to heal, something your body is already “supposed to do” naturally, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, this is a topic of discussion we need to have.


Because so many of us have forgotten how to do so. We’ve forgotten we are born to heal.

You heal by getting out of your own way, by parking the mind long enough for the body to do its thing. And that can be one of the toughest challenges you ever face because we spend the better part of our lives putting up blocks and crafting reasons why we can’t do things rather than living the abundant life that is our birthright.

“But how can I forget to do something I’m not even in control of?”

Because forgetting is just part of the equation. And just like those x + y = z abominations we learned how to and subsequently forgot how to use in school, there’s more than one variable to equation.

  • You had to learn how to forget
  • Forgetting takes teaching
  • Teaching requires lessons
  • Lessons exist to help or hinder us

“How do lessons hinder us?”

Not all learning is expansive.

Far from it, actually. A lot of the things we learn actually put restraints on the experiences we have while we’re here doing this whole earthly thing.

So many of the shackles are self-imposed. Others get put there by society and the institutions calling it home.

By the end of all this, you’ll understand:

  • when and why you forgot how to heal
  • who’s responsible
  • how to remember
  • where you can be once you do
  • what to do moving forward

how to heal


Good. Let’s get started.

Forgetting the Most Important Thing

As children, most of us have a very strong connection with the world, the people, animals, and even the plants. Our natural curiosity guides us in explorations as we saturate our senses with our surroundings. We put things in our mouths, dig our hands deep in the dirt, roll around in the grass, and let puppies lick us in the face until we’re cry-laughing.

Somewhere along the way that stops.

For some, it happens when they go to school. For others, it’s with abusive (verbally, emotionally, physically) family members. It can happen at church or at the swimming pool during the summer vacation.

trauma swimming

But, bit by bit, the majority of us build walls. We build a little fortress around us which is fortified with the emotional responses we felt with each traumatic experience.

Trauma needs a little definition revamp. It can come from a “typically” traumatic event like a run in with an angry dog, or from crying your eyes out after not getting something you want at a visit to the supermarket with mom. There are different severities of trauma, but each has the potential to cause just as much programming as the other.

As we build those walls, we’re, in a VERY real way, limiting the way we experience the world.

Forgetting Takes Teaching

Without trying to throw shade on Socrates or Confucius, experience is the greatest teacher of all time.

It’s also the harshest.

Actually, the experience is neither good nor bad, it’s your interpretation of that experience which colors it one way or another.

Most would assume trauma exists after going through an illness like cancer, but two different people can have two totally different ways of interpreting their experience with the “tragic” event. One might see it as the end of their life. The other might view it as a blessing and a way to start a new life.

These varying interpretations happen in our little brain and get anchored in our bodies not long after conception… well into our childhood. Each time we experience a person, place, thing, emotion, or energy our subconscious is taking note of the experience. It’s keeping note of the reactions we have. If the reaction fits the bill the first time, your subconscious has no problem running that reaction a second, third, and fourth time.


Why? Not because it’s lazy.

The subconscious is a very efficient entity. Anything it can do to shave time off what it has to focus on the outside helps it do all the things it has to regulate on the inside, including heart rate, lungs pumping, oxygen transportation, viral threats, cellular repair…

A Personal Lesson on Healing

Not long ago, I was watching some videos from the Kneesovertoesguy on Youtube. If you have knees, hip, or any mobility issue I recommend checking him out. His knowledge has helped me change my body, RADICALLY.

In one of his videos, he talks about the importance of the ass-to-grass squat. Most Asians can still do it late into their elder years because of the squat toilets they have over here. If you asked the average westerner to do the same, they’d need assistance from several angles.

The reason that motion is so important is that the body will keep pumping synovial fluid to the knee joint IF you’re using it. When we stop, in the name of efficiency, the body stops

You know that old saying, “Don’t use it, lose it,” right?

It’s similar with traumatic experiences. Your subconscious is just a big labeling machine. It interprets responses then programs them. It does so in the name of efficiency.

The problem is, billions of us are walking around with programs our subconscious installed as a reaction to people, places, things, emotions, and energy that we encountered as children that DO NOT serve us today. In fact, many of those reactions actually hinder us and keep us from living a truly magical life.

When and Why You Forgot How to Heal

You probably pieced this together already… you forgot how to heal when you were a child.

And you did so because of all the baggage you threw on top of who you really are so your subconscious could use your experiences to paint a picture of how it sees the world and what actions it needs to take when you encounter the instances that require the programs it installed to be cued.

Who’s Responsible for Your Big Disconnect

This will undoubtedly be the most bitter pill to swallow so far: IT’S YOUR FAULT!

“What? You’re blaming me?”

In a way, yes. And so should you.

Here’s why:

Since you were a kid, you’ve been running around pointing the finger at others. You’ve pointed the finger at people, places, things, situations, emotions, and everybody else’s’ energy and emotions too. It’s never been your fault. It’s been his, hers, theirs, the dog’s, life’s, society’s, etc. et. etc.

society's fault

Guess what happens when you realize it’s your fault?

You can make changes.

Until that point, you’ll continue…

  • blaming others
  • making excuses
  • pushing aside responsibility
  • being small
  • relaying on addiction
  • using others to cover up your insecurities, and everything else you do to not show up in life.

So, understanding it’s your fault is one of the most empowering things you’ll ever learn. It’s what kickstarts the process. To take that torch and run with you, you require a little extra gas in the tank and that comes in the form of self-awareness.

Remembering How to Heal

This is the part of the process that took me the longest, and now that Ive learned can give you a short-cut near enough to a decade that I have no problem saying that’s how long it took.

Imagine spending ten years of your life on something. They say that’s around the magic number you need to master one subject. There’s still so much to learn, but I know a thing or two about healing. I also know a thing or three about the emotions and turmoil that caused me to need that self-healing journey.

Remembering how to heal, finding yourself, or digging yourself out of the ditch of programmed experiences you used to muddy your view of what life CAN be like takes one key ingredient.

This little ingredient can be found through basket weaving, basketball, swimming, meditating, or sitting on the porch shelling beans with your granny.

The problem is you can spend a lifetime trying to locate it.

It doesn’t come when you ask, and most people have a fleeting idea of what the hell it is in the first place.

The one thing you need to heal is self-awareness.

“That’s it?”

Yep. That’s all you need.

“I’m already self-aware.”

If you were, you wouldn’t be reading this.

If you really knew why you did the things you did, your life would be abundant, happy and meaningful. You’re lost because of all the emotions you’ve stacked on top of the person you THINK you are which is so far from the person you ACTUALLY are that they might as well be two different people.

heal your inner child

What’s Possible Once You Remember

The day you find the person you’ve been burying is the first day of the rest of your life.

Once you find that coveted dose of self-awareness, everything changes. Things change because you know. And knowledge, while the old cliche holds true about it being power, is more than that.

Knowledge is actually choice.

Once you become aware of the things you’ve been doing on an unconscious level, the things that have kept you in an abusive relationship or even being abusive yourself. When you learn the micro- thoughts, words, deeds, emotions AND ENGERY you’ve called to your side to navigate AND CREATE your reality, you then have a choice.

You can continue doing things the same ole way, and, in turn, getting the same ole results… OR, and that’s the biggest f*cking OR you’ve ever seen, YOU CAN CHOOSE DIFFERENTLY.

The day conscious choices filter into your daily living and you CHOOSE to do things differently… that’s the day your life changes. That’s the day you stop being a victim of your own circumstances and start living a life you consciously create.

Where Do I Go From Here?

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