Holistic healing is as old as humanity’s curiosity and has spurred growth in the sciences and healing arts for as long as we’ve been on this planet. Today, scientists use DNA snipping tools called CRISPR to ease the symptoms of diseases where roots, leaves, and healthy living used to suffice.

holistic healing

Holistic health and, more specifically, holistic healing is as important today as ever before because a path dominated by modern medicine cuts out the healer.

In every healing endeavor, it’s ever so important to remember YOU ARE THE HEALER!

We do not go to doctors to be healed.

We do not go to “healers” to be healed.

You do the healing.

Everyone else you cross paths with on your holistic healing journey is there to aid in the process.

The current medical environment, dominated by the pharmaceutical industry, has been a slow path toward subservience. We’ve given away our power to people in lab coats who dictate our health or lack of it. You do not need permission to heal, which is exactly how the current system runs.

Using a holistic healing approach, you can start empowering your mind and body while slowly reclaiming some of the “you’re not powerful enough” from those whose intentions have been tainted by the patents, shareholders, financial markets, and the egos driving them all.

What is Holistic Healing?

First, holistic healing is NOT:

  • woo woo bullsh*t
  • about shunning modern medicine (there’s a time and place)
  • reckless and irresponsible
  • one specific modality

Holistic healing means a focus on all the parts of a system rather than just focusing on the direct symptoms reflected on the physical plane.

Holistic Healing is:

  • a comprehensive approach to wellness and healing
  • premeditated and preemptive self-care
  • a banishing of the “patch the leaks” health mentality

What is healing, though?

 to heal (v): to become sound or healthy again

Healing is, therefore, the root of health.

 health (n): the state of being free from illness or injury

So, health is a constant state we aim to remain where the act of healing is primed for achievement of said health.

Said another way:

if the conditions are not optimal for us to heal, our state of health is compromised, right?

Remember: parts of a system… EVERYTHING is connected.

Got it? Don’t worry. I’ll keep reminding you.

A Story of the Modern Age of Medical Care and Healing

I bet this sounds familiar.

You wake up with a stuffy head, pulling yourself through your morning routine as hard as you can so you can reach that coveted mug of coffee to help push you out the door. On your way to work, you grab a fast food breakfast and settle into a fairly miserable morning.

sick day

You ignore discomfort for the day.

The next morning you wake up feverish, sluggish, and with a cough too. You run to the pharmacy, get some over-the-counter medicine, and head to work.

Throughout the day, you’re slugging coffee to stay awake and knocking back the medicine you got every couple of hours because “a little extra can’t hurt”.

The fever breaks that night, but the body aches, tiredness, cough, and sniffles stick around. You pull yourself out of bed the next day and go through the same medicating routine: caffeine to keep you awake, pills to keep your nose from running all over your keyboard.

Someone at work recommends you see a doctor, so you do. You get some “special” medicine this time.

A week later, you’re back to waking up without feeling like you’re gonna die and life goes on.

That’s the current way most of us treat the symptoms.

A Change in Healing Perspective

Earlier I poked the medical community, but that’s not entirely fair. Doctors, whether they are in white coats or loincloths, have tried throughout the ages to take what is reported a.k.a. the symptom and relieve that symptom or pain.

We, as a society, have trusted doctor’s knowledge of the things they mean to heal and have thus surrendered to the belief that they hold the power to our health, whether it’s a crushed up plant or a pill from XYZ Pharmacy.

The problem begins well before the point where we think we need to see the doctor.

The actual symptom is a carefully disguised reflection of things we DID OR DID NOT do that put us in the vulnerable state for that symptom to reveal itself in the first place, which is a very politically correct way of saying, for many sensitive egos out there,: IT’S YOUR FAULT.

I can hear part of you cursing me this very minute. It’s ok if you are.

don't be angry

Anger is a reflection of your boundaries getting pushed, and I’m pretty sure you didn’t start reading this page expecting to be accused of being sick.

Disclaimer: I’m from America, born and bred in a small town on the coast of North Carolina, right in the middle of the bible belt and home to some of the best barbecue in the all 50 states. This is not me pointing the finger. This is me holding the mirror.

There’s no need to sugarcoat things.

There’s a humongous propensity to place blame in the western part of the world, yet most of the time, it gets proportioned in the wrong place. Yes, people and organizations do bad things, and should be held accountable, but how many of the population actually feel that way about themselves?

It’s all fun and games to call others out, but what happens when that pointed finger comes home to rest in its accusatory pose?

And that’s where the conversation and responsibility need to shift:

  • What can I do to take care of myself?
  • What can I do to put my body, mind, and spirit in the optimal state to thrive?
  • What can I do to put my mind, body, and spirit in the optimal state to heal?

By taking responsibility for the way our lives unfold, we stop looking for magic answers because they rarely exist. Embracing this way of thinking welcomes holistic healing naturally into your life.

How often does any of the following happen at the snap of a finger?

