There’s been one practice at the core of all my new revelations, changes, healings, and successes in life. That practice is called the Amo breath. You could call it a breath. You could also call it a mantra. Call it daisies, but know this: it’s the most powerful breath I’ve ever discovered.

Today you’re going to learn all about the healing power of love and the breath bearing its name.


Amo Breath


I know what you’re thinking. It still sounds cliche when it rolls off my tongue, but trust me. This is not some 60’s peace, love and rock and roll sermon.

Today, I’m going to show you the literal power of love and how to use it to heal with a breath called the Amo Breath. 

Sound like a tall order? 


The Amo Breath Can…


At first, it’s hard to believe you can accomplish so many things with love, let alone a breath…


Tony Robbins, LOVE!


By the end of this post, you’ll understand just how powerful this technique is. If, on the other hand, you’ve done enough reading for the day, scroll down to the bottom to watch the imbedded Amo breath video instead.

The Amo a.k.a. Love breath utilizes visualization, vibration, intention, the breath, the spine, your heart, meditation (yes, from the guy who says meditation takes too long), and a deep connection with the universe.

With one breath, you’ll learn how to release anxiety, stress, worry, and fear. 

This one breath has the power to connect you, ground you, and transform you.

One lungful of air heals, releases trauma, resets your mind, and gives you and your partner the best intercourse you’ve had in years.

That’s a pretty good note to start on, right?

Looking at the heart of all major religions, and the guiding principles of the thousands of indigenous tribes around the world, you’ll find the foundation is always paved with LOVE.

Buddha, Jesus, Abraham, and Mohammad all preached Love. Love thy neighbor. Love thyself. Love thy mother and father. Love heals.

It turns out love literally heals. It’s helped heal me, and I know it can do the same for you. 

You can find love in books, nature, in your family, and in relationships. Love is everywhere because love is the foundation of our existence.

We start off as these little loving balls of energy, then things get pretty messy not long afterwards because of the way we’re wired.

You’re familiar with the subconscious, right? 

But do you really know how it functions?


The Busy Bee Known As the Subconscious


The subconscious is really in control… or it is until you take the steps to free yourself of its grasp on your daily life.

It starts when you’re just a tiny fetus floating in your mother’s belly. Not long after conception, your subconscious comes online. And when it does, it gets busy.

It’s busy running all your internal systems.

AND… when the external environment throws obstacles at you, the subconscious has to decide how to regulate all the internal stuff to respond appropriately to the external “threats”.

That’s where the programming starts.

At the heart of all those programs, or, rather, the foundation are the emotions you use to define the external threats your subconscious responded to: fear, worry, dread, shame, guilt, empathy, and the O.G. of them all… LOVE!

To reach that point where you find that love, you need to do A LOT of decluttering.

The minimalism crowd has gotten a lot of press over the last couple of years, because WE HAVE conditioned ourselves to do the same thing with “things” that we do with emotions.

Getting rid of those “things” helps us physically pull away the layers, which leads to more time to reflect on the emotions you’ve been piling on.

All those “things” keep you occupied. They keep you in routine, busy, exactly where the subconscious wants to keep you… where it’s in control, right?


You Have the Answer


You have love inside of you. You have to. It’s the vibration of the universe.

AND YOU… are part of the universe, not just a part. You are the universe.

Did I lose you there? Let me explain.

Remember that scene in Star Wars where R2D2 plays the hologram of the princess for Luke which sets his desires on a space adventure to save her, the galaxy, and find his place in it?

Your life is kind-of like that.




The way holograms work is that each piece is not only part of the whole (duh), but each piece also contains the whole.

I know what you “might be” thinking. It took me a minute to grasp onto that.

Mind if I take a small step back?

Who loves rainbows? It’s hard not to, right?

What is a rainbow?

It’s a collection of water droplets reflecting the spectrum of light ROYGBIV.

Did you realize you can see a rainbow reflected in a single drop of water?

You can.

And that one droplet and millions of others contain the rainbow. Collectively, they form a much larger one you and I see in the sky.

Cool, right?

You and I are like those water droplets.

We are a piece of the universe, but we also contain the entire universe inside of us.

I just blew your mind, didn’t I?



The Answer Is Inside YOU!


That which you seek, no matter what it is… is already inside of you. 

Looking for love? It’s already inside of you.

Looking for happiness? You have plenty.

God? God is in you because… this may seem blasphemous, but you are God. God made you in God’s image, right? Don’t forget the hologram. 

The subconscious has done a really good job of packing up baggage that’s kept you unable to find it all, but if you dig enough, you’re gonna come up with gold.

The problem is, Most of us spend our entire lives looking in the wrong places.


