How to Stop Overeating NOW!

Why can’t you stop overeating?

Why can’t you find a diet that works?

Why can’t you commit to losing weight and follow through?

You’ve been pointing the finger in the wrong direction.

If you’re not ready to face the facts, STOP READING NOW, and go back to what you were doing.

Of All the Diets of the Last 50 years, Which One Really Works?

(Brace Yourself!)

Keto works.

Atkins works.

Becoming vegan works.

Weight Watchers works.

The Mediterranean diet works.

O.M.A.D works.

Fasting Works.

The Purge works.

So the question is…

Why Are You Still Looking The Solution to Stop Overeating?

 Why do you keep bouncing up and down the scale, trying all these different diets “that work” looking for the magic one that helps you stop overeating?

You can look until your last breath, but you’ll never get off the treadmill, chasing that elusive carrot until you heal your RELATIONSHIP with food.


The diet, food, exercise, and pharmaceutical industries all know this!


None of these industries wants you to be healthy. There’s no money in it for them in your health. You’re more of an asset as a problem to be fixed… again and again. They know, and they bank on the fact, you’ll never stop overeating. And the next time you want to get back on the diet wagon, you’ll bring a friend. After that, it’s your family.

Question: If you have a problem with your partner, where do you look?

Do you look under the hood of the car?

If they’re a mechanic, and they’re always working late, then logic says, “Yes.”

Honestly, though.

If there’s a problem with your marriage: you start with your own emotions first. No? Start thinking that way, and you’re own your way to a stronger bond

Are you overreacting?

…jumping to conclusions?

…thinking too much?

Each of these is based on your own reaction to the situation/circumstances.

And What’s the Fuel for Any and EVERY Reaction?

Yep! You guessed it: Emotions.

Which brings us to….

The Number One Reason You Can’t Stop Overeating:

(starting in alphabetical order)

The number one reason you overeat is… (drum roll)

1. Acceptance

I know you’re scratching your head right now.

You’re thinking,: “Bo, acceptance is definitely not a problem. I have no problem accepting food in my life.”

But it’s not the food that needs accepting.

It’s you that you’re having problem accepting.

I know you’re scratching your head again, thinking “That can’t be right. If I’m having a problem accepting myself, why on Earth would I treat eat the way I do. I know what I’m doing wrong. That’s not my problem.”

That would be the right line of thinking if you were in control…

But you’re not in control, remember?

What’s the fuel for any reaction?

EMOTIONS are the Fuel for Any and EVERY Reaction.


And attached to those emotions are events that happened somewhere in your childhood where your subconscious said, “That hurt, but food made it better.”


It said, “That felt good and food was there to help.”

If you’re still looking for a weight loss solution….

If you’re still looking for ways to stop overeating…


You’ve Been Looking in All the Wrong Places!


“I’m so flippin’ frustrated! I’ve looked everywhere. I’ve tried everything. How do I stop overeating?”

I know.  I hear you.

I was there, too.

When you ‘know’, like REALLY REALLY KNOW deep inside of you that you’ve looked everywhere…

And you’re ready to throw in the towel…

That only leaves one last place to look.

Inside YOU!!

The answers are buried deep.

Way past where you’d ever think to look.

“Why the heck are there?”

Your subconscious put them there so you wouldn’t find them.

It put them there so you’d be sure to keep repeating the same patterns that helped trigger the need to binge, the desire to punish yourself, or the guilty pleasure of doing something you weren’t “supposed” to do.

You did that decades ago based on a split-second decision to an external event, another person’s emotion or energy, or an internal reaction to any of the aforementioned because it made you feel good, or it ‘kept you safe’.

And it’s been hurting you ever since.

(in the name of keeping you safe)

“Why Would My Subconscious Hurt Me to Keep Me Safe?”


Picture this:

You’re two years old. You’re hungry.

Mom has the keys, so driving to the store for your liquid calcium fix is not in the cards.

Naturally, you cry.

No one answers.

You amp it up a bit to a healthy scream.

Still nothing.

You pound your fragile hands against the side of the crib.

A minute later, your mother walks in, picks you up, and begins feeding you.

What started as a healthy cry for food gets logged into your subconscious as “if I need attention, I must hurt myself”.

Years later, you get attention for getting food on your face at a birthday party. Everyone laughs and you feel good.

Overeating = Attention.

That event reinforces the pattern and you’re off the rails without a clue to why you are.

It can start that way or in any of a million other combinations, but EMOTIONS like those get stored and reinforced by the thousands from the time of conception throughout our childhood.

Those programs influence EVERY single aspect of our lives, from the food we eat and how much of it we eat, to the clothes we wear, and the partners we select.


“Then I’m not really free, am I?”

When the past is in control, YOU’LL NEVER STOP OVEREATING.


When the programmed emotions are no longer running the show, you can finally make decisions of your own, decisions that are truly in your best interest, and not in servitude to the decades old knee-jerk reactions from your subconscious..