  • a successful business or relationship…
  • learning to play a musical instrument…
  • building a new home for your family…

Then why do we expect the same of our health?

Your health, or lack thereof is, barring childhood/hereditary diseases, is a culmination of the practices you perform day in and day out.

A New Story of Holistic Healing

Remember the pill popping story from above? Let’s tweak that and add elements of a holistic healing lifestyle.

You wake up in the morning with a stuffy head. Your feet are dragging the floor. Something (bug, virus, call it what you want) got you. You call into work/message the boss that you’ll be taking the day off.

You get your normal glass of water, but today you warm the water on the stove before pouring it into your favorite mug. You watch the steam rise from the mug as you cup it with both hands and bring the vessel to your lips for a nourishing sip.

Next, you move to the living room where you set yourself up with a warm blanket laying cozily over your shoulders as you prep yourself for some breathing exercises.

After your breathing exercises, you calm your mind even more with a short meditation session to settle the clutter that’s stressed you lately.

holistic healing - meditating

As you adjust your focus from your breath back to the world around you, thoughts of a project you’ve been working on creep back in. The emotions of jealousy and anger accompany your thoughts.

You smile as you “pull out” another tool and begin muscle testing your chakras. One by one, you locate and remove the emotions you’ve hung onto recently. You acknowledge then thank them on the way out as you move your way up the seven energy centers.

With your chakras clear, you get up with your water in hand and head out the back door and into the grass to let mother nature tickle the bottom of your feet. You breathe in the clean air from the trees in your yard and appreciate the beauty of your surroundings.

After soaking up nature’s medicine, you do one more session of breathing before you lie down and let the morning’s extra work fuel your body’s efforts to help you heal.

When you wake up again, you’re already feeling better. Since you’re still not 100%, you opt for a healthy vegetable soup for lunch.

Not long after lunch, the extra love from the warm soup boosts your energy stores enough to log into your workstation and get a few hours of work done from home.

Before bed that night, you use a tuning fork by your bed to energize your body with the universal OM vibration.

The next day, you wake up at your normal time. You begin your day as usual, with your breathing, meditating, and clearing, then you get ready for a normal day at work.

going to work

When you get to work, you thank your boss for understanding about yesterday’s partial absence and get back to work with your co-worker on the project the two of you are tackling.

See the difference with holistic healing?

The modern day medical view puts the blame on the symptom, “You feel bad because….” completely ignoring the way of life you lead adding up to the symptom. Then, to add insult to injury, you give your power away further by telling your mind AND body you’re helpless without the drugs you’re spoonfeeding down your gullet.

The holistic healing approach doesn’t cast blame. It projects responsibility: YOUR REPSONSIBILITY to take care of yourself and heal yourself BY TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF.

Both approaches are loops created by the individual and, more importantly, by the ACTIONS of the individual.

A holistic healing lifestyle is runs an accepting loop (light and high frequency).

The “typical” modern day lifestyle runs an accusatory loop (heavy and low frequency).

Which loop would you prefer living in?

Why Selfishness Helps You Live longer

Before we get into the actual applications of a holistic healing view, I want to highlight what the current state of beliefs does to society and how that trickles down to the individual.

Shiny, new, and wonderful things become the focal point of our universe from the day we’re born.


We are programmed to think that satisfaction comes from meeting outside conditions and collecting material things.

It’s in this way of thinking that the carrot and stick phenomena carries us through life, continually chasing the next shiny new thing, badge, or accomplishment.

My Dad died just after his 70th birthday. My uncle died a year later. Both men worked their asses off and chased the same carrot.

In that chase, MOST people lose sight of what’s important.

They weren’t much different from most, and each year they pushed the day to take care of themselves back a little more.

Time ran out.

Both men, mentors, and friends are dead.

This is not some aberration in societal behavior revealed only in the last two male relatives in my family. Nope. This is the case for most of the civilized world.

And, in my opinion, one of the most selfish acts I can think of.


Give me a second.

Consider the lifestyles of both these men.

  • both put work ahead of everything else
  • both put others before themselves
  • neither exercised like they should
  • neither ate the foods they should
  • both drank too much
  • both ignored repeated health warnings
  • both paid the ultimate price

So, by trying to take care of others and ignoring their own health, their acts, most would call unselfishness, put the nails in their actual coffins.

Had either of them changed their priorities, just a little, their warm bodies would still occupy a seat at Christmas dinner. They’d still be attending spring baseball games, and they’d still be just a phone call away.

They were selfish in that they put their immediate gratification (food, alcohol, and money) before anything else. And in trying to take care of others, thus putting themselves second, they sealed their fate by doing so.

So, yes. It’s bad not to be selfish (a little).

Is Holistic Healing Good?

The more you look into your daily life, the more things you see compromising your health. There’s a balance between letting the ways of the modern world disrupt your routine and living a peaceful life, but if you’re seeking a quiet mind and a healthy body, I trust you can figure it out. And if not, there are plenty of others willing to tell you to stop being so anal 😉

Holistic healing is the application of various tools to improve your overall health, so you live the most abundant life possible.