Dissecting the Amo Breath


For thousands of years, even before Jesus and Buddha showed up, there was another group of people who knew where to look. Those very people passed down their knowledge, and it still lives among us today.

The system is called yoga. 

Yoga literally means “to unite” and there are eight limbs, branches, or parts to the grand yoga scheme and they include pranayama, dhyana, dharana, pratyahaara, asana, niyama, yamas, and samadhi.

The Amo breath consists of parts of each of the 8 limbs of yoga.


Lotus flower


Today, we’re going to talk mostly about pranayama, or breath control, but the other seven are distinctly present.

You can call it a breath. You could also call it a mantra. Call it a Brantra if you want, but …

What is the Amo breath, and where did it come from?


Roots of the Amo Breath


I spent first the four decades of my life self-sabotaging. I used drugs, alcohol, poverty, physical illness and everything you can think of to ruin my life. In my late thirties, after witnessing a relative’s bout with cancer, I put my foot down and started looking for answers.

I tried everything you can imagine and then some you’d rather not.

Long story short, I found a way to get to the trauma causing my self-sabotage, but as I went through this healing process, the emotions I connected with and moved, actually did move and when they did, I re-experienced them all over. 

Breathwork is part of the system I used to heal, but wasn’t doing the job, so one day I started playing around…

And that’s when the nearly decade’s worth of healing experiences started coming together… like pieces of a puzzle.

As I breathed, I felt loving, loved, and then I connected amo, the Spanish word that means love. I used visualization practices to move that love through my body, both on the inhale and exhale. I added sound, awareness, intention, and meditative focus to channel that love and help me heal.

A few breaths later, the anxiety and emotional pain I experienced got whisked away over the horizon with the breath I used to transport it there.

Why is that?

Are you OK with digging deeper on this breath?

That’s what you’re here for, right?




Are you familiar with this sound? AUM

That’s a big part of the Amo breath, and according to Yogananda, author of Autobiography of a Yogi, the book Steve Jobs credits as changing his life, it’s one of the most important parts of reaching YOUR Spiritual peak. 

In fact, he goes as far as saying, you can’t get there without this sound.

It’s not that Aum is a magic word. It’s the sound of the word that makes it magical.

What does that mean?


Everything Is Energy


Sound vibrates. In fact, everything vibrates. You vibrate. Trees vibrate. Rocks vibrate.

And what does that mean?

It means everything and I mean EVERY SINGLE THING IN THIS WORLD consists of a vibration. Everything is energy.

Even the emotions you feel. Anger vibrates at a very erratic and choppy resonance, while joy, peace, happiness AND LOVE vibrate at very flowy, smooth resonances.

And that’s your job.

That’s how to reach the loving state.

You match the vibration.

And speaking of vibration, the vibrations created when verbalizing the Amo breath stimulate the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve (which is actually two nerves) is the longest and most ubiquitous nerve in the body traveling from the brain to the colon, the same path as the energetic flow of the sushumna nadi connecting the entire chakra system. Vagus literally translates into wanderer, which is an apt name for a set of nerves affecting so much of our body.

Stimulating the vagus nerve through humming has been shown to smooth heart rate variability (the variability between each heartbeat) an important factor syncing the brain, heart and stomach (digestive system) and creating the coherence needed for enhanced cognitive performance (according to the National Library of Medicine) and a Zen-like emotional experience.

Right now, all the emotions you’ve embodied are taking up space in your body. You’re holding onto the experiences of the past and using them to dictate how you react to present situations which influence where you go in the future.

Your past controls your today AND TOMORROW.

If you remove those emotions, then you’ve got a clean slate. 

Once you’ve got all that noise out of the way, you can create the loving experience you’re searching for.


Why So Many Fail With Meditation


Most people starting out of the healing path start with meditation. I did. It’s free. It seems easy enough IN PRINCIPLE, and you don’t need anyone to tell you what to do.

You just sit there, close your eyes, and SHUT UP. Or at least try, right?

That’s what I thought, at first, but that’s not how you do it. 

And that’s why so many people fail at meditation.

Meditation is not about stopping the mind. It’s not about stopping anything. 

You mean all these gurus are wrong?

The one’s telling you to quiet your mind are. It’s not about stopping your thoughts. It’s about concentrating on the connection you’re establishing.


too many thoughts?


Meditation is about creating something. It’s about creating that frequency, that vibration, that connection with everything else, NOT through doing nothing… 

BUT by being that which you want to become.

And what is that?

The end goal is LOVE, right?

And there again is the Amo breath.

You say it with love; you breathe it with love; you vibrate it with love; you hear it with love.


Healing With the Amo Breath

Be That Which You Wish To Become


Einstein once said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them.”

So, in reaching a peaceful state, we don’t think about shutting things off. We think about opening ourselves up to that state.