Freedom from dieting is available to YOU!

Freedom from overeating is an option for YOU!!


A healthy relationship with food is available to YOU!!!


Freedom from the chains of overeating is available to everyone who takes conscious control of their lives and boots the subconscious from the driver’s seat. That happens through self-awareness, a state you’ll achieve with Amo Ni.

Thank your subconscious for keeping you alive this long. Now kindly ask it to keep your heart beating, your body full of air, and the rest of the internal stuff moving while you handle business on the outside.

How much of a boss would you feel like if you pushed away from the table with food still on the plate because you were full?

Describe the look on your friends’ faces if you picked up the plate and licked it because you wanted to enjoy every last drop all the while your belt stayed in the same notch.

Lasting change in any area of your life, including overeating, drinking, self-abuse, self-sabotage and any other reckless behavior will ALWAYS begin with your relationship to that thing and, specifically, to the emotions you’ve tied to that relationship including (the rest of the top 20)…

  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Arousal
  • Arrogance
  • Assimilation
  • Balance
  • Bitterness
  • Boredom
  • Brooding
  • Buoyancy
  • Carelessness
  • Caring
  • Caution
  • Cheerfulness
  • Choice
  • Compassion
  • Confidence
  • Confidence
  • Consideration
  • Contempt
  • Creative insecurity
  • Creativity

And Here’s the Most Powerful Part of All…


If you can change your relationship with overeating and achieve your ideal/healthy weight by removing limiting emotions….

Guess what?

You can change your relationship with any and every aspect of life you want to raise to the next level.

Want more money?

“Yes, please.”

A happier marriage?

“Sign me up!”

Better sex life?

“Uh, duh!”

A warmer relationship with your kids?

“OMG! Really?!”

How about changing jobs, or better yet… starting your own business?

“Be my own C.E.O.?”

Stop drinking?


If You Fix One, You Can Fix Them All!


A healthy relationship with food is available.

And, more importantly, a healthy relationship with life is achievable.

Not while you’re on this diet or that…


With Bo’s help, I was able to let go and start building a “new” me. He was dedicated to seeing me through this. He dug deeper and deeper into the corners, nooks and crevices of my emotional blockages. He would test every angle to the most minute detail to make sure we took care of everything. His precision was surgeon-like. He knew where he was going to make the cut and he went for it.

Linda Wu

Amo Form Healer

stop overeating

Through Bo’s guidance, I saw that the options I could give myself were: “Happiness does not waste my time,” and “I can make money while being happy.” He helped me see that there are other opportunities to try and explore.

Prem Shanti

Amo Ni Healer

Can You Pick Out the Healer in the Photo Below?

Photo by Owen Cannon on Unsplash

Every single one of those people is a healer.

And So Are YOU!!!

How Would You Feel Knowing YOU HEALED YOURSELF From Overeating?

(Save the Suspense, Right?)


I know because I healed myself.

And after that, I helped my wife do the same.

We are all healers.

The sad part is some people have stolen that from us.

The biggest travesty of the last century has been the development and growth of the pharmaceutical industry.

Modern Day or western medicine has taken our power away. It’s robbed us of our confidence, of our belief that healing is possible on our own.

It’s made most of the developed world dependent on their capsules, creams, and injections.

There is a time and place for each of those, but they do not belong in our daily lives, yet the pharmaceutical industry want’s you to believe that you can’t do it on your own, that you need their little purple, pink or yellow pill to get through the day, to beat your depression, to lose those extra pounds, or to have a pleasurable and intimate relationship with your spouse. If that’s the case, how did we make it this far as a species… thousands and thousands of years without their innovations.

The biggest disservice has not been in the creation or sales of medicine, but in their marketing message telling the world they you can’t do it without their “juice”..

Our bodies are completely capable of doing the healing work on its own (up to a certain point), which means that each and every one of us is indeed a healer.

I’ve personally been stitched back together after numerous close calls, so there is a time and place for medical attention. If you have cancer, or another life-threatening disease, the damage has been done and you need outside help.


Consistently relying on that outside help is debilitating.


The power to do anything you want, including the power to stop overeating, lies in your hands.

By clearing your emotions, you clean the slate. You wipe free the smudgy prints your adolescent subconscious attached to your vice and kept as the only alternative to your immediate gratification. In truth, where you are today, is all your fault.

But the best part of that hitting home is realizing you have to options to change it all… literally with the swipe of your fingers.

Are You Ready To Be a Healer?

The biggest change I’ve found after working with Bo is being able to focus on my deepest desires anytime, anywhere, and realize what is truly important to me.


I’ve pulled my focus away from the future, landing me squarely in the present. There’s an intense reflection on where I am and who I am at almost every moment.


I am living from my heart now, more than at any moment of my life. My thinking gravitates toward the kind of experience I create for myself and the people around me.

Aron Lu

Amo Ni Healer

How do I achieve self-awareness through the Amo Ni?

