Amo Ni – New Self-Discovery Healing System

(Next Course Starts Week of January 2, 2023)


Things could be different, right?

You have friends who’ve “figured it out”.

Why can’t you?

If only you knew how.

The Biggest Life Secret You’ll Ever Uncover: 

Healing, whether it’s physically, financially, romantically, socially, karmically… starts with YOU

If you’re…

  • struggling to find your passion
  • fighting for sanity in your relationships
  • tired of the noise
  • lost in a world where you don’t feel comfortable
  • frustrated with life
  • tired of coming up short
  • desperate for change
  • exhausted through addictive tendencies

It’s time to put the focus where it belongs.

What a wonderful experience I had with Bo. I am lighter. Literally, I feel lighter on my feet, in my mind, and heart. I am free of so many old fears. I am open to the future in a way I never thought possible. It’s not just optimism, it’s confidence about dealing with anything that comes up. I need not resort to old tapes. I can be fully present and move forward with a cheerful, fearless attitude. I have been blessed!

Julia Anderson

When You Finally Learn to Love Yourself, Your Capacity to Love Others Expands Exponentially.


You’re sacrificing your health.

By putting others first, you’re stroking your ego with thoughts that you’re being a good partner and taking care of the brood. Yet, by doing so, you’re barely showing up and robbing your loved ones of the person you could become.

Isn’t it time you prioritized YOU?

Hint #1: It’s always time to put yourself first.


Don’t you deserve a change?

Hint #2: You’re already changing. Change is eminent. Start doing it for the better… for YOU!

Isn’t it time you demand better?

Hint #3: You deserve the best life offers.

“I’m so frustrated. I have no idea where to start.”

Hint # 4: The journey to help you lighten the load and get you where you want to go faster is already paved.

My name is Bo Bissett.

I’ve been where you are. I spent nearly 40 years of my life spinning my wheels, drowning myself in drugs and alcohol, rejecting friends, family, relationships, money, and stability because I didn’t “think” I was worthy.

After two car accidents, an NDE (near death experience), enough drugs and alcohol to kill off a small village, three and a half decades of brutal self-sabotage and abuse, it took the scare of losing someone else before I realized what a fool I had been.

It took me another eight years of trying, falling, and failing miserably, until I finally figured out why my life had spiraled out of control.

spiral out of control


You are reading this because…

Emotions “Ruined” Your Life


The NUMBER ONE reason you are failing? E-M-O-T-I-O-N-S!!

Why? Because we’re taught two things about emotions from a young age:

  1. ignore them
  2. bury them




Emotions you anchored as a child are running your life decades years later.

You are where you are because the embodied experiences of a toddler dictate what you say, do, think, and even the energy you generate.

How does that feel? Sucks, right?

I’m not winning any popularity contests here, but guess whose fault it is?

IT’S YOUR FAULT! (but not like you think)

your fault

It feels better once it settles in… because then you can stop pointing the finger and finally own up to the way your life has plateaued and failed to materialize like you intended.

I cried like a baby when I realized decisions I made damned me to financial, romantic, physical, social, occupational, and spiritual purgatory.

The most frustrating part of those decisions??

Not that I was making them, but the fact I wasn’t even aware I was doing so.

You’re not aware of most decisions you make, either. It’s how the human body is wired.


Something Bigger Is At Play!!


Most of the decisions you make happen before you realize it. That’s because your life is routine and when you’re running around in that routine, the subconscious is in FULL CONTROL.

That means most of your life gets dictated by an entity whose job is to order split-second decisions about your external environment. The subconscious records ALL your emotions and reactions, so the next time something similar happens, the response is automatic, requiring zero thought.

The only problem is..


Most of Your Initial Emotional Reactions Don’t Match the Response Needed for an Abundant Life!


Which is why you associate:

  • pain with love
  • poverty with life
  • abundance with snobs
  • food with comfort
  • relationships with difficulty, jealousy, judgement, guilts, shame, etc. etc. etc.


broken heart


Are you frustrated with your life and your relationships?

If not, this work is not for you.


Are you tired of fighting yourself?

If you’re ok with the struggle, stop reading now.


Have you reached your “limit” of the sh*t you’re willing to take?

If you still have gas left in the tank of self-sabotage, keep pushing the pedal past this page.


This Work Is Only For Women Interested in Irrevocable Change


It took me blowing past my limit and crashing through borrowed time before all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place.

That’s when Amo Ni changed my life, lifting the veil of self-sabotage I needed to see the person I had become and the self-awareness necessary to choose a different path.