So, is taking care of yourself good?

Of course, it is. Be selfish (a little), but not anal, and live longer.

Understanding the Basic Principles of Healing

The more we learn about our bodies and the world, the more we realize the interconnectedness of all that is.

Einstein proved decades ago the ubiquitous nature of energy. Energy exists everywhere because EVERYTHING IS ENERGY.


All you can see is energy.

All you cannot is energy, as well.

Yoda proclaimed this truth to a young jedi named Luke Skywalker in his famous speech about the Force. Yogi’s of Asia have been preaching the same truths for thousands of years. It’s unfortunate we needed a space soap opera to drill that point home, but… whatever works, right?

Connecting with that energy doesn’t take flipping through swamps with a pointy-eared, miniature green alien strapped to your back.

It takes a lot less, actually. And you already have the tools to do so.

Over the following sections, we’ll discuss a few different types of work you can incorporate into your holistic healing regimen.

First and foremost:

As I said earlier, you are already a healer.

Please, get that in your head before we even get started. You have the innate capability to heal yourself. If not, you wouldn’t have made it very far after you came kicking and screaming out of your mother’s womb.

Holistic Healing Tools

When first looking at your holistic healing protocol, you need to go all the way back to grade school to review many of the things you learned with crayon in hand.

What are the four things we need to survive?

  1. Food
  2. Water
  3. Air
  4. Shelter or a decent place to sleep/rest

What happens when one of those gets compromised?

  • If we eat bad food, we get sick.
  • If we drink bad water, we get sick.
  • If we breathe bad air, we get sick.
  • If we don’t get proper sleep, we get sick.

That seems elementary, but the problem is we’ve ALL forgotten what GOOD food, water, air, and sleep are like.

holistic healing with fresh food

Food, unfortunately, now includes sugar-loaded snacks passed off as nutritional substitutes and preservative-laden boxes jammed with stuff the average person can’t even pronounce.

Drink? The exact same.

The next time you go inside the gas station to grab a quick drink, look at the wall of beverages. Take an inventory of how much of that is actually water. Then take inventory of how much of what you’re looking at does NOT have sugar.

Do the same thing at the grocery store.

How much real food is actually in the supermarket? I’d guess less than twenty percent of the food in the store is actually real fresh food, and that’s probably a VERY generous assumption.

The first place to start on any holistic journey is in the refrigerator and cabinets of your very own home. If it’s in a sealed can, box, or package, nine times out of ten, you’d be better off tossing it.

Holistic Eating with Ayurveda

We westerners know how to eat. Unfortunately, we know how to eat A LOT of the wrong things.

But being a foodie doesn’t mean you have to be fat, unhealthy, or out of shape.

Take it from one of the oldest cultures on the planet.

In India, they have eating down to a science… literally, and it’s called Ayurveda which translates into the knowledge of life.

Ayurveda is the Indian “science” of eating. Its main tenants are eating foods “in season” meaning you’re always eating fresh, and using the combinations that mesh well with your own body composition, known as doshas.

When you’re lifting weights, you might be told you’re an ectomorph, mesomorph, or endomorph (skinny, bulky, hefty).

In Ayurveda, they use the dosha composition scale (vata, pitta, kapha) to dictate what foods are best for YOUR system.

The western way of eating is more akin to the livestock lining up at the feed trough, while Ayurveda is more carefully aligned with the seasons and the body composition of the individual.

I tried Ayurveda for a full six months in 2020 and loved it. It helped readjust some gut issues I had. I use several of my favorite Ayurveda cookbook for regular revisits to the culinary treats of Ayurveda. My favorite books are:

  1. Eat Feel Fresh: A Contemporary Plant-Based Ayurvedic Cookbook by Sahara Rose Katabi
  2. The Everyday Ayurveda Cookbook by Kate O’Donnell
  3. Ayurveda: The Science of Self Healing by Vasant Lad

Healing Frequencies

In the work that I do, and in the depth that I’ve gone, I’ve come to be quite aware of the energy of everything.



In essence, even that sentence is wrong, because there is no “thing”. All is energy, remember?

Having confused you a little more, let’s focus on what energy is and how it’s stored.

The scientific definition of energy is the ability to do work.

Every”thing’, or maybe more appropriately, every energy in the universe is a force waiting to happen, but while any harnessed and potentially applied work is waiting to… work, the energy is busy being what it is. And it does so by vibrating.

The atoms of the molecules of the blood pumping through your system right now are vibrating at a different frequency than the atoms of the molecules of your fingers as you swipe through the word on the screen, which has molecules also vibrating at different frequencies.

Everything is grooving to its own beat, meaning we are all dancing through a cosmic symphony of the universe’s orchestration. Beautiful, right?

How The Body Works With Those Vibrations

Through the work I do with Amo Ni, I discovered the body is like your old high school hallway. Close your eyes for a minute and think back to those days. Some of you might cringe. Others might get a giddy smile.