Amo Ni is a combination of several techniques, including elements from kinesiology, acupressure, meditative breathwork, and neuro-linguistic programming.

Amo Ni blends some of the most tried-and-true methods of Eastern and Western practices to release decades of old baggage controlling your day-to-day decisions.

Unfortunately, the programs you are running are ones you aren’t even aware of. That’s the frustration you feel when you want to make healthier choices.

This process removes those old triggers. After the first session, epiphanies begin popping up throughout your day and have you questioning your old thoughts and behaviors. By the end of Amo Form, you’ve banished the old thoughts and a new way of life forms with each step you take.

How long does the transformation take?

Amo Form is an 8 – 9 week program. There is one session each week.

Each session lasts on average between 1 – 1.5 hours.

Having said that, there is no set duration. Each healer’s journey is different. If someone requires 10 sessions, that is what they get. Every Amo Form healer leaves changed, empowered, and equipped to start a new life free from the chains of food addiction.

I can lose weight faster fasting.

Yes, you can.

And how fast does it return?

Amo Form is a specialized program designed to heal your relationship with food.

Is Amo Form a weight-loss program?

No. Amo Form goes MUCH deeper.

Weight loss programs are temporary. That is why you are here.

Amo Form exists to heal your relationship with food.

Weight loss is a by-product.

When food no longer occupies your thoughts, you lose weight.

When we find and release your old programs, you lose weight.

When healthy choices are no longer sabotaged by subconscious programming, you lose weight.

How fast can I expect to see results?

You are where you are because of decisions you have made over a period of months, years, or decades.

Luckily, results come much quicker. Each person is different, but you can expect to start feeling better after the first session. And, at the end of the day, that is what you are truly searching for.

Amo Form helps you love yourself.

Amo Form helps you stop looking for external stimulation. It helps you realize your happiness comes from within. When you are happy, you start acting happy. Happy people take care of themselves. What follows is your new path.

Are there any side effects or things I should worry about with emotional surgery?

Worry is just one of the emotions we clear. It exists due to our fear of lack of control of the future.

Bo’s own difficult experiences with emotional release led him to create the Amo breath. Prior to the Amo breath, powerful emotions bubbled to the surface and, in some case, lingered for days. Decade’s worth of anger, anxiety, fear, or guilt that are suddenly released can wreak havoc on a person’s mental and emotional well-being.

That’s what makes the Amo breath so powerful. The healer uses the power of love in their thoughts, sounds, and movements as the emotions travel out the heart chakra.

At the end of each clearing, the emotional place is refilled with love. The mental and physical planes are empowered with fresh programming to help you take the first steps in your new body.

What does a session look like?

Good question!

The first session is for discovery.

You and Bo will find your energetic minimums and maximums for your weight. Yes, you have emotions tied to the highest weight you’ve reached and the one you’re striving to reach on the scale. The emotions you’ve tied to those targets can keep you away from or magnetized to one or the other.

Next, we test your biggest weight loses and gains.

After that, we set aside some time to visualize where you want to be, what you want to do, and have as a result of a healthy relationship with food. We muscle test your answers and look for any blocks then clear them.

This list revisited in the final session to make sure the clears are complete.

Finally, we do a root clear for expectations and on food.

Expectations are fine, but we don’t want them clouding the process. By clearing expectations, we open the door to an infinite amount of possibilities as you shed the old ways of thinking.

A final clearing on food sets the stage for the rest of the sessions, in which we focus on the heaviest emotions in each chakra and their attachment to your food issues.

That is the end of the first session.

Every session after that is chakra based. The second session focuses on food guilt, food shame, and food dogma. As with expectations and food in the first session, we root clear each and eradicate the old programs associated with each of the emotions.

A root clear involves finding the earliest ages you anchored emotions to the target emotions we are clearing. Anchored emotions may be the target emotion i.e. guilt to food guilt, or they may be something different altogether i.e. joy to food guilt.

In either instance, we use acupressure release points, combined with the Amo breath, and NLP to clear the emotions for good.

How much is Amo Form?

Amo Form is $1,600 USD.

This includes 8 – 9 (on average, but no less than eight) one-on-one sessions with Bo.

Each session lasts between 1 – 1.5 transformative hours.

Do NOT book a session for Amo Form if…

  • you are not ready to accept full responsibility for your actions
  • you haven’t looked yourself in the mirror and said ‘enough is enough’
  • the disappointment in your loved ones’ faces hasn’t bothered you yet
  • you’re satisfied with where you are right now

The emotional surgery not only improves emotional problems, but directly affects your life pattern. Now, I feel more abundance in my life. It feels like the relationship between me and money has changed, and I do feel my consciousness of abundance is expanding. After my experience with the process of Amo Ni, life became much more interesting. I thank the universe for bringing Bo and Linda to me! Thanks for everything. I’m so happy to be myself!!!

Huang, Yinjun

Amo Abundance Healer

Fall in Love With the Reflection in Your Mirror in 60 Days or Less or You Pay NOTHING!

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