Amo Ni Profile


The answers to the questions you’ve been searching for sit on the other side of each Amo Ni session.


How to find and embrace the answers to life’s biggest questions:

  • Throughout your 8 week journey (up to two hours each session), I will help you re-move the emotions you’ve attached to love and hate, shame and pride, anxiety, confidence, peace and the self-imposed distance you’ve created between you and your true self.
  • We’ll remove the emotions, the energetic scars (heavier emotional energy), AND the bio-chemical energetic responses (a karmic energy I discovered) you use to create your reality.
  • Once free of this baggage, you own the choice and the vision to see your intentions through, giving you a rush of energy and lust for life like you’ve never experienced.


How to fall in love with YOU:

  • At some point during this work, you’ll look in the mirror and utter the most divine words you’ve ever heard: your own voice saying “I LOVE YOU!(Fall in love with YOU or ALL your money back).


How to feel safe and secure:

  • In your second session, we’ll pull the weeds attached to fear, a future based emotion.
  • We’ll also go back and cut the ties of the past, so each step you take you’re firmly rooted in the present, giving you a strong foundation to build on in the NOW!
  • With your focus on the present, you’ll feel more safe and secure in who you are, and where you’re going.


How to let go of the deadly emotions of anger, rage, and fury:

  • When others push your boundaries, you push back. That friction causes anger which, left unchecked, can literally kill you.
  • In your third Amo Ni session, you’ll let go of the emotions you’re holding onto that are keeping you angry. We’ll also combat two carnal and ethereal emotions of the ego. Once we remove these lower vibration energies from your body, imagine all the energy you’ll possess to create the life of your dreams.


How to restore hope in yourself AND your life:

  • Belief. How long has it been since you’ve held a glimmer of that for yourself and your future?
  • After we slay the demons hanging onto your past and future, you’ll be able to build a new vision of what the future looks like for you on top of the love and acceptance we clear in the fourth session.


How to remove anxiety instantly:

  • When I first implemented the principles of Amo Ni, the emotions I buried came rushing out like water from a broken dam. Anxiety was one of the biggest. Anxiety is based on worry, which is another future-based emotion.
  • In the fifth session, I’ll teach to use the departing emotions like surfboards so you can ride the wave rather than get pulled under the emotional rush, leaving you with a feeling of conquest and confidence.


How to achieve your dreams ON YOUR OWN:

  • Learn how to trust yourself. In your sixth session, we’ll banish the emotional baggage you’ve attached to trust and your personal truth, so you can finally rely on yourself.
  • Imagine not needing anyone else, but inviting them into your life as a complement to yours.


How to enter life’s flow:

  • To some, the flow is as mythical as the fountain of youth. That’s because everyone you know is walking around running thousands of programs “telling” them exactly what to do, say, think, and feel.
  • The seventh session removes the programs you’ve used to separate you from your true self, reboots your hard drive, and sends you out into the river of life with a set of oars… AND a gas powered motor 😉

enter life's flow

How to skyrocket your own self-worth:

  • Buried under the emotions you’ve used to determine the outcome of your life is your worth. You’ve shoveled shame, guilt, sympathy, sadness, anxiety, and so many others on top of the innocence of your soul. Once removed, a love for yourself… so pure and untarnished emerges. Imagine a life where you know you’re worthy of the feelings, thoughts, and things you manifest into your life..


How to fix your problems (faster than you ever imagined):

  • Your problems exist because of the unconscious things you say, do, think, and feel. When the programs are gone, we rewire your system so you can choose new, loving, joyful, and positive actions. You’ll feel powerful, knowing you can control how you feel RIGHT NOW, and the decisions you make that propel you forward.


How to search for and obliterate your limiting beliefs:

  • Using the Amo Ni system, we’ll discover the emotions at the exact instance in your past where you programmed them, then we release the troubled past so you don’t have to sit cross-legged on a yoga mat for years, “hoping” something might happen. Freedom never felt so good.


How to attract people you deserve AND who deserve YOU:

  • The people in your life reflect the way you think and feel about yourself. Once we delete the limiting emotions and you reframe the beliefs those emotions conjure up, EVERYTHING in your life changes, reflecting the new you emerging from the rubble we’ve chiseled away. You look different because you are different, and that’s enough to say, “I love you”.


How to discover what you truly want:

  • Ever wondered why you haven’t found your “passion”? Why others seem to enjoy their work, but you’re stuck in a job that’s sucking the life out of you?
  • It’s hard to know what you want when trauma clouds your true desires. The trauma can’t hide anymore because Amo Ni goes straight to the body, finds, and releases the restraints you’ve chained to your dreams, so the things you intend to manifest no longer go against your programming, moving you from frustration to freedom.


