How much impact do your thoughts have on your day-to-day living? Your thoughts are the difference between a life of struggle and one of prosperity. Use Amo Ni to stop negative thoughts you’ve had for years and get your life moving toward your dreams.

stop negative thoughts

First, the kinda-sorta-obvious: Those thoughts are YOURS, which means their manifestation, negative or positive, is on YOU!! (how to fix them in a minute)

“What? You #&#^%$”

Wait a sec. There’s a VERY thick silver lining in the first statement.

Once you admit you own those thoughts, you FINALLY have the power to change them. Up until the point you admit it’s on you, you look for/project blame, OR ACCEPT THINGS for the way they are. You might catch yourself saying, ‘I’m just a bad person.” or “I’m not good enough.” or “I’m such an idiot.” maybe “Everything I do is wrong.”

And what do all of those things have in common?

They compound the problem, adding more negativity to the wet blanket you’ve buried yourself under since you were a child.

Yes. That’s where it started, right?

It may have manifested as hate, anger, guilt, shame, worry, or any heavy emotion you used to reinforce the feelings of inadequacy you had as a child.

Mine was anger. Then hate.

It started with a toxic level of negative self-worth. I know because I found it… along with all the other emotions (plus some) I mentioned above.

“So how the heck did those nasty emotions get there?”

How the Negative Thinking Started

Like I said, you put ’em there.

“Why would I do that?”

You didn’t.

“Say what? Now, I’m confused.”


Why would you want to hurt yourself?

Why would you want to belittle yourself?

Why would you deliberately talk to yourself in ways that keep you from experiencing the monumental amount of love and joy there is to feel in the world?

Consciously… YOU WOULD NOT!

Which leaves us to the real culprit: YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS!

History of Your Negative Thoughts

Not long after conception, little ole you begins embodying emotions/energy you experience in your field of influence to people, places, things, situations, and other people’s emotions/energy. Your subconscious programs your reactions, so the next time you experience a similar instance, it can run the program and keep its attention on more important things (like keeping you alive).

See, the subconscious is in charge of all the behind-the-scenes stuff going on in your body that would make your head explode if you tried to manage, like your heart rate, breathing, cellular regeneration, hormones, viral response, etc.

Anything outside is a nuisance, so the response gets programmed, played again in similar instances, and finally patterned, giving you a rut you’re stuck in, if you’re like most people, for the rest of your life.

Negative Thoughts Lead to Abuse.. of YOU!

That’s why the things you try to stop beating yourself up don’t work. That’s also why you turn to food, drugs, alcohol, or sex. You’re not happy on the inside, so you look for ways to be that way on the outside.

That’s the foundation of addiction. When you boil down to its basic form, it’s about looking for happiness outside of yourself.

If you’re constantly beating yourself up, that means the inside is not a happy place. And if you’re looking for that happiness outside of yourself, that’s why you’ll NEVER BE HAPPY no matter how much money you make, friends you have, sex you have, alcohol you drink, drugs you take, or food you eat.

“This isn’t very good news!”

You can now stop focusing on the why’s.



Good job! Now it’s time to focus on the HOW’S!

Don’t just stop negative thoughts. I can show you how to pull them out at the root, so they stop popping up altogether.

I spent the first four decades of my life doing exactly what you’re going through.

My own negative thoughts cost me opportunities in school and in sports. Soon it boiled into anger and frustration, which led to drugs and alcohol. In university, I started pushing people away until I left the country in my mid-twenties. I left a six-figure job and demoted myself to making a fifth of that teaching English overseas. I drowned myself with alcohol, never held a steady relationship, and suffered multiple accidents that nearly ended my life. I didn’t actually care until the alcohol abuse started showing signs of actually doing what I had been trying to do for so long.

That was my wake up call.

I spent the next ten years looking for, and in the company of my, now, wife finally found the answers.

My Recipe to Stop Negative Thoughts:

  1. Kinesiology (muscle testing) to find the emotions
  2. Emotional release points ( to move the emotions)
  3. A pranayamic breath -the Love breath (to soften the blow)
  4. NLP – to help move onto a new path of intention

Muscle testing opens a direct line of communication between you and your body, a.k.a. the subconscious, which is where the emotions you need to get rid of are stored.

Once that line of communication is established, you can start trusting yourself again. This process also explodes your intuitive awareness since you start listening to the person (YOU) who you’ve been trying to keep quiet for so long.

I call this process Amo Ni. Amo in Spanish means ‘I love”. Ni in Chinese, means “you”. So Amo Ni means I love you. It’s a multi-disciplinary process that puts you in front of the mirror and helps you confidently and lovingly say those three little words… I LOVE YOU!!

Find the emotions, clear them, and move on with your life without the chains of your old emotions.

One of the most uplifting things you’ll learn is that you can let go of the choices the child version of you decided to embody. Those emotions helped shape who you are today, but they are not serving you any longer.

Let go. Claim your freedom.

This process worked for me. I feel confident it can work for you.

I have a free breathing course to teach you how to perform the most powerful breath I’ve ever discovered, called the Amo Breath. This breath alone does A LOT of the heavy lifting of emotional release.

Amo Ni!

Need my help? Learn more about the Amo Ni emotional release system.