Want to succeed in 2022? It would be nice if we could say stop doing what’s hasn’t worked and double down on what does. But what has worked for you? Most of us are likes dogs chasing their tails. To really know yourself, you need to dig deeper than you’ve ever gone before.

The biggest drawback to CHASING SUCCESS is that most people attach their happiness or satisfaction to that very thing they are chasing… and in doing that, they ruin the journey, never resting or enjoying the sights and sounds as they move along the path.

THE TRUE SECRET OF HOW TO SUCCEED IN 2022 IS THAT SUCCESS LIES WITHIN YOU… not in some exterior goal or motive to chase.

how to succeed in 2022

Once you find the happiness within yourself and you truly enjoy the ride, will you be happy AND SUCCESSFUL without even coming close to your goal, and in that instance, your goal will be the closest to achieving. That’s not to say more effort will not be required, but after that point, no more “work” will be required.

That’s what people mean when they say find something you enjoy, but the truth is, you can enjoy anything you do. That joy you are looking for is the same as the happiness. The joy is IN YOU, hence the word EN-JOY!!

That raises another more important question: How do I find happiness?

As stated before, it’s in you already. Looking for it outside of yourself will have you looking for the rest of your life.

It’s the same with love. You cannot love others until you first learn to love yourself.


You do.

You just forgot… momentarily.

You buried your happiness and love under all the emotions you used to help get you through life to the point where you are now.

“I’m not an emotional person.”

If You’re Human, You Are an Emotional Being

Emotions are the foundation of EACH AND EVERY REACTION you have to the people, places, things, situations, and other people’s emotions/energy you encounter from not long after you’re conceived until around 7 years old.

The subconscious stores your emotions/reactions and cues them when another similar instance happens. A few of those and you have yourself a pattern, not long after that a way of life.

The reason it’s so hard for you to see your way out of the maze YOU create for yourself is because future reactions come from the subconscious, so you’re not even conscious when they happen.

Think about how much of your day is run on autopilot, from getting up, brushing your teeth, driving to work, DOING your work, most of the things you do are routine.

And when you’re running on routine a.k.a. autopilot, you’re in the domain of the subconscious. That means most of your day is spent playing programs whose roots stretch back to when you were a toddler!!! That means the way you feel about money, work, family, sex, food, alcohol, relaxations, play, hobbies… EVERY SINGLE THING IN YOUR WORLD… is dictated by the emotional reaction of a child.

Because you’ve forgotten what it means to be happy, loving, and content with YOU!

Make this your year…

Succeed in 2022

  1. Finding the programmed emotions
  2. Connecting with and loving them
  3. Thanking and releasing them
  4. Stepping onto your new path, a path clear of past influence and full of conscious intentions

I’ve used this same process to clear my addiction to alcohol, drugs, self-mutilation, poverty, and debilitating, negative self-worth that kept me poor, broken, lonely, and hopeless.

The process is called Amo Ni.

Amo, in Spanish, means “I love”. Ni, in Chinese, means “you”. Thus, Amo Ni, means I love you. It’s a blended healing technique incorporating kinesiology, emotional release points, a pranayamic breath, and NLP to get you in front of the mirror finally loving yourself, so all the outside noise falls to the wayside.

Amo Ni worked for me. It’s worked for those who’ve healed under my guidance, and it can work for you.

Success is in you already. Free yourself and watch the magic happen.

Amo Ni!


Want help? Learn how to heal your own emotional trauma TODAY!