It took me almost four decades to figure out why things weren’t working. When I decided to change, I tried everything I could think of and many more I had never heard of. One of my first books, Molecules of Emotions, turned the lights on and shined a spotlight on the emotional aspect of healing. The energy work I slowly dipped my toes into unveiled the connections? Are you at that stage of your own evolution where you’re asking “what are energy blocks?”

Your body is like a high school hallway littered with lockers. In those lockers, your body stores emotions. At its most basic level, everything is energy, including emotions. And that’s what we store in those “lockers”.

Energy blocks are programmed emotions we’ve stored in and around our body, in our chakras, and around our field. They are emotions we hang onto and use to dictate the direction of our lives and the daily decisions we make that go against our conscious intentions.

what are energy blocks

Whether you are feeling loving or jealous, those emotions are a natural part of our lives. The problems don’t lie in the emotions, rather they lie in our embodiment and replaying of the emotions.

What Are Energy Blocks

Energy blocks are emotional traumas we’ve stored in and around our body. Trauma can happen from witnessing your parents yelling at each other, a broken bone, or witnessing/being involved in a car accident.

Not long after conception, we spend the next 7 years of our lives internalizing the outside word and using those internalizations as our guides for how we plan to carry out business on Earth.

The sad part is that most of us hang onto and use those emotional responses we program as toddlers to pave the road for an entire lifetime’s worth of decisions.

That’s the reason we self-sabotage, frustrate ourselves to no end, and find ourselves in the same relationships again and again.

I say relationship VERY broadly because you have a relationship with EVERYTHING around you. You have a relationship with the food you eat (or don’t), the clothes you buy (or don’t), and the people you hang out with or…

We base the decisions we make on the way those relationships make us feel.

But the messed up part about all of this is there are multiple ways to program how that relationship feels, based on your first interaction with it.

Let’s look at some examples.

Where Do Energy Blocks Come From

What would be your reaction if you were walking down the street as a kid and a large, unchained dog came running down a driveway barking at you?

energy and emotions

Some of us would be scared. Others might conjure up anger, dread, or anxiety.

Maybe your family has a dog. You notice the electric fence collar on the dog’s neck and walk past nonchalantly.

One situation = Many outcomes.

Let’s look at another:

What would be your response to your parents getting divorced?

Do you think you’d feel shame, anger, vulnerability, jealousy, spite, sympathy? Pick one. Maybe a couple combined?

One more example:

Your parents have a dinner party. One guest has too much to drink, but he’s not rude or out of line. He’s actually a lot of fun. He’s the life of the party and as the youngest one there, he makes you feel special.

There are dozens of emotions you could/would call up in these situations. Alcohol = ____ (you fill in the blank).

The scary part is that those instances happen every day.

When you’re a toddler, your subconscious is rapidly grabbing onto each and every situation you’re involved in, building a profile of the world you interact with, so the next time a similar person, place, thing, situation, emotion, or energy arises, it doesn’t have to think. It cues your response and gets back to its main task, keeping your body alive by regulating all the internal functions of your body, like heart rate, breathing, cellular activity, hormones, etc.

That means the way you feel about men, women, money, strawberries, sports, studying, exercise, the color pink, and everything else in the world is based on a program you stored as a kid.

thoughts are energy

Think any of those programs might have gotten filed in the wrong folder?

It happens all the time.

Ever wonder why..

  • you keep ending up with the same type of person?
  • use drugs or alcohol to make you feel better?
  • hurt yourself to feel something?

How to Find Energy Blocks

The simplest answer to finding energy block is through self-awareness. That is the desired end result whether you talk to a shrink, meditate, or basket weave to heal your problems, because you’re the only one who can make the change. Of the three mentioned and many more types of holistic healing, the discovery process takes a long time.

What if there was a way to move you from search to discovery with just a few words and a snap of the fingers, like Dorothy clicking her red heels and heading back home?

discovering energy blocks

There is a way, and it’s not magic.

It’s called muscle testing, and it’s one of the four core modalities making up the Amo Ni emotional clearing system.

Amo Ni

  1. muscle testing
  2. meridian release points
  3. pranayamic breathing
  4. NLP

I wish they taught muscle testing in school. 

On top of all the programming our subconscious gets swamped with as we’re learning about our world, not long after we start to make sense of things, we get sent off to school. There, many other sets of eyes AND VOICES appear, telling us how we’re supposed to operate.

It’s no wonder so many of us lose touch with our own voice, our own intuition, and guidance.

But that’s where muscle testing comes in.

By asking YOUR OWN body questions, you reacquaint yourself with the sound of your own voice. Once that process gets under way, magical things begin happening.

Using muscle testing and a meridian chart, we use yes/no questions to peg emotions to the spots in and around the body our subconscious is holding onto and actually limiting our human experience.

Here’s a sample of questions and what their progression would look like when muscle testing.

Are there any emotions attached to my romantic relationships?

If a yes, we move to the meridian chart.

Is it fire, earth, metal, water, wood, central, governing?

For sake of the example, let’s say the energy block is in the wood meridian. We then test the two organs governed under the wood meridian.

Is it gall bladder or liver?

energy blocks in your body

If it breaks on gallbladder, we work our way down the emotions associated with it: resentment, impotence, repression, sel-righteousness, bitterness, forbearance, boredom, helplessness, humility, and choice.

Pick one of those, then…

How to Get Rid of Energy Blocks

Finding the energy block was easy, right?

Moving it is just as easy. In fact, this is the fun part.

This is where you incorporate the Amo breath, a.k.a. the love breath, to help you move the emotion.

We clear the emotion in the gallbladder with a release point under the right breast. Hold your fingers there, and take a deep breath. Hold the emotion in your mind. Thank the emotion, connect with it, and see if you find where you feel the emotion expressing itself/manifesting in your body.

Now, take a deep breath.

As you inhale, imagine light entering your first chakra. I like to imagine it shooting up my anus. That’s easier to imagine than first chakra.

Trace your breath up your spine. Follow the curve in your spine to the top of your head, then pause.

The Amo breath is a three-part breath. 

With the “Ah” in Amo, imagine white light flooding into the top of your head from the sky above. Visualize the light going down into your skull, throat and into your chest.

As you see and feel the light entering your chest, we switch the second part of the breath, the “Mmm” of the Amo.

Now, imagine the light that’s saturated your upper body to swirl counter clockwise in your chest or heart center. As the breath/light moves in a circular direction, imagine dark wisps of the emotion you found with muscles testing being pulled into the vortex of energy you are swirling around your heart.

The third part of the Amo breath is the expulsion of the light and the energy it collected.

In the 80’s, there was a cartoon called the Carebears. You can look it up on YouTube. When fighting an enemy, the bears would shoot love, luck, happiness, or whatever was their particular strength out of their chest.

Imagine doing the same with the final sound of “Oohhh”.

Sometimes I visualize the light flowing out of my chest like a river, sometimes like a machine gun, others like cannon balls of dense energy leaving my body and dispersing miles away into the air to be born again as the love I encapsulated it in.

These are the basic steps I use to guide you through the movement and healing of energy blocks in your body.

If you’d like to move your own stuck energy, learn more about the power of the Amo Ni system today.

Amo Ni!