Ever wonder, “Why am I so emotional?”

Congrats! You’re human. Ever wonder how to stop that overactive voice? This article will fix help you fix that overthinking for good.

We use emotions to help us make sense of life and how to react to our surroundings, including the people, places, things, situations, and emotions/energy we encounter.

However, being TOO emotional, or better yet too responsive to those emotions, cause problems.

It caused me to push my family and loved ones away, live a life of poverty until my mid-forties, and nurse the voices to sleep with drugs and alcohol.

why am I so emotional

We don’t deserve that kind of pain, but it shapes who we are.

To heal myself, I used a multi-discipline approach called Amo Ni. It’s a heart-centric method of clearing out those programmed emotions.

It starts by using muscle testing.

It’s by far, for me, the most powerful technique I’ve discovered for opening the communication between me and my body and also the subconscious, which is where the answers to your questions about being TOO EMOTIONAL lie.

So, “Why Am I So Emotional?”

As I said, your subconscious starts programming emotions not long after conception. It does so until you’re about 7 years old. It uses your emotional reactions as instructions the next time similar instances occur, so it doesn’t have to figure things out and keep its attention on keeping you alive. You see, the subconscious is also in charge of keeping you alive and that means running all the behind-the-scenes activity, like keeping our breathing, and fighting off viruses.

Muscle testing establishes a direct line of communication with the subconscious and your body. It finally allows you to talk to the system that’s been secretly pulling the strings since you were born. Out of all the tools I’ve discovered over the last four decades of life, this is by far number one.

Once you find the emotions, it’s time to move them. There are emotional release points on the body corresponding to the meridians where you locate the emotion.

In the Amo Ni system, we also incorporate a pranayamic breath called the Amo (love) breath which uses powerful visualization, the acoustics of your throat and chest , and the actual movement of oxygen/carbon dioxide to help give wings to the emotions as they make their way out of the body. The Amo breath smooths the journey during an otherwise -pun intended- emotional experience.

The main goal of this process is self-awareness.

“What does self-awareness have to do with why am I so emotional?”


What Is Self-Awareness?

I define self-awareness as: conscious recognition of the thoughts, words, deeds, emotions, and energy you use to dictate the outcome of your interactions with the relationships in your life.

Once you find and move the emotions that have been silently guiding ALL your actions, you finally become aware of those actions.

It’s in that moment of awareness when you have the option, something that was denied to as the subconscious held the control, to choose.

When the awareness shines down on your actions, you have a microscopic view of all the previously hidden things you did that made your life the way it is. And that is the magic, because we cannot change the thing we are not aware of.

Have you ever had someone tell you that you do this/that, only to ignore them or accuse them of lying/shaming/being mean, etc?

You didn’t see it because your subconscious was hiding the actions in question from you.

You also didn’t see the things you either secretly or very publicly (we’ve all done it) hated in others.

With self-awareness, ALL THAT CHANGES!

And it presents you with your first genuine opportunity to make lasting changes.

How To Heal And Grow From Your Emotions

There are lots of ways you can achieve this self-awareness. Some use meditation. Some use knitting.

I tried everything I could think of. I read hundreds of books, spent thousands on courses, classes, and other methods to help. I spent years trying to change, and then I found this work. Months later, I started walking an alternative path and building a new me.

I used this to beat addiction, self-abuse, self-sabotage, poverty, and loneliness created by pushing others away. I used this process to level up in life and claim my self-awareness, to pull the shades from obscuring my view, and create the life I deserve.

It can help you too.

Amo, in Spanish, means “I love”. Ni, in Chinese, means “you”. Together, they form a blended method to help you heal the self-inflicted wounds you’ve notched upon yourself. The Amo breath alone is engineered to use your body as a healing instrument and affect massive changes in your emotional wellbeing.

In the end, you’re in control. The things we choose to do or not to do are influenced by what we’ve decided to hang onto. Whether that consciously or unconsciously, there are fleeting moments where we’re offered opportunities, not only to seek change but to affect it as well. Now is one of those chances. It’s your change to take, “why am I so emotional” and turn it into thank you for being so emotional so I was able to experience life in such a way.

Amo Ni!