And we do that by creating the right atmosphere for that peace and love to exist.

That’s the brilliance of the Amo breath.

If meditation is actually about focus and concentration, we’re doing that with the Amo breath, not a passive-attentive breath, like most people tell you to do when meditating. No offense to tradition, but that’s boring as hell… And IT DOESN’T WORK, which is why you’re probably reading this now.

With the Amo breath, we’re actually engaging our power of visualization, bringing love from above, using the loving sound of the universe to match that vibration, then we’re sharing that love we’ve channeled with the rest of the world.

To heal others, we first must heal ourselves, right?

That’s what the Amo breath is all about. 

Healing yourself and using that love to heal others in return.

How do we reach any goal in life?

We see it first, right? 

Then we work toward it. 


the power of visualization


Michael Jordan used to see the ball going in the basket before he shot it.

Tiger Woods visualized the ball sailing down the fairway.

The Wright Brothers saw that plane flying before it ever took off.

Steve Jobs saw a different kind of computer

And that’s what happened.

Elon Musk sees us on Mars, and now others are following suit, so one day that, too, will be a reality.


The Power of Words


Bruce Lee once said, “Don’t speak negatively about yourself, even as a joke. The body does not know the difference. Words are energy and cast spells. That’s why it’s called spelling.”

So, if you’re gonna cast a spell, especially on yourself, you want it to be a good one, right?

The words we use and the thoughts behind them have the power to build us up or tear us down.

The Amo breath is a literal breath of love. We’re using sound, vibration, intention, visualization, ancient yogi wisdom, breath, energy, and the WORD itself to infuse our bodies with love.

So how do you do the Amo Breath?


The Power in Your Spine


The inhale brings all the energy in through the base of the spine.

I’m sidestepping briefly: Have you ever heard the story Dr. Joe Dispenza tells of healing his spine?

He broke his back and healed it on his own.


The spine is the seat of your personal power.

After being told he’d have to have spinal fusion surgery, he went home and laid in bed for 9 weeks and healed it himself by putting his attention, focus, and intention on his spine, a healthy spine he now walks around with MINUS any additional/recommended hardware.


the power in the spine


By putting his energy, his attention and his intention in the most powerful spot in his body, he healed his broken back and now travels the world teaching people the science behind how he did it.

That’s the power you harness in your own spine.


The Amo Breath Inhale


So, we start with the inhale.

Imagine the breath traveling up the spine. Walk that breath all the way to the top of your head. I use the diaphragm to fill the bottom of the lungs and move the breath most of the way, then take it out the top of the head with a final inhalation using the chest.

As you’re doing the breath, squeeze your PC muscle. Ladies, that’s the muscle you do when you’re doing Kegel exercises. Guys, that’s the muscle you squeeze when you try to stop peeing midstream.

When you start the inhale, squeeze the PC muscle. Let it go at the top, just before you start the exhale.

Dr. Dispenza explains how this process stimulates the pineal gland, which is the scientific explanation behind the mystical experiences generated when this gland awakens. 

The yoga terms behind the breath and the muscle squeeze are kundalini and banda lock, respectively.


Amo Breath


The Amo Breath Exhale


The exhale is three parts, so keep this in mind as you’re breathing out.

The first part is the “Ahhhh”. I use a deep “Ahhh” sound. As you start the breath, imagine white light coming down from above. See the hand of God reaching down and filling you with God’s love. Imagine that love pouring into your skull, down your throat and into the chest.

That’s where we start part two of the breath. The second part is the “Mmmmm”. With the middle part we hum the “Mmmm”. Imagine that love swirling clockwise in your chest, swirling and filling up your heart center. That humming noise you generate stimulates the vagus nerve which is an emotional reset in and of itself.

And the final part of the breath is a big long “Ooooo”. That “Oooo” rhymes with go, snow, or Bo ;) Imagine the light that filled you up and bathed you with its infinite power flowing out of your chest like a giant laser beam. See the love showering the horizon and everything it touches.

Rinse. Wash. Repeat.

I started doing this breath two years ago with the Amo Ni caring work I now take others through and it changed my life.

Most recently, I’ve begun using the Amo breath as a dedicated part of my morning routine, and again, it’s changing my life.

Start with 5-10 breaths for a few days. When you’re comfortable with that, get a timer, and set it for 2-3 minutes. Once you are comfortable with that, jack it up to 5-10 minutes. Work your way up to 30 minutes a day and watch your life transform.

To take it up another notch, use it with a partner.

If you’d like to see this all in action, I have a free email video course showing you how to do the Amo breath, as well as advanced practices to incorporate along the way like the partner exercise I mentioned above.

Amo Ni!

Find out if the entire Amo Ni emotional release system is right for you.