No matter the reaction, you get one.

Our bodies are like that hallway littered with lockers, except it doesn’t store old books, love letters, and half completed homework.


Nope. Your body stores emotions. And just like everything you see on the physical plane has a frequency creating its existence, so do the emotions you experience in life.

Remember: Everything is energy.

(Informative three paragraph detour) In my late thirties, I had successfully failed at most every endeavor. I found myself at a crossroads when my body started showing signs of decay because of the amount of alcohol I shoved down my throat. I realized my cowardly attempt to put myself out of my misery would not end in a blissful sleep, but would indeed take much longer and be much more painful given the chosen route.

That was enough to finally rattle my cage. I stopped drinking.

By the way, don’t feel bad if you read that and think it was easy and you’re a loser because you can’t do the same. I failed at trying to quit drinking dozens of times before that. Don’t compare yourself. Smile. You’re in the right place now. I promise.

Molecules of Emotion by Candace Pert is one of the first books that kick-started my healing journey. It’s more biographical than informative, but even the title hints at not only the importance, but the impact of emotions. The day I realized our emotions affect us on a molecular level is the day my search truly began.

Back to the Hallway of Your Body

Now you know your body is a storage system AND you know that the things it stores, emotions which ARE actually energy which have their own vibrational frequency depending on the classification of that energy, GUILT, ANGER, JOY, HATE, LOVE, etc.

Different emotions vibrate at different frequencies. Emotions like guilt, shame, anger, pity, jealousy, etc. have lower/heavier frequencies than the higher/lighter frequencies of love, joy, hope, confidence, etc.

Let’s Start Making Some Connections

What is disease?

If you break the word down into its separate parts (prefix, suffix) you arrive at dis-ease, which means un-ease. Disease is a collection uneasy patterns of vibrations in the body, creating disharmony in the vessel holding them, thus interrupting the normal flow of life in the cells, tissues, and organs of your body.

And how do those unhealthy vibrations get there?


They are the programs YOU stored in reaction to the people, places, things, situations, emotions, AND energy coming from others and your environment.

Here’s a little equation to help put that in perspective.

H=(E x Ra)Rb

Your health (H) equals the emotions (E) you store times the responses (Ra) you cue in reaction (Rb) to the world around you.

You balance that equation whichever way you go up or down the emotional spectrum and with whatever quotient you change within the equation.

Changing your emotion (E) from sad to happy changes your response to a situation. This is the easiest way to affect change (if you know how).

Changing your response (Ra) to an emotion changes your reaction to the world around you. This is a bit more difficult. When emotions get triggered, their programmed responses are usually right on their tail. That’s why arguments escalate so fast.

Changing your reaction (Rb) to the world around you without changing the emotions or responses to the emotions is VERY difficult. I won’t go as far as saying you can’t, but I tried that path for almost 40 years, and I got nowhere fast.

And that’s why it’s so hard to change.

It’s also why when you do change, you often go back to where you were before the change. Ever try to lose weight and gain it back plus some?

Think about it the progression of these events

  1. someone says something mean to you
  2. you get angry
  3. you do something immediately to hurt them in return
  4. an argument breaks out
  5. both parties leave the situation fuming


That’s one of a million possible combinations you could trigger, but I’m sure you notice similarities to your own experiences in life.

The most effective healing modalities I have found go straight to the source. The next couple of sections focus on those that do, ordered in the level of effectiveness I’ve personally experienced.

Energy Healing

Some people call the work that turned my life around energy healing. Others call it emotional healing. Honestly, I think it’s the same thing since we already discussed the whole energy is everything… thing.

I would not be where I am today without this work. Nowhere close.

I always knew I was my biggest enemy. From as early as I can remember, I had this voice in my head which I now know was my subconscious programs of inadequacy littering my life with a toxic level of unworthiness.

That voice constantly jumped on my back and reminded me of EACH AND EVERY failure, no matter the size.

Amo Ni Changed Everything

The work that is now Amo Ni is a combination of healing modalities, including:

  • Kinesiology (muscle testing)
  • The Chinese meridian system
  • Pranayamic breathing
  • Neuro-linguistic programming

Why Muscle Testing Is So Transformative

Imagine going on a trip from New York to Mexico.

Now, imagine you don’t have a smartphone, paper map, or road signs. If you ever paid attention in science class, you’d probably get at least as far as “sun rises in east, sets in west”. From there, I’d imagine north and south would eventually fall in line. If not, you see the dilemma from the start.

Dr. David Hawkins (to date) is one of the only enlightened scientists I know of. He spent the better part of his career espousing the benefits muscle testing to tap into subconscious. Doing so gives you a direct line of communication with the very system you need to talk to for changes to occur AND last once they do.


Of the skills I’ve learned in four and a half decades on this planet, muscle testing is probably the most valuable. I think schools should teach muscle testing to students when they first enter school. Without this skill, I’d never have found the emotions running the programs and patterns keeping me on the tracks of failure, addiction, self-sabotage, self-abuse, and poverty.

Muscle testing is like having Siri or Alexa for your emotional programs. Ask and you shall receive, which leads to the…

Meridian Release Points

The emotions you find with muscle testing can be tagged on the meridians of the body (fire, earth, metal, water, wood, central, governing). Most of the meridians are home to several organs, and in each rest the emotions you want to get rid of.


Yes and no questions using muscle testing take you to the exact age and location/meridian. Each location has its own point of release.

Pranayamic Breathing

When I first discovered this work, the emotional release wrecked me.

The emotions you store in your body have energy, remember? They are energy. So, when you find them, connect with them, and release them, you FEEL them.

Anger? Yeah, that bubbles up.

Sadness? Expect tears.

Guilt? That’s a difficult one.

Through the hundreds of books I read, courses I attended, modalities I tried, I pieced together the Amo breath. Amo, in Spanish, means “I love”, so the breath is a literal loving, healing guide in and of itself.

Sound, which we’ll talk more about later in the sound healing section of the holistic healing guide, is a big part of the Amo breath as well. It helps move the energy up and out, along with your intention and the pranic power of your breath.


Tony Robbins built an empire by using neuro-linguistic programming to help people change. Parts of the same system were used on reality TV shows like the Biggest Loser. Alone, it’s a powerful technique I used to help me quit smoking, however it wasn’t powerful enough to keep me from picking it back up again. Same with drinking and the other self-abuse and self-sabotaging patterns I used to destroy my younger self.

Used in tandem with the other players I just mentioned, NLP supercharges your drive down the path of intention once you knock yourself off the rails of unconscious programming.

Benefits of Energy Healing

Using this system, I can now have a drink if and when I want it. I was a clinically diagnosed alcoholic for over 25 years. Before I stopped, I was at a case a day plus whiskey at night to put me down for the count.

Addiction changes your brain: YES!

You CAN change it back!

The brain is plastic a.k.a changeable. You’re not stuck with the goods you’ve got. Changing it is called neuroplasticity.

brain waves

Dr. Joe Dispenza uses this principle to do just that. He’s had scientist on hand with him for years during his events, recording the changes as they happen.

You cannot cause yourself brain damage and think you’ll be better with a snap of the finger, but you can kick your habits. That’s what your addiction is. It’s a habit, same as brushing your teeth.

You change your brain when you:

  • meditate
  • start a new activity
  • learn a new instrument
  • smoke
  • drink
  • exercise


Remember, you are the healer.

You are not a drug addict, a fat ass, a loser, alcoholic, or any other negative things. You may identify with one of those tags at the moment, but that state DOES NOT define who you are and, more importantly, who YOU CAN BE.

For me, the Amo Ni system is the most effective because it goes straight for the problem: the emotion.

  • find the emotion
  • connect with the emotion
  • release the emotion
  • imagine a new future without the emotion

Ever have a garden?

What’s the protocol for picking weeds?

You gotta get the root, right?

Otherwise, the little sucker pops back up. Energy clearing or emotional clearing yanks the root.

Spiritual Healing

To me, this is not something you learn. I think spiritual healing is something you have to experience.

Spiritual healing happens as a result of you picking the roots/clearing the cobwebs. Some people clear the cobwebs with NLP. Some use crochet. I had to use the most powerful system I’ve ever encountered.

Whatever way you do it, spiritual healing is something you do as you heal. It’s a process that goes hand in hand.

Most of the people I grew up with in America and westerners I’ve met around the world get spoonfed the same religious B.S. : “God is almighty. You suck. Beg for forgiveness. Say you’re sorry, and maybe you can play golf with Arnold Palmer one day.”


Guilt. Shame. Unworthiness.

No, thanks.

My dad gave me a choice in my teens, and I never went back to church. If it works for you… awesome! It didn’t gel with me.

The church changes with the times. It has to. It’s a business.

Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Ghandi, Mother Teresa all preached ONE important UNCHANGING commandment: LOVE!

Four letters is all you need.

And guess where it starts?

You have to love yourself first. You’ll never know what true love is until you can look in the mirror and tell yourself “I Love YOU, damnit!”

How Do I Start Spiritual Healing

Remember what I said earlier about being selfish?

It starts there.

A lot of people go to the gym so they can look good, but then go home and eat microwave dinners.

You are a temple: body, mind, heart, and soul!


  • Ever think about throwing porn in a temple?
  • Would you take whiskey and cocaine to the preacher?
  • How about hate? Would you toil over a pot of that for the Dhali lama?

But How?????

It’s easier said than done, right?

That’s one of the most frustrating parts.

You read what to do. Other people tell you how to do it. You see them do it and wonder:


That’s the frustration, and when you feel it, you know you’re on the right path.

Frustration is you fighting against the programs. That means you’re in the right place. You’re at the doorstep of change.

Trust me. I was there.

I had no idea what I was doing at first, either. Your best bet is to start with the roots, energy healing. After that, the spiritual healing part comes much easier because the programs that keep you from taking care of yourself are gone.

Spiritual healing goes hand in hand with energy healing and when it happens, you start to realize you’re part of something bigger.

The more you pay attention, the quieter your inner voices get. The quieter those pesky voices get, the louder the universe gets, and the more you pay attention to the beautiful world around you.

Sound Healing

Remember our little section earlier about frequencies?

holistic healing - sound healing

That’s what makes sound healing such an amazing choice for healing. I know of one guy who uses music to put people in suggestive states, much like hypnosis, but what I’m talking about goes deeper than that.

The Monochord

Have you ever heard of a monochord bed?

I’ve also heard it called a piano bed. There’s no real standard size, that I’m aware of. I’ve seen them with 30 odd strings and some with more than 50.

It looks like a wooden cot. It’s actually a large box that hums as the practitioner “pulls” the strings underneath while you lie on top.

monochord bed - holistic healing

Not surprisingly, the Germans are some of the most proficient at both building and using this instrument to heal.

If you ever have a change to experience the monochord bed, I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Here’s a video of the monochord bed in action.

Tuning Forks

One of the first people I guided through Amo Ni introduced me to the tuning forks. He knew about my past accidents and the pain I suffered as a repercussion. Halfway through his journey, he showed up to a session with a little felt bag. Healing himself had already reflected in the health of his marriage and the gift represented an extra token of gratitude. That, by the way, is a byproduct of healing. It’s what also makes the Hawaiian practice of Ho’oponopono so powerful.

I opened the bag and took out an OM (136.1) tuning fork.

tuning forks for holistic healing

He proceeded to tell me about a chance encounter at a store a few days before, a store I told him about. The shopkeeper saw him toying with his wrist and asked him to try the tuning fork. He bought it, took it home, and used that evening and the next day. The following day, the pain that had plagued him for months prior disappeared and never came back.

Tuning forks work with, no surprise, frequencies. For more on tuning forks, I really enjoyed John Beaulieu’s book, Human Tuning.

I now have the original OM fork and a C tuned fork. The Om one is for healing and the higher chakras. The C is a lower chakra fork, thus a grounding fork.

If I have a night or two where I don’t sleep well, the next I’ll use the tuning fork. I try to remember to use it all the time, but it seems I usually get a little reminder when I need them.

Side note: While the tuning forks did not help my knee and hip pain, they did help with sleep. If you’d like help with physical pain, I’d recommend the KneesOverToesGuy. His first book is changing my life to a painfree one.

Psychedelics as Part of a Holistic Healing System

Personally, these get my vote hands down, but there’s the whole legal thing behind them. Spending time in jail for awareness is a steep price to pay. Ah, the joys of freedom, right?

If you’ve paid any attention to your Youtube feed over the last couple of years, there’s been no shortage of high-profile actors, celebrities, coaches, and Joe Schmoe Youtubers touting the benefits of their week-long jaunt to Costa Rica or some South American Amazon rainforest village where they drank of the mother tree, puked their guts out, then tripped themself silly, and back sober again with a life lesson to help turn their ship around.

I’ve never done ayahuasca. If the opportunity presented itself, I’d definitely pony up, but it hasn’t.

Having said that, I tried LSD for my first time on a high school bus trip. I fell in love with it then and there. I used the drug quite often in my university days, but alcohol was much more socially acceptable and back then, it was all about fitting in.

I’ve had a similar long run with mushrooms.

In my younger days, trippin’ my way through a concert was the only way to connect with the music.

These days, a cozy setting at home with candles, lights, music, and my partner are all that are needed for returning the work play balance while also giving me a glimpse of something that needs more of my attention.

The most recent experience had me gazing into my wife’s eyes (for who knows how long) then pulling back and literally seeing myself in her. It was just like I was staring at myself with her body. It made me appreciate BOTH of us infinitely more, and I pull that experience up to cherish whenever things get challenging. 

Another time, I’d been working a lot, and the trip helped me slow down. The visual part of psychedelics can be stunning, and this particular time it rained. We sat together on our porch and watched the rain pour for hours, and got to appreciate nearly every drop that fell.

The next day, we slowed our normal drive through the neighborhood and found a wild plant on the mountain to bring home and put in our garden. I drive by the same spot a dozen or so times a week and never saw it. Slowing down helped me see the beauty and bring it home to grow with us.

Your response to psychedelics is determined by your mood and also the baggage you’re carrying to the party. For this reason, I don’t recommend doing them alone. I’d also make sure you have a calm, comfortable place where you can forget about everything and be with you, your partner, or anyone else invited. I’m not one for sharing the experience anymore, but like the rest of this, it’s up to you.

Psychedelics are also, in most parts of the world, illegal, so there’s that whole thing.

Other Forms of Energy Healing

For a detailed review of the following and more energy healing therapies, check out this article on the Amo Ni blog.

CST Healing

Craniosacral Therapy is a touch-based system much like Reiki or Quantum Touch which are also considered forms of energy healing.

Out of the three, I think Reiki is the most common.

My personal experience puts CST at the top of the list.

CST is a scientific-based system where the practitioners undergo rigorous training to understand not only the muscular and skeletal system, but the fascia as well. If you’re not aware (I wasn’t either), the fascia is the connective tissue covering the muscles.

CST - Holistic Healing

Have you ever cut chick breast and wondered what the translucent film over the meat was? That’s fascia.

Every time you get a deep cut or have surgery, that fascia gets damaged. Just like on the outside of the body, the fascia scars. The scars lead to the muscles getting pulled in directions they’re not supposed to, causing problems with alignment.

I was in two separate car crashes where I nearly died. I’ve had cuts and lacerations all over my body. I’ve broken more bones than some people can count, and had years’ worth of stitches and staples.

If you’ve ever had surgery… I CANNOT RECOMMEND CST ENOUGH!

Reiki Healing

The practice called laying of hands is as old as the Bible. In fact, it was old enough to make it in the good book. Reiki uses a similar protocol. The Reiki practitioner is a conduit for energy, using intuition and faith in the reiki system for the energy to do its work.

I’ve had some relaxing experiences with Reiki. Reiki, for me, is more like an energetic massage which i enjoy from time to time.

Quantum Touch Healing

If you’d like to have some fun with energy and actually feel it running through your hands without a full on Reiki course, I recommend the Quantum Touch books, by Richard Gordon.

I had to REALLY get into the breathing with my wife on the massage table, but after a few tries, I could feel the energy pouring out of my hands and into her body. It’s a very humbling and exciting experience.

Holistic Health and Wellness

Remember the food pyramid?

There were like four or five food groups in the pyramid. We were supposed to get a daily allowance of each group for healthy eating.

I have no idea if they still teach with this thing.

In his book, In Defense of Food, Michael Pollan describes the process of how the pyramid got there in the first place, mainly through lobbying by various “groups”. It’s a good read, by the way.

I think half the pyramid is now viewed as toxic, so this may not be the best example, but I’m nearing the end of this beast, and I’m not stopping now 😉

food pyramid

** I wrote this before I found the above image. After I saw the photo, I realized the entire base of the food pyramid can be removed. Look at the junk at the top, too. Funny, right?? **

My point with the pyramid is it’s got a fat base and builds up from there.

Your Pyramid for Holistic Healing

The Foundation:

  • food
  • water
  • air
  • rest

When in doubt, eat real food, and drink real water.

If you don’t know anything about conscious breathing, start with Wim Hof. The dude’s a character, first and foremost. Secondly, he knows what he’s talking about. Read his book or the book about him, or take his course online. I’d recommend the book about him by Scott Carney, What Doesn’t Kill Us. The author is an investigative journalist who makes a living debunking people/systems. He lost the battle trying to prove Wim Hoff wrong.

Also, do that breathing outside. In fact, do more activities outdoors. If you’re in Vienna, Virgina or the surrounding areas, I love Eudora Park, Northside Park, Meadowlark Botanical Gardens, and Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historic Park to name a few. There are dozens more within an hour’s drive.

And finally, rest. Afternoon naps (20 mins) are a great way to power up, if you need it. Too many of us associate naps and sleep with being lazy. I’m not saying sleep all day. You know when you’re tired. Follow your eyelids.

Second Level:

If you’re born with physical or mental challenges, that’s a different story, but if you’re:

  • fighting life…
  • battling addiction…
  • kicking yourself when you’re down…
  • surrounding yourself with the wrong people…
  • perpetuating negativity…
  • hurting and don’t know why…

…it’s time to don your gardening gloves and pull some weeds with energy clearing or emotional clearing.

Once you do… once the programs are gone, you receive a gift. That gift is called self-awareness. That gift of self-awareness can also be called choice.

The awareness exposes the things you ARE doing, saying, thinking, feeling, and energizing to yourself and others. Once the unconscious programs become conscious, you have a CHOICE!!


You can keep doing what you’ve been doing and get the same result ex.

  • keep the weight
  • stay drunk
  • stay with a crappy partner
  • put up with people who put you down
  • hate on people because they’re rich, skinny, etc.

Or, you can choose the opposite. It’s up to you because awareness affords you the opportunity to change.

Level Three of Holistic Healing:

Once you eradicate the programs, you get to choose how your life unfolds. You get to design your own holistic healing protocol.

Treat yourself to monthly CST, Reiki, or acupuncture. Meditate on your back porch every morning (or whenever you feel like it).

Level three is a repeat of the foundation, but on a more consciousness and intentional level, including body, mind, heart, and soul.


Treat your BODY like a temple.

  • worship it with the healing foods and spices of Ayurveda
  • stop eating and drinking so much sugar (this alone is a life changer)
  • pamper it with physical treatments like massages and facials (you too, guys)

Treat your MIND like a temple.

  • educate it with travel and good books
  • protect it from the news, too much TV, and social media

Treat your HEART like a temple.

  • look in the mirror and say, “I love you.”
  • share that love with others
  • use the Amo breath to fill and heal

Treat your SOUL like a temple.

  • be with life, don’t judge it
  • be nice to yourself
  • welcome others in who are where you “used to be”
  • get outside, soak up nature


To take your Holistic Healign journey to the next level, check out the Amo Ni healing system.

Amo Ni!



Holistic Healing For Beginners

Holistic healing and holistic health are primarily about RESPONSIBILITY.

Your healing and health are your responsibility to foster and guard, not someone else’s problem to fix.

Why Is Holistic Health Important?

My father told me when I was a kid, “No man is an island.”

I’m not sure what I thought about it then. I now know it goes much deeper.

Nothing is isolated. Everything is connected.

You don’t just get cancer.

You don’t just develop anxiety.

You don’t just end up divorced.

The little things you do AND don’t do lead to the results you are living.

Holistic health means doing the little things that positively affect the bigger picture while also stopping the little things that negatively affect the bigger picture. To do so, you require self-awareness.

What Does Holistic Care Mean?

Holistic Care is like Thanksgiving dinner. It takes a table full of well planned and executed dishes ALONG WITH all the family members and friends you invite into your home to share the occasion. If any of those ingredients are missing, it’s just dinner.

Going to the doctor is medical care. Going to the acupuncturist is eastern medicine care. Amo Ni is emotional care, etc. Combined with a well-being awareness you have holistic care, a brandless brand of health care assembled to treat your physical, emotional, mental, psychological, and energetic needs as a whole.

How Do I Start Living Holistically?

I began my healing journey to repair the damage I had inflicted upon myself.

I needed that self-abuse, self-sabotage, and negative self-worth to lead me to the work I needed to do to live a better life, a holistically healthy life.

You start living a holistically healthy life when your search for change begins. It may start with a change in diet, a desire to make more money, or to find a romantic partner. Each has its own merit. Together, they create a wave of change in your lifestyle, forcing the awakening process YOU need to become the best version of you.

Living holistically means knowing there is an effect in all that you say, do, think, emote, and energize while doing your best to harmonize them.

What Is A Holistic Lifestyle?

Imagine a life where you ask questions. 

Ponder for a moment how your life would be if you stopped reacting to the things life presents you and, instead, started doing the things YOU felt were in YOUR best interest.

It sounds selfish on the surface. Most are not accustomed to thinking. All of us are programmed (self-programmed) to respond and react rather than thoughtfully engage with life and the people, places, things, energy, and emotions inhabiting it.

A holistic lifestyle changes that. COMPLETELY!

What Are Some Holistic Healing Techniques?

Holistic healing techniques include, but are in no way limited to:

  • Conscious breathing
  • Reiki
  • Exercise
  • Amo Ni
  • Eating healthy
  • Tibetan Bowls
  • Tuning Forks
  • Traditional/Western Medical Care
  • CST
  • Massage
  • Going to the Dentist
  • Getting Enough Rest
  • Being in Nature
  • Getting a Daily Dose of Sunshine
  • Yoga
  • Laughing… YES LAUGHING!!
  • Smiling
  • Being Nice to Others
  • Brushing Your Teeth
  • Being Appreciative/Thankful/Grateful
  • Helping Others
  • Giving Back
  • Meditation
  • Eating Slowly
  • Eating with Others
  • Monochord bed
  • Loving Yourself
  • Loving Others…

And the list goes on!

Get off the labels and get on with taking care of yourself. The day you start doing that is the day you exponentialize the care you can give to others.

Too many people get this backward, but to take care of others, you first must learn to take care of yourself. What does the flight attendant tell you to do if the oxygen masks fall down? PUT YOURS ON FIRST!!!

To help heal others, you first must do the same for yourself.

Amo Ni!


Holistic Healing For Anxiety?

Anxiety, like fear, is a kind of worry about events that have happened or have yet to happen. It takes your focus off the present moment and puts it in a domain where you cannot control. It’s that lack of control, the unknown, and the space you’ve put between where you actually are and where your mind wants to be.

Before I found Amo Ni, I bit my fingernails, drank, and tried to keep myself as busy as possible in an attempt to outrun the anxiety, but that’s the problem. To tame it, we must face it, and that requires being where most of us don’t want to be: the present.

Emotions are driving the anxiety. That’s what makes Amo Ni so powerful in lifting anxiety. Amo Ni finds the emotions you’ve buried and alleviates their hold on you. Breathing, conscious breathing like the Wim Hoff method, also works, but mainly to subdue the anxiety, not get rid of it. Reiki also works in the same manner.

To get rid of anxiety, you need to identify with the root causes. Muscle test to find it. Meridian points and pranayamic breathing to move it. NLP to help move you onto and down a new path. That’s Amo Ni.