Do you want to know where to find God? Here’s how to access to the quickest route to self-awareness, also known as finding God.

where to find god

Look in the mirror.

Then close your eyes and go within.

Everything you saw in the mirror… everything you feel as you search yourself is God.

God is in everything around you.

The universe is holographic. You are part of the universe. All that exists outside of you also exists inside of you.

You can stop searching for God. God is you. You are God. God is in the table you’re sitting at. God is in the food you are eating and the breath you are taking.

The biggest travesty, I can’t speak so much for other religions, but of Christianity, is the separation touted as Divine. God is not a separate entity. God is man. God is woman. God is the stream. God is the fish. God is the rock (not the actor 😉 ).

Separation takes you further away from God.

Awareness Brings You Closer

If you want awareness and thus to be closer to God, honor who and what you are. Honor yourself. Love yourself and that love will expand to others you encounter and show the true essence of what God truly is.

But how do you love yourself, when everything you know and have felt up to this point tells you that you are a bad person… that you’re not worthy?

Being here makes you worthy.

where to find god

The feelings you have dictating the way you feel are based on programs you installed as a toddler. Not long after conception, until you’re around seven years old, your subconscious embodies your responses to people, places, things, situations, and energy you experience in your day-to-day life.

You then use those emotions to dictate the thing you say, do, and feel. Those emotions dictate your reactions to similar instances, and after a while, become patterned into who you think you are.

And that’s where to find God.

And that’s why you cannot find God.

You’ve buried God under the emotional “baggage” your subconscious uses to keep you safe.

To find God, to find your true self, liberate yourself from the programs installed as a child.

Most of the programs got filed under improper responses to begin with. Even if the initial reactions were warranted, in most cases, there is NO NEED to use those same responses to help you (actually hinder you) in your experience of life 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years later.

Liberation of those emotions is straight forward.

Use muscle testing to find the emotions.

Routine use of muscle testing establishes a direct line of communication between YOU and YOUR BODY. It gives you insight into the emotions and energy you’ve stored that dictate your current experience here on Earth.

Once you locate them, you clear them using emotional release points on the body. You then use a pranayamic breath to help move the emotions and absorb the impact felt as you do so.

Clearing the emotions clears your path to awareness, which leads to self love and the path of where to find God.

Amo Ni!!


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