How to absolve your issues with MONEY:

  • Family, Money, and Romantic Love… the trifecta of traumatic experiences most of us experience before we know what any of them are. No matter what economic class you’ve grown up in, you’re carrying blocks around money, keeping you from achieving your abundance potential. Once removed, you’ll open yourself up to a healthy relationship with one of the biggest carriers of emotional dead weight.

money problems

How to know your decisions are in your best interest:

  • You don’t know who you are. How could you? Your subconscious pieced you together based on your experiences, then used the emotional responses to those experiences like puppet strings to dictate how your life unfolded. It doesn’t seem fair. Isn’t that what your parents told you?
  • As we sever those ties, you uncover who you really are and what you really want. Somewhere underneath is a blossoming soul, shaped by the experiences of the past, ready to cast the chains aside.
  • You’ll shock yourself at how loud your inner mother wolf howls once the full moon rises and shines on the reawakened YOU.


How to accept things for how they are:

  • When you come to grips with the fact that the pain you suffered has helped shaped the person you are today… AND when you learn to love that person for their gift and their faults, you’ll fall into the beautiful present moment where things are as they are based on the universe each of us has created.
  • When you see yourself as a creator, you become the most powerful version of YOU!


How to make changes IMMEDIATELY:

  • The Amo Ni process offers an immediate release of limiting emotions. Throughout your course, you’ll learn to use and master this technique, which you can take with you to help your friends, family, and loved ones. That is the true power of love.


How to remove judgement and spite:

  • We judge others based on the things we do not like about ourselves. It becomes so much harder to judge others if you love yourself. Sit with that for a minute and smile.


How to capitalize on your mistakes:

  • As you pass through the first seven sessions of Amo Ni, you’ll wash yourself of the past you smeared onto who you think you are. With the emotions of the experiences gone, you’re free to view your life as a series of lessons, not a book of commandments damning your existence.
  • When you no longer define yourself by your failures, but by the person who emerged on the other end, your entire life perspective changes and you feel better than you’ve ever felt.


How to breathe with conviction:

  • The Amo breath is a literal breath of love. Once you learn this… need I say more?


How to love others:

  • Once you learn to love yourself, you cannot help but love others. You’ll come to understand their human experience as you now fully understand and appreciate your own.


8 Weeks of Clearing = 16 Hours to a New You


Week One – Demolish expectations, those of yourself and others.

After we level your expectations, we dive into the first chakra for the emotions you’ve anchored and used to determine your self-worth.


Week Two – We will wipe away your attachment to the past, yank away your infatuation with the future, and break the bonds keeping you frozen in the present moment, so your creative life force may flow again, ushering in lightness into your daily movement.


Week Three – We will claim your inner power by eradicating the low vibration energies associated with anger and the ego’s grip on what you “think” you want and how it cherishes those desires, re-establishing conscious control of your intentions to YOU!


Week Four – Extraction of the emotional baggage keeping your heart constricted. Once the heart is open, you’ll begin experiencing what it means to love YOU, and in the process, share your newfound lust for life with others.


Week Five – Eradicate the attachments keeping your inner voice from transmitting your dearest intentions out into the world. After the fifth session, you’ll notice a renewed joy in how you interact with others as they appreciate the new you crashing the party.


Week Six – What’s your vision for how your life should be? How would you like the rest of it to unfold? Before week six, you don’t know because your vision is clouded by the mismanaged emotions of a child. After week six, you’ll stomp on the tinted shades you’ve used to color the world, then embrace your role in this body with a renewed perspective.


Week Seven – When’s the last time you really felt connected to a person, place, thing, or even an idea? It’s been a long time, right? Week seven reconnects you with yourself and the world around you, including the people, places, and things you’ve closed off from your whimpering spark. After we cast away the dead weight dampening your light, a breath of relief floods in, fanning the flame of your existence and reigniting your passion for living and whatever comes next.


Week Eight – “The Tweak”: cleaning up any recurring themes (physical or emotional) found in weeks one through seven. Similar to the hairstylist sweeping off your neck and shoulders, this final showdown between you and the lingering bits of your past ends with a road free from debris and full of new potential.


Bonus #1 Week Nine: “The Ego Clear”. Do you know who you are? Despite the seven sessions of clearing prior to the Ego clear, the subconscious still clutches onto an idea of who it is and what roles that identity plays in your every decision. During this final session, you’ll find out who the subconscious thinks it is. Afterward, you’ll own the decision of how YOU define YOURSELF (Value $999).


