Amo Abundance

Amo Abundance is a new approach to an old problem: accumulating wealth.

Cash, jewels, clams, or anything used to purchase things is only a vehicle, yet we associate so many things, quite a lot that are negative, to those coins and paper that we carry around in our wallets.

We stress over it, fight over, worry about it, love it, and hate it. But the funny thing is... it's just money.

The reason you struggle with money is that your programming is keeping it from you.

You are where you are with money because of the programming you installed. Don't beat yourself up, though. Your subconscious did most of the heavy lifting, but, if you're reading this, you're now aware and you can do something with that awareness.

If you want to change your stars and live the life you desire, you have to clear old emotions.

I tried for 45 years.

This is how I did it. And since I tried and banged my head against walls, sidewalks, and moving vehicles, my troubles are now your solutions.

The techniques in this book will change your life if you apply them.

They will clear your path. They'll light your life on fire and help you rid yourself of the burden you've been carrying.

Claim the self-awareness to turn your finances around. Free with the Amo Ni Self-Discovery Course.


Amo Abundance
Amo Family self-awareness book

Amo Form

When you’re spinning out of control, you have every intention of doing the ‘right’ thing, but the ‘wrong’ things keep popping up, leading you down a path you don’t want to go. It’s the path of least resistance.

You’re tired of the fight. That’s exactly what it is, too. It’s a fight: a fight against yourself to do what you think is right, to live a healthy life, to have the energy you should at your age… at any age.

Each time you fail, you lose more self-confidence. Each time you fall back to your old habits, another sliver of what’s left of your happiness reserves spirals to the heavens.

“Why does this happen to me?”

“Why can’t I get control of myself?”

“Why can’t you follow through?”

“Why can’t I stop... (eating, drinking, spending money I don't have) ?”

Amo Form

Are you ready to say goodbye to decades’ worth of emotional pain?

Are you ready to end your frustration with food, drinking, smoking, self-sabotaging?

If you answered yes to both questions, you’re ready for Amo Form, a combination of East meets West, physical/energetic applications to rewrite your emotional programming and heal your addictions.

Take what's yours. Book the Ni SElf-Discovery course and shed the controls today.

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