Bonus #2 – An extra weekly chakra cleansing to sweep away any emotional residue. Plus, live one-on-one chat in the exclusive Amo Ni Discord server for any troubling emotional movements (Value $3,499).


Bonus #3 – One-year access to the Amo Ni Emotional Release Mastermind Group with continued learning and updates from Bo, as well as other students who are taking this work and pushing it to the next level. Together we learn. Together we grow. Together we prosper… emotionally, socially, physically, financially, psychologically, and spiritually (Value $9,999).


Bonus #4 – the Amo Ni emotional release video course where you’ll learn how to implement the Amo Ni system on your own. This work should not be kept a secret. With this video course, you’ll be passing the torch of this knowledge, using Amo Ni to heal your family, friends, and loved ones (Value $2,999).


Amo Ni Emotional Clearing Course


Bonus #5 – The Amo Abundance protocol destroys the emotions and limiting beliefs you have around money. The toxic framework you’ve created for how money is “supposed to” flow into your life comes crashing down with this protocol. A subconscious retooling will awaken you to beliefs you weren’t aware of so you can ditch them for a NEW abundant mindset (Value $3,999).


Self-Awareness Solution to Abundance


Bonus #6 – The Amo Form guide helped me beat addiction to drugs and alcohol. I used the same system to help my wife rid her food addiction. Addiction is the search for happiness outside of ourselves. We’ll clear the majority of that in the main course, but for any remaining issues, the Amo Form protocol puts you in complete control, never to be a slave again to addictive tendencies (Value $3,999).


self-awareness solution to addiction


Bonus #7 – I designed Amo Movement for those with physical self-sabotaging behavior. I used to think I was injury prone, but after dozens of broken bones, hundreds of staples and stitches, staph infections (yes, multiple), and a once broken down body, I’ve reclaimed a youthful vigor and the health to match. When you run through the Amo Movement program, you’ll readjust what it means to be in your physical body and enjoy the benefits of a new lease on life (Value $3,999).


Self-Awareness Solution to Pain


Bonus #8 – When my wife and met, it was fireworks. Those same fireworks that marked the joy we shared in our good times turned into warning flares when things turned south. Amo Harmony is the same guide I used to remove my the reactive anger I channeled when I felt threatened in my relationship. When you run through the Amo Harmony program, you’ll readjust what it means to live in a happy, healthy, romantic relationship. (Value $3,999).


Amo Harmony


Bonus #9 – Who has the biggest influence on the way you view the world and react to everything in it? For most of us, it’s our family. Amo Family gets to the core of who you are and how you react to others by deconstructing the very first relationships you established and healing them once and for all. After running through the Amo Family program, you’ll enjoy a newfound relationship with your family, both the one you grew up with and the one you’re raising today. (Value $3,999).


Amo Family


Bonus #10 – Amo Evolution is the next level in emotional clearing. The clearing we do is so precise and so detailed and the results come so fast, you’ll be hungry to take it to the next level. Amo Evolution is that next level, a protocol designed to attack the very animal instincts we’ve ALL programmed from the beginning of our existence to the advanced being you’ve become today. This system is based on Dr. David Hawkin’s insights into the evolution of human consciousness as an enlightened psychologist and my translation of that work adapted to the Amo Ni clearing system (Value $3,999).


Amo Evolution


Bonus #11 – Once you’ve applied the tools to your own life, and you can demonstrate your proficiency in doing so, you’re invited to sit with me and show me what you’ve learned in healing yourself, so you can help others through their Amo Ni journey. I’m recruiting Amo Ni graduates to return and help with Chakra clears (initially) then guiding full sessions of the Amo Ni system. Starting rate $100 per hour. At only two hours a week, you’d make enough for a very nice vacation at the end of a year (Value $10,400/yr).


help others


Bonus #12 – Amo Ni Guarantee is the love guarantee. You’ll not only experience life-changing results, but will finally fall in love with the person you see in the mirror during the course of this program, or I’ll keep working with you until you do, or…


Love Guarantee


$51,580 in extra courses and support to complete transform your life for..


$5,999 for the Nine-Week Course

There’s no button to buy.

You are here because you are ready… or, you are not.

What you see is what you get.

This is not an impulse buy, nor is it for those “thinking about making some changes”.

Click the “Apply Today” button below to begin your healing journey.


WARNING: This program awakens your self-awareness to the unconscious programs sabotaging your success in ALL endeavors. If you are not ready to accept responsibility for where you are, so you can consciously affect drastic changes in your life, Amo Ni